All that I can say is “Thank God, The Israelis Have As Their Leader, Benjamin Netanyahu.” Mr. Netanyau is not afraid of the “Big Bad Wolf, Barack Hussein-Obama.” Hussein-Obama who reminds us at every chance that he gets, “I’m The President,” has tried to intimidate Netanyahu by telling him to stop building settlements on the West Bank!

The Jerusalem Post reports that on Monday about a thousand demonstrators descended on the home of Prime Minister Netanyahu.  They were there to let the Prime Minister know that they support the tough stance that he has taken with Hussein-Obama, who seems to be more supportive of socialists, communists and Muslim extremists. The fact that Hussein-Obama is the most powerful man on the planet is not a deterrent to the Israelis. Listen to the words of one protester, identified as Dani Dayan:

” People tell us that it is impossible to stand up against American pressure;there is no bigger lie”

Dayan is the leader of the Council of Jewish Communities of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip. Dayan also said that he hoped that Mr. Netanyahu has learned lessons from those who came before him. He noted that David Ben-Gurion founded the tiny country of Israel, despite objection from the United States. Dayan also pointed to Menachen Begin, who according to Dayan, “Destroyed Osirak Despite American Opposition.” Lastly, Mr. Dayan said Yitzhak Shamir was also faced with demands from the United States to stop building. He rejected those demands said Mr. Dayan.

Many of the protesters took note of the fact that now is not the time to buckle to Washington, but rather to stand strong as one. Hussein-Obama is seen by many Israelis as siding with the Palestians, and at the same time placing huge demands on Israel. Zvi November of Ramat Eshkol in Jerusalem reportedly told the Jerusalem Post that America is trying to “Screw Israel.”  And he had a question concerning the Hussein-Obama foreign policy:

” American foreign policy that has given rise to former Fatah terrorists now working as policemen being given AK-47’s semi-automatic rifles”

Maybe the former Fatah terrorists came to America and bought their AK-47s. This is the lie that Hussein-Obama is attempting to sell the American people on how the Mexican drug cartels obtain their huge weapon cache.

All that I can say to the “Messiah” is welcome to the real world, where speeches and lies won’t work with the people of Israel.  Mr. Hussein-Obama, you have a mess on your hands, and this time you won’t get away with “Blaming George W. Bush.”

Like you are so good at reminding us, “You Are The President.” Your time is coming where you will have to make some tough decisions. My fear is that because of your hubris and lack of any meaningful experience, you will be found one day in a fetal position somewhere in a corner, “Sucking Your Thumb, And Crying For Your Mommy.”


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