When all else fails, the left will always turn to their favorite tool that  is in their armamentarium bag of  dirty tricks:”The Race Card!”

This is what that little pip squeak over at the New York Times, Paul Krugman, has done. He is saying that protesters showing up at town hall meetings on “Obama Health Care,” are venting their anger, because, “They Are Racists.” Are you kidding me? Krugman apparently forgets that more than “40% of Whites Cast Their Ballots For This Socialist President.”  Mr. Krugman, the race card will not carry the day this time, No Sir!

Americans are damn tired of being looked down at by a group of elitist slobs, be they Democrat or Republican. I write in my book, “Democrat: Their Name Is Narcissist,” that there will be a spark that will be lit that will set this country on fire. I prayed that I was wrong. Sadly, I believe that the spark that has been set is the debate over health care reform. The way that these Americans are being treated and described by uppity Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, etc., is nothing short of disgusting. Pelosi lies when she says some of the protesters are showing up at these meetings with “Swastikas.” Reid said the protesters were, “Shrill.”

The arrogance of these people knows no bounds!

They have shown us that what they want from the American people is blind obedience. By the way, Nancy Pelosi has her nerve. The woman not only has close communist ties, she is also a card carrying socialist. So, she projects her “Un-Desired Image” onto the protesters!

Paul Krugman is also projecting when he calls protesters of Universal Health Care, “Racists.” The true racists are the ones operating out of the Democrat Party. These people are only interested in automatons–not individuals who can think for themselves, and aspire to go as far as their abilities will take them. Democrats want compliant, brain-dead zombies, who look to them to be their caretakers for life. That is the zenith of racism!

I know that I will never reach “Dr. Krugman.” He thinks he is he smartest person on planet earth. You never heard a word out of Krugman when the left smeared former President George W. Bush. Bush was depicted in Vanity Fair appearing like Batman’s arch-enemy, “The Joker.” Mr. Bush was also likened to Adolph Hitler. I recall seeing the name, “Bushitler” for years. At the time, the left, and this includes this little twerp Krugman, thought that all of this was funny. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, these disingenuous people are crying like “Stuck Pigs.”

Remember, during the Bush years, the left said when they were protesting, it was, “Dissent.” That was healthy for the country, they said. Today, these double standard, not to be trusted socialists are saying, it is dangerous to go after Barack Hussein-Obama. The New York Times has thrown the proverbial kitchen sink at us with their warnings of racism on the right!

Bob Herbert, who is Black, recently warned us in an op-ed piece on the dangers of, “Right-Wing Hate-Mongers, And Gun Crazies.” Not to be outdone, Frank Rich of the same leftist newspaper talked about “Far Right Rage.” Krugman decided to go one up on Rich by citing, “The Rise Of Right-Wing Extremism.”

So, where are these people getting their information from? Certainly there is no data that would support the nonsense that they are spouting off about. So I guess they are pulling the information from the rear-ends. What these people have written abut show us the hypocrisy that is so visible on the left. It also demonstrates to us just how shallow these people are in their thinking.

Barack Hussein-Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel is noted for saying, “Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste.” That left me wondering, maybe these so-called reporters aren’t so shallow in their thinking after all. It hit me after I read a piece that stated that a fellow by the name of Charles M. Blow actually called for the creation of a, “Police State.”  From Newsmax.Com, the writer, Pamela Geller quoted Blow this way:

” Society needs to do a much better job of creating an environment where hateful beliefs are never ignored and suspicious behavior never goes unreported”

My question to Mr. Blow is, who gets to decide what thoughts are deemed hateful? Sounds a lot like Hitler and his Brown Shirts. If anyone needs to be investigated it is this liberty snatcher, Charles M. Blow. By the way, his surname truly fits him!

America, we are headed down a very dangerous slippery slope. We could very well be on the precipice of violence that this country has not seen for decades.  The question is, who will benefit from the violence should it occurs? The President of The United States promised to be a healer if elected. Thus far, he has been more of a divider; which causes me to be heartsick!

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  1. Posted August 16, 2009 at 12:23 am | Permalink

    The second President in a row to claim to be a uniter not a divider. Coincidentally, the second President in a row to be a divider not a uniter. Hmm.

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