Barack Hussein-Obama’s administration is back at it again– attempting to divert your attention away from his Universal Health Care Plan!

As you know by now, former President, Bill Clinton traveled to North Korea and won the release of two American journalists, who had been captured by the communists North Koreans and accused of spying. The women were convicted by a kangaroo court, and sentenced to more than a decade in a forced labor camp.

The question that is being asked is why did Clinton get involved in the Obama administration’s foreign policy? Another question that needs to be answered is, why did the United States “Deal With Terrorists?” ¬†Reports say that he, Clinton, hadn’t spoken to Obama since last spring. He was reportedly still steamed over how Obama treated his wife, Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham-Clinton, during her failed bid for the Presidency.

North Korea has been flexing its nuclear muscle recently. The government of dictator, Kim Jong Ill was basically telling the United States and the world where it could go. Now, it would appear that this rogue country has been rewarded by the Obama administration. Pyongyang didn’t waste any time in using the Clinton trip for big time propaganda. The KCNA news agency, which is the communist mouth-piece for Kim Jong Ill said that the release of Euna Lee and Laura Ling:

“Was a manifestation of the Democrtic People’s Republic of Korea’s humanitarian and peace–loving policy”

Now, we all know that is quite a crock of manure!

KCNA also said that Mr. Clinton “Had sincerely apologized for the hostile acts committed by the two American journalists against the DPRK after illegally intruding into it–and had conveyed a U.S. government request to pardon and release them”

While we should all be grateful that these two young women have been reunited with their families, what the Obama administration has done, makes this country look weak. It also says to rogue nations like North Korea, that the United States “Will Bend Over And Kiss Your Backside, If The Need Arises.” Think not? Listen to what state run media in North Korea said:

” Clinton courteously conveyed a verbal message of U.S. President Barack Obama expressing profound thanks for this and reflecting views of improving the relations between the two countries”

Now, whether the above quote is accurate, needs to be investigated. It is clear that Mr. Clinton was “Running Interference” for the Hussein-Obama administration in the wake of the heat that Democrats are receiving from voters at town hall meetings, during their August recess, regarding government run health care. Obama is using every technique from the Saul Alinsky book, “Rules For Radicals.” What he is attempting to do is to get the folks from focusing on his disastrous Universal Health Care Plan. The socialists press is in the tank for him; and they will report on anything, but the hundreds of protesters who are showing up at these town hall meetings and giving their “Democrat Representatives Hell.”

Frankly, I think the American people have figured out this Chicago thug, and the myriad dirty tactics that he will use. Therefore, I am predicting that the “Shelf Life” of this hostage release story will last no more than twenty-four hours. I will also predict that Obama jumping into bed with Kim Jong Ill will come back to bite the “Messiah” in his ass!

Americans are tired of hearing this guy, Obama, apologize to other countries. They are also tired of him genuflecting before a bunch of ingrates; and running down the greatest country on planet earth, The United States of America. Americans are truly angry at this Marxist/Communist President!

To say that they have “Buyer’s Remorse” would be a major understatement!


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