The socialists press would have you believe that America is now a full throated liberal country. Nothing could be further from the truth. As I see it, liberals have been able to implement their socialists/communists programs because of several reasons, (1) White guilt, (2) The American people continue to believe the lies that come from the mouths of the socialists news media, which controls the message of the day and (3) Republicans have forgotten what it is to be Conservative: Thus, turning off millions of their constituents who have decided not to waste their votes on a bunch of “Neo-Cons.”

Republicans today will tell us to “Forget Ronald Reagan.” The people who are articulating this theme are not interested in bringing this country back to the way the Framers intended it to be. They are interested like their Democrat pals in one thing; amassing unfettered power. This is why they hate former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as much as socialists Democrats do. Mrs. Palin is a simple “Down Home Girl,” who loves her country and has started to put the spotlight on these cockroaches. She is a huge threat to their budding empires. This is why both  Democrats and Republicans have her on their most wanted list. However, they are about to meet their Waterloo, because Mrs. Palin isn’t about to play their game of using nice little euphemistic terms, because she fears that she just might, “Hurt The Feelings Of Some Pantywaist Liberal.” She is going to attack them with the ferocity of a “Mama Grizzly Protecting Her Cubs.”

In other words, look for Sarah Palin to give back to these liars some of their own medicine!

The socialists press has tried to shape the minds of Americans into believing that Mrs. Palin is an incompetent, idiotic boob. If she was as dumb as they try to make her out to be, why bother writing story after story on the woman? The answer to that is simple. They are scared out of their socialists minds over this diminutive, but lion heart of a woman. They know that Mrs. Palin knows who they are, and what odious plans they have for America. So, their mission has been to crush her from the very start. The enemies of freedom understand that we Conservatives out-number them, and that we can change Washington in a heartbeat. In order to insure that Barack Hussein-Obama only serves one term as President, and that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are removed from their current powerful positions, we have to send to Washington, D.C., men and women who are truly “Conservative.”

We need honest, “Country First” Republican Conservatives. What we don’t need are people who are willing to sit down with socialist Democrats, trying to be bipartisan. Socialist Democrats don’t know what it is to compromise. They are like a two year old brat: They want everything to go their way. While I’m on the subject, we don’t need Republicans like John McCain and Lindsay Graham, who are both comfortable in voting with Democrats on issues that could destroy this great country!

Again, we are in dire need of “True Republican Conservatives.” Reagan was able to form a coalition of Democrats, not by trying to be like them, but rather speaking in a language that stated unequivocally, “Country First.” Mr. Reagan didn’t change his belief system the way that so many Neo-Cons want Conservatives to do today. Reagan Democrats thought like “The Gipper.” Folks, there are millions of these people out there today; and they will vote Republican Conservative again, providing that person speaks from the heart and is a true believer in the greatness of this country.

By the time Barack Hussein-Obama finishes screwing up with this country in his first term, Americans will be looking for a bonafide, Republican Conservative.  According to the latest Washington Times poll, we can send this socialists and all of the other socialists and communists in his administration packing in 2012. I’ve always believed that America continues to remain a Conservative country; and this poll supports my thesis.

You won’t hear what I’m about to tell you on the CBS Evening News, or ABC’s World News Tonight, but the Washington Post poll has discovered that Conservatives in this country outnumber Liberals by almost “Two To One.” The poll which was conducted during a three day span in mid-July, talked to 1,001 respondents. The question for those participating was rather straight forward: “Would you say your views on most political matters are liberals, moderate, or conservative?”

Thirty-eight percent of those responding to the above question said they viewed themselves as “Conservative,” while a paltry “Twenty Percent” said they leaned more to the left.Thirty-nine percent of those polled said they were moderate in their political views. Here is the kicker: The Washington Post says the number of those calling themselves Conservative has increase since “Barack Hussein-Obama Took The Oath Of Office In January.” Certainly not good news for “The Messiah.”

Here is some more bad news for this pathological liar. Since taking office, the number of liberals has “Decreased By Four Percentage Points.”

Here is something else that the Government lead press is trying to keep from you. Their “Lord’s Popularity Has Now Dipped To Under Fifty-Percent.” This guy knew that sooner of later, the American people would put two and two together; and realize that they didn’t vote to change our democracy into socialism. This is why this weasel is trying to rush his socialists policies through the House and Senate at breakneck speed. He knows that for example, if he can get Universal Health Care passed, we would be stuck with this albatross for all eternity.

I wrote recently that the Henry Gates, Jr. story gave us a chance to look into the soul of Barack Hussein-Obama, when he called the Cambridge police, “Stupid.” It didn’t take me long to figure out sometime ago, that this man is bad medicine. We have the votes to kick these America haters out of office. Now, we need to hang out a shingle that says: “Wanted, A True Red Blooded American, Who Is Not Afraid To Get Into The Face Of Barack Hussein-Obama’s, And Call Him Out.”

The Colin Powell types need not apply!


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  1. Debbie
    Posted November 11, 2009 at 11:49 pm | Permalink

    This was the best, well written statement of who and what Barry Obama….perfect analasis……keep it coming

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