You’ve got to respect and admire seventy-year old Gerald Walpin. Walpin could be off enjoying his golden years with his wife. Instead, this feisty New York City lawyer has decided that his reputation is more important than slinking off into the night the way that America’s socialist President had hoped that he would.

Walpin is the man that Obama broke the law, by firing him, all because he, Walpin was breathing down the neck of an Obama pal, Kevin Johnson, the Democrat Mayor of Sacramento, California. Walpin was an Inspector General when Obama decided to fire him. Basically, the Obama administration charged Walpin with being “Senile.” It is interesting that not one senior citizen group came out in support of Mr. Walpin. The only network that gave him the time of day was the Fox News Network. The rest of Obama’s “Secretarial Pool,” the socialists press acted like “The Three Monkeys,” you know the ones, who didn’t see or hear anything; and placed a self-imposed embargo on reporting what happened to this elderly gentleman.

Walpin is fighting mad. He has launched a lawsuit in federal court against Obama, demanding that he be reinstated into his job. Walpin was the Inspector General for the Corporation for National and Community Service prior to being fired by Obama, who charged this hard charging New York lawyer with being, confused and disoriented at a meeting. Obama who broke a law that he supported during his brief Senatorial career also said that Walpin during the May meeting was “Unruly, Disruptive, And Exhibited A Lack Of Candor In Providing Information To Decision Makers.”

The law that this lying President supported while in the Senate states “All Congressmen/Women Must Be Given Thirty Days” before an Inspector General is fired.  Obama simply ignored the law, by “Breaking It.” I remember when President Bush fired a group of Justice Department lawyers, and the socialists press went nuts. It was Bush’s right to fire the lawyers, because they serve at the pleasure of the President. Nonetheless, that didn’t stop hypocritical Democrats and their buds in the media from crying foul.

So, Obama breaks the law, and all that we hear is dead silence! America if you can’t see by now that there is a double standard in the press, there is no hope for you!

In his lawsuit filed in the nation’s Capitol, Walpin maintains that the Obama administration violated a 2008 law which is supposed to provide protection to government watchdogs like himself, by not only interviewing him, but his staff as well.

Day by day, the real Barack Hussein-Obama is starting to emerge. This is a power hungry, angry socialist; who not only studied the teachings of the late Marxist, Saul Alinsky, a Hillary Rodham Clinton mentor, but Hussein-Obama sat at the feet of the race-baiting preacher, Jeremiah Wright, for twenty years. He also was a friend of Bill Ayers, the head of the 1960’s radical anti-American group, “The Weathermen.”

Barack Hussein-Obama has shown us that he will side with communists and socialists over someone who covets democracy. He has further shown us that it is not beneath him to vilify anyone who disagrees with his socialists policies. He is not a man who can accept blame, but one who is good at pointing an accusing finger at someone else.

This man tries to pretend that he is above the fray; while all the time he is like a pig enjoying his natural habitat, “Wallowing In Mud.”


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