Remember how comfortable Barack Hussein-Obama looked when he was in the company of Venezuelan strongman, Hugo Chavez? Obama not only looked comfortable, he was. Obama grew up being indoctrinated by Communists and Marxists. His late mother was a Marxist as was his biological father. He admits to gravitating to socialists while in college. Bill Ayers, the founder of the Weathermen terrorists group is a Marxist: And he held a fundraiser for Obama at his, Ayers home for then State Senator,  Barack Hussein-Obama!

Obama, an anti-American, is surrounded by like-minded people. Carol Browner, the head of this nation’s Environmental Protection Agency, is an unabashed Marxist. Hilda Solis, Obama’s Labor Secretary is not only a Marxist, she has ties to the Communist Party. I was only one of a handful of writers who pointed out in my book that Hillary Rodham-Clinton, this country’s Secretary of State, is a socialist. In fact, before Rodham finished high school, she was recruited by none other than Saul Alinsky, a socialist who had ties with the Chicago mob!

Ms. Clinton’s best friend is African-American, Marian Wright-Edelman. I write in my book, “Democrat:Thy Name Is Narcissist,” that Mrs. Edelman and her Jewish-American husband Peter Edelman, who teaches law at Georgetown University, have been mentors to Rodham-Clinton for a number of years. I also name names in my book, those in the U.S. Congress and Senate, who are Marxists. For example, Speaker of The House, Nancy Pelosi is a socialist, as is John Lewis, the civil rights icon to some.

So, I was not surprised when I learned that Obama’s “Green Czar Is A Card Carrying Member Of The Communist Party In Where Else, San Francisco.” His name is Anthony Van Jones. Jones admits that he became a commie “While In Jail.” You would think that the Mainstream Media would be screaming to high heaven about a communist working in the White House. The media’s taciturn behavior shows us that they are complicit with Obama in tearing down this country.

The East Bay Express, which is an online magazine, operating out of Oakland, California, notes that Jones:

” Became a communist when he became enchanted with these young radical people of color–I mean really radical, communists and anarchists. And it was, like..I need to be a part of them”

What is frightening about all of the Czars that Obama has appointed is that they don’t have to go through a confirmation hearing: So Americans know nothing about these people. They report directly to Obama. The obvious question is how many other “Czars Are Communists Or Marxists?”

Raul Castro like Obama. In fact, he stated:

“The United States under President Barack Obama was less ‘aggressive’ toward Cuba”

Well, what did Fidel’s younger brother expect? Obama and the Castro brother are, “Birds of A Feather.” Speaking out of both sides of his mouth as dictators like to do, Raul Castro said that he was not about to change Cuba’s communist system in order to make peace with the United States. And in the same breath, this jack-booted thug said that he would be willing to sit down with Obama and “discuss all issues with the island’s longtime enemy.” Sure he is!

What about human rights, Raul?

Meantime, Obama’s bud in Venezuela, the rotund blowhard, Hugo Chavez, has shut down thirty-four radio stations. Have you heard a peep out of Barack Hussein-Obama about this abuse of power? I didn’t think so. Obama doesn’t have to worry about shutting down communication facilities in this country. Hell, the print media has reached out to Obama, begging for “Stimulus Money.” It’s like I said, the media in America is nothing more than a propaganda wing of the Barack Hussein-Obama administration.

Chavez had the nerve to say that he was shutting down the radio stations because, “The stations no longer belong to the bourgeoisie.” It wouldn’t have anything to do with these stations being outspoken critics of this saber rattler? Chavez wants the Venezuelan people to believe that his move on the radio stations was done as an effort to “Democratize The Airwaves.”

People like Chavez and Obama really think that people are innately stupid!

America, we are faced with the most radical President in this nation’s history. Like his friends in Cuba and Venezuela, Obama is bound and determined to make the people of this country “Bend Every Knee–And Confess That He Is Their God.”

We have men and women dying in Iraq and Afghanistan in an attempt to bring democracy to those two countries. In the meantime, Barack Hussein-Obama and his henchmen are working around the clock to change our democracy into a Marxist state.

I used to be amazed whenever I heard someone say, “Do You Think Obama Is A Socialist?” Now, I am simply amazed at how many stupid people we have in this country who are willing to trade their liberties for a bunch of lies from a man who lies better than Bill Clinton.

I never thought that I would see the day when someone would come along and top “BJ Clinton.” But this is what they do. What they say sounds truthful. Therefore, it is difficult to debate them. This is why it is important that we have people on our side who can process information and pass their findings onto the American people.

Because if we end up with Universal Health Care, along with cap and trade, we are finished as a country.



  1. Luis D Rey
    Posted August 24, 2009 at 2:09 pm | Permalink

    Dr. Forest Lewis, A Conservative and a Negro with American Indian blood has superbly written in plain language what the Eggplant, Impostor, citizen of Indonesia, just ask Lolo Soetoro if he were still alive, is doing to the American people of all colors what they NEVER could have imagined, bringing down our way of living by attempting to destroy the foundation of our freedom and pursuit of happiness, etc.
    This BIG LIAR, I mean Barack Hussein Obama, ought to be forced to show his real place of birth, his medical Records, his High School Records, including his College and University Records, otherwise, a Bill has to be enacted by the Congress, The Supreme Court or whoever has the power to make it happen, otherwise Impeachment must proceed,
    Am I wrong in saying that?


  2. Posted August 24, 2009 at 10:53 pm | Permalink

    Luis, thanks for dropping by. Now, “Never” ask anyone to support any thesis that you are a proponent of. The socialists in this country love ambivalent people. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. You may be the only one in your circle who feels the way that you do. Most people are groupthinkers. Too afraid to say how they truly feel. They suffer from cognitive dissonance; thinking one thing, and saying another. Continue to stand tall and be strong. Don’t ever waver, and ask “Anyone” if it’s okay to voice an opinion. We Conservatives have been silent for too long. Siempre Fuerza Y Seguro Mi Amigo. No Mas Silencio. Hablar La Verdad! By the way America, “Negro” in Spanish means, “Black.”

    Dr. Forest Lewis

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