What we have witnessed from the present administration of Barack Hussein-Obama is nothing short of pure evil. For years, the left in this country has tried to demonstrate to the American people that they were just a bunch of freedom loving little teddy bears. Why they wouldn’t hurt a fly. In fact, the nut jobs at PETA recently sent Obama some sort of contraction that purportedly can trap a fly–and the “Predator” can later released “This Creature Of God,” so that it can fly on its merry way ‘spreading diseases.’

Those who lean to the far left couldn’t care less about, “God, Country, Or Our Way Of Life.” It has always been their aim to destroy this country.To say that these people are a bunch of lunatics would be to kind of a word. They are wicked, and this goes for our current President. Everything that he stands for is designed to remake this country into something that has the Framers doing somersaults in their collective graves. He will flat out lie, and say that his policies are “Not About Him.” Everything that this America basher does is about, Barack Hussein-Obama. The man has a tax cheat as his Treasury Secretary. Carol Browner is a confirmed socialist. And Labor Secretary, Hilda Solis, is not only a socialist, but has communist ties as well.

When Obama said on the political stump last year that he was going to fundamentally change America, he wasn’t lying. The man has appointed more Czars than any other American President. These people don’t have to face a confirmation hearing like his cabinet appointees. They report to one person, Barack Hussein-Obama. Please Mr. Obama, don’t tell me that “This Is Not About You.”

You are a self-centered, power hungry, angry/condescending little dictator in the making. It is high time for people to stop trying to “Butter Up The Left” with kind words. Cognitive dissonance is not one of my traits. In short, cognitive dissonance occurs when you think one thing, but something totally different emerges from your mouth. Remember the name of John Holdren. He is a first class creep with ears!

Holdren also happens to be Hussein-Obama’s “Science Czar.”We have a Health and Human Services Secretary; and Obamahas tapped a woman to be his Surgeon General. So why in the name of all that is holy do we need a “Science Czar?  A look at Holdren’s resume gives us the answer. Holdren co-authored a book in 1977 with Neo-Malthusians, Paul and Anne Ehrlich. Among other things, these three eugenicists observed in their book:

” In today’s world, however, the number of children in a family is a matter of profound public concern. For example, no one may lawfully have more than one spouse at a time. Why should the law not be able to prevent people from having more than two children?”

These three wackos didn’t stop with the above quote. They recommended adding a sterilant to drinking water water or staple foods. Holdren and the Ehrlich’s also proposed what they called, “responsible Parenthood.” This included “Mandating” that all “Illegitimate Births,” be placed on the adoption block. Furthermore, they said that they supported the idea that single pregnant women either marry or be forced to have an, “Abortion.”

Of course when this weasel Holdren was confronted with the comments from his controversial book, he did what unctuous politicians do nowadays, he backtracked. First of all, he reminded everyone that the issue had been broughup at his confirmation hearings. Secondly, Holdren wondered what was all of the hullabalooabout; his book was written three decades ago. And of course, Holdren maintains he has seen the light and believes that it is not the business of government to decide what is the optimal population. His lying office also said that Holdren was never a proponent of forced sterilization.  This despite the fact that this subject is broached in his book and is recommended.

Some liberals were quick in rushing to Holdren’s aid. For example, a fellow by the name of Chris Mooney who is a writer, and one who has reportedly fought right wing “attacks on science:”

” The book is three decades old; Holdren isn’t the first author; it takes a stance against such policies; and neither Holdren nor the Ehrlich’s support these policies today. Couldn’t we talk about something that’s actually important and contemporary”

We are Mr. Mooney! We have discovered a pole-cat and his support of eugenics is coming back to haunt him.  Here is a question to ponder. Should Obama ram Universal Health Care down our throats, will his Science Czar be the one who tells seniors if they are worth saving; or just go home and die? We know that this man looks at himself like God Almighty!

Face it America, we are dealing with pure evilness in this White House. And the Government run media is part and parcel of this corsortium of collusion against the American people!

It is easy to just pass these people off as basket cases. But, we must remember first and foremost, these folks are now running all three branches of government, and they have waited more than forty years to allow their surreal thinking to become conscious.

There is another dangerous man that you should know about. His name is Cass Sunstein, who happens to be a friend of Obama’s and is a Harvard professor. Sunstein is vying to become Obama’s “Regulatory Czar.”  However, his confirmation has been placed on hold by Texas U.S. Senator, John Cornyn. Mr. Cornyn , a Republican, said he is not convinced that this guy will not place front and center, a radical animal rights agenda.  Senator Cornyn says part of this agenda could place new restrictions on agriculture and also hunting.

Sunstein is so radical that he supports legislation giving animals “Legal Rights To File Lawsuits In An American Court.”

I’ll tell you what Mr. Sunstein: When my German Shepard can stand up and talk; then maybe I will subscribe to you crazy, space cadet thinking!

Hope and change, huh? For you morons who voted for Barack Hussein-Obama, how is all of that hope and change working out for you?


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