Conservatives and Republicans aren’t known for protesting in the streets or shouting down their representatives. The reason why is because those on our side are too busy working to pay for the exorbitant socialist programs enacted by liberal Democrats. The turning of the other cheek by Conservatives and Republicans has now ended. Congressmen and Senators who have the guts to face their constituents at town hall meetings during the August recess, are catching hell!

Barack Hussein-Obama’s “Attack Dogs,” the Government run media is up to their same old dirty tactics. They are calling the protesters useful idiots, who are being put up to protesting “Obama Health Care” by those in the teabagging community and the insurance companies. According to the Government run media, the folks on our side wouldn’t have the sense “To Come In From Out Of The Rain,” if we didn’t have someone telling us to do so. Such condescension is common place from those on the left. Fear can make you say some ridiculous things!

Here are the facts, Conservatives, Republicans and yes “Democrats” are turning up at these town hall meetings and giving these Democrat weasels “What For.” These people are knowledgeable and they understand that Universal Health Care would wreck this country. They look at how the government ran its “Cash For Clunkers Program.” The government ran out of money in only a few days. They had promised us that the program would last four months. Now these same incompetent buffoons are lobbying the Congress to come up with another two billion dollars for this insane program.

These nitwits want us to trust them with our health care. Americans are speaking up loud and clear, and telling their representatives that if they vote for this boondoggle, they will do so at their own peril,come 2010. So, these career politicians will either come back to Washington in September and vote against this maniacal bill, or because of their hubris, they will dig in their heels, and tell their voters to, “Go To Hell.”

I point out in my book, “Democrat: Thy Name Is Narcissist,” that there is a anger that is simmering in America.However,  Barack Hussein-Obama is too much into himself to take note of this anger. This self-centered attitude on the part of this man will lead to his un-doing: It will also lead to the unraveling of the pompous socialist Democrat Party!

Arlen Specter, the once upon a time, Republican In Name Only (R.I.N.O.) is now a Democrat. He attended a town hall meeting with the very arrogant, Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebillius. The people at this meeting were well informed on the issues, and this apparently came as a surprise to both Specter and the haughty  Sebillius.  If you visit WWW.YouTube/CrowdExplodes , you will be proud of your fellow Americans, who give both of these supercilious pawns of Obama an ear full. Take note of “The Bodyguards” that surrounds these very “Important Americans.”

In Austin, Texas, Democrat Lloyd Doggett was met by angry protesters. Doggett later made the foolish mistake of calling the protesters a, “Mob.” Socialist Democrats aren’t used to this type of treatment. I’ve said it before, these people can dish it out, but they can’t take it. By the way, in a letter to Politico, Doggett reportedly said “The mob was sent by local Republican and Libertarian parties that came not just to be heard but to deny others the right to be heard.”

America, you decide if this arrogant Democrat is telling the truth. Click on, WWW.YouTube/Doggett.

Barack Hussein-Obama is hell-bent on driving this country over a cliff. He is a leftist “Black Nationalist” who wants to make “Whitey Pay.” If America goes over a cliff, in the world of Hussein-Obama, “Oh, Well.”

His Universal Health Care Plan is suicidal. Americans are finally waking up as to who this man is. Democrats have a choice. They can stupidly, not to mention blindly follow in the foot-steps of this socialist, or they can say, “No To Obama Care.” It’s that simple!

Democrat pundits are good at giving Republicans advice on how to become a viable party once again. Like they really care. Okay, let me give Democrats some advice; do not listen to fools like Eric Schultz. Schultz is a spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee:

” The last place Republicans ought to be moving their party is even more to the fringe of the political spectrum”

Memo To Eric Schultz: The protesters of Obama health care aren’t just Republicans and Conservatives. They are Democrats as well. Wake up and smell the coffee, because Americans have finally open their eyes; and it’s not just what you call, “The Fringe Elements.”

The good book says, “Pride Goeth A Fall.” Ladies and Gentlemen what you are witnessing is the narcissistic socialist Democrat Party in a free fall: Where they will end up flat on their “Marxist Faces!


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