It is common knowledge that Barack Hussein-Obama has in his employ, a behavioral Psychologist. It is the job of this person to teach to Hussein-Obama’s Marxist administration, ways and means of getting into the heads of malleable Americans!

Psychology is no different than any other field of endeavor. We have very good, honest/decent people working in this field; and we have some who would serve the Devil himself, for a few dollars, and a chance to have their fifteen minutes on the world’s stage. In the wake of the all out assault on “Patriotic Americans” who are speaking out at “Democrat Town Hall Meetings,” against Hussein-Obama’s Universal Health Care, I hope to take advantage of this “Teachable Moment.”

When thousands of hard working Americans turned out in force for what was labeled tea-parties this past spring, these folks were attacked by the socialists press, sycophants from the Democrat House and Senate, commentators on MSNBC/CNN, late night comedians, and even the “President of The United States.” Contrast that with how former President George W. Bush treated Cindy Sheehan, who has now been ostracized by her socialists Democrat pals, Obama has shown the world that he is a, “No Class Chicago Thug.”

When Sheehan, the poster child for socialist Democrats at one time raked Mr. Bush over the coals over going to war in Iraq, the former President said she had a right to speak her mind–and to protest. In fact, this gentle-man said that he supported her right to speak out.  Hussein-Obama not only is an opponent of our First Amendment, he has reportedly called on Americans to “Spy” on their fellow countrymen, and report to “The White House,” anything negative that is being said about him!

If his paranoia doesn’t scare you, then nothing will!

As noted, a behavioral Psychologist has the task of changing your maladaptive behavior. As I have also pointed out, there are people who are willing to do anything for money, Psychologists notwithstanding!

First, let me be clear, there is nothing “Maladaptive” about the behavior of the people displaying anger at their town hall meetings. Nonetheless, the White House is trying to prove to the world that these people have a, “Mob Mentality.” When you look at these good people, and listen to what they have to say, one would be hard pressed to find any credible evidence that would support Hussein-Obama’s bogus claims that these people were:

* Bused in by insurance companies

* Told to act unruly by the GOP

* Trying to obstruct the “Good Intentions”

of the President

My advice to any and all who take part in protesting at town hall meeting is not to “Give Legs” to the White House charge that they are part of a mob. When you find yourself attempting to fend off such an evil charge, you are giving credibility to not only the lying White House, but to the socialists press as well. You know that these people are the “Fourth Branch Of Government.” They are in place to lie for Obama–and if that means maligning and creating images of you as an unruly mob, and you finding yourselves saying,  Hey, I’m A Peace Loving American, Well, Mission Accomplished.”

Most Psychologists that I know are electic in their approach in treating patients. In other words, we use the techniques of different theoretical paradigms. I studied with the late Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Albert Ellis. Dr. Ellis created the psychological approach known as, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. According to Ellis, we find ourselves becoming upset, angry, pissed off, simply because, we “Should All Over Ourselves.”

Dr. Ellis invented the A-B-C-D-E’s of REBT. “A” represents what Ellis called the, “Activator.” In other words, the activator is the thing that gets one into a psychological morass. Take the case of town hallers being calling a mob. This could be the activator. The “B” represents our faulty belief system that states,”I “Shouldn’t” be called a member of a mob: Or, It is “Awful” that people see me that way. Again, keep in mind, these people are not part of a mob. However, this is what Obama and his “Trained” Psychologist want you to believe that you are.  Okay, let’s go to “C.” This stands for the “Consequences” of you “Shoulding And Awfulizing” over your situation.

In order to get you out of the mess that Hussein-Obama and the socialists press wants you to believe that you are stuck in, you will have to vigorously argue with their claims, “With Yourself, Not Them.” You are now in the disputational part of this schema. To dispute the lies coming from the media and the White House is simple. I would encourage you to say the following to yourself. “They Have A Right To Be Pathological Liars–But I will Not Give Them Power By Responding To Their Phony Claims.”

Remember, when you respond to these ridiculous claims, you have to “Defend Yourself.” It’s a no win-situation, because you now have given these disingenuous people “Power Over You.” This is what they wanted all along!

Finally, the “E” of Dr. Ellis’ paradigm represents the “Effectiveness Or Outcome” of what you have learned. Say this with me, “As An American, I Have A Right To Say How I Feel, What I Will Do, And What I Wil Not Do.”

Barack Hussein-Obama is trying to force you to lay down, and shut up.  Please notice, that socialists Democrats never call members of ACORN, or that communist group, Code Pink, “Mobsters,” when they are out in the streets protesting. The reason why is because Hussein-Obama has the mentality of a totalitarian. And so does the aforementioned groups!

America, there is nothing wrong with anger; so do not allow this despicable man  make you feel guilty if you are exhibiting “Justified Anger.” Guilt says, “I’ve Done Something Wrong.” What have you done wrong by peacefully assembling and at times regurgitating your, “Justified Anger?” It was justified anger that caused the Founders to raise up against King George III. Barack Hussein-Obama owes his freedom to these brave men who placed their lives on the line so that people like him could be free. Knowing this socialist, and communist sympathizer, he would probably tell you that the Framers in hammering out our Constitution, sat down and had crumpets and tea.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

The truth of the matter is that the Framers argued long and hard before this precious document that this man is attempting to shred, was forged together. But then, this Chicago hustler and the socialists press would have probably called the Framers a, “Mob Too.”

America, you are in good company, when you are placed in the same company as the Framers of this great/glorious land!

So, keep giving this lying President “Hell. “Our Founders would be proud of you. So, argue, listen, cajole, but never roll over and surrender your freedoms that were bequeath to you by men who placed their very lives on the line, so that we could “Speak Out Loud, And Strong, Whenever We Came Into Contact With Evil.”


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