If you want to get the hackles on the necks of a liberal to stand up, call “The Messiah,” a racist. These people have been drinking the kool aid of socialist Democrats for so long that I truly believe that they live on another planet. They are the ones who call on Conservatives and Republicans to couch their words in saccharin language. At the same time, these angry people along with their friends in the socialists press are beating the hell out of those on our side with some of the nastiest language, not to mention behavior, that you will ever witness.

I was born and raised in the South. I was raised at a time when people said what was on their minds. They weren’t like the snakes in the grass that we see on the left, who pretend that they are harmless, and when you stupidly let down your guard, they do what is inherent within their nature. In other words, these “Kind And Gentle People” try their damnedest to destroy you!

In past writings, I have not shied away from calling Barack Hussein-Obama a racist. Why should I? Hell, the man admits to being racist, yet millions of dumb Americans thought that they were voting for a “Centrist” last November. Centrist my Aunt Fanny!

 Remember, this guy sat at the feet of The Reverend Jeremiah Wright for twenty years: And listened to his inflammatory/racist sermons. I know that he claims that he never heard a hate filled sermon come from the mouth of Wright’s. If you want to continue to believe this lie, then you will probably believe that at one time there was a real “Cinderella Or Snow White.”

If Hussein-Obama still maintains that he never heard any of Wright’s racist rants, what about his wife, Michelle? No one has bothered to broach this subject. We all know that this is one angry woman. Wright no doubt helped to embellish the anger that sits in the pit of this woman’s stomach. Hussein-Obama must laugh his bony ass off when he thinks about how he conned so many people: Over Forty Percent” of Whites during the last election, voted for him. They bought into his rhetoric of “Hope And Change.”

How’s that “Hope And Change” working out for you?

I know this guy like the back of my hand. I grew up in a neighborhood that had its fair share of orators who knew how to spit out hate filled venomous speech; which by the way, was directed at Whites.  We were kids, and these people were trying to shape our young minds. My grandmother always said that I was “Hardheaded.” I guess this is why I was always asking “Why?” Their hatred just seemed so far off the Bell curve.

When Hussein-Obama called the Cambridge Police stupid, I knew immediately that what he had been taught about White Americans couldn’t be contained any longer. Freud would tell you that his, Obama’s  Id, over-rode his Ego and Super-Ego. According to Freudian theorem, the Id  if not checked by the Ego or Super-Ego, will cause the individual to say and do crazy things. Hence, Barry showing us what he really thinks of Whites. I know he tried to cool things down with his little “Beer Summit,” what a ridiculous thing that was. As I see it, this dog and pony show did nothing to assuage the feelings of how Americans now see this guy!

What Hussein-Obama said was beneath the dignity of the President of The United States. But, I saw it coming a long time ago. Look at the people that Barack Hussein-Obama has associated with. From his book, “Dreams Of My Father:”

” To avoid being mistaken for a sellout I chose my friends carefully. The more political active black students. The Chicanos, the Marxist professors and structural feminists”

What do you think went on at his weekly “Rap Sessions” with Black students? Certainly there was no talk of bridging the racial divide, I can assure you of that. This Gates incident caused Glen Beck to call Mr. Obama “A Racist.” In his words:

“Obama has exposed himself as a person n with a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture”

Brian Kilmeade, a co-host of Fox and Friends where Beck made his comments took note of the fact that most of the people who work for Obama are white. This caused Beck to back-pedal somewhat. He said, “I’m not saying he doesn’t like white people. He has a problem. This guy is, I believe is a racist.”

Beck should have stuck by his original remark. He ended up not following one of his cardinal rules. Say what you mean–and mean what you say!

We know that the socialist media will have a field day with Mr. Beck. But, remember when that nitwit, “Kanye West” said “George Bush doesn’t care about white people?”  He was calling Mr. Bush a racist. West like many other Blacks develop amnesia regarding the number of Blacks that Mr. Bush elevated to high ranking cabinet positions. Actually, they would agree with Obama, who thinks of Blacks like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as a, “Sellout.”

By the way, Obama has so many Whites working for him because in his mind, the roles have now been reversed. He is now the “Massa And They Are The Field Hands.”

America, don’t doubt me on who this fellow is!


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