I want you to do something for about one minute. Find yourself a comfortable spot in your home, where you can not be interrupted. Make sure there are no ringing phones. Okay, now sit in a comfortable chair, and imagine for sixty-seconds what life would be like in America, if socialist Democrats had gotten their way and did what they really want to do: Take all guns out of the hands of Americans, save, the police and military!

Feeling comfortable about that? I know that I don’t, especially in the wake of the ruckus The President of The United States and members of the Democrat Congress and Senate have created during the debate over Universal Health Care. Obama in essence told Americans who disagreed with his health care policy last week, “To Shut Up.” The Government run media, which has long since given up on honest journalism, started calling those who attended town hall meetings, “A Mob.”

Adding fuel to the fire are elected Representatives who have been caught completely flat-footed when faced with angry constituents.  I still have the image of Health and Human Service Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, etched in my mind’s eye. There she was standing next to that traitor, “democrat” Arlen Specter, glaring at voters who had the temerity to question not only her pedigree, but the self-righteous thinking of socialist Democrats in general. Her body language told the whole story. Then, there is the self-centered Majority Leader, Steny Hoyer, who stood at the podium, and lectured grandfathers and grandmothers, on “What They Didn’t Know.” Throwing in for good measure, this uppity New York State Congressman who apparently thinks it is his inherent right to stay in the House of Representatives for life, reminded those in attendance, “How Long He Has Been In The Game Of Politics.”

Hoyer is right. Those of his ilk have been playing with the people in this country for far too long. I believe that many of these condescending morons believe that they are “Mini-Gods.”

I have conducted more psychotherapy groups than I care to remember. I learned a long time ago to not argue with members of the group. The group facilitator’s job is to “Process Information With The Group.” To do otherwise, would make the facilitator engage in what Sigmund Freud called, “Counter-Transference.”

Counter-Transference occurs when the group leader, visits upon the group, or perhaps a single member, something terrible that occurred in his/her life in the past/present.  For example, many of these lawmakers have been called “Liars.” Hoyer was one of those who was told that he wasn’t being truthful. What did he do? He began attacking certain members of his audience, with wise acre comments. That is a negative counter-transference. I’m willing to bet that this was not the first time that Hoyer was called a liar; and if I’m right, he looked at the audience member with disdain, thinking back to the original person who called him a, “Liar.”

The problem with these Democrats is simple. They are lying. And the folks are now holding their feet to the fire. By the way, the only mobs that have shown up at these town hall meetings are the “Union Mobs, Dispatched” by none other than the “President of The United States.” He has also reportedly ordered “Fifteen Million” from his group known as, Organizing For America, to start attending town hall meetings across the country. A point of interest: The only time that violence has erupted is when member of the SEIU union started to attended these meetings!

Instead of trying to quell this wide-spread confragration, Barack Hussein-Obama seems to be encouraging those in his party “Up The Ante.”

Imagine what this Cossack would do if guns were only in the hands of those in uniform! All you need to do is think back to what took place in Iran a few scant weeks ago. Brave protesters took to the streets of Tehran, protesting the rigged presidential election. An untold number of protesters were “Murdered” by the jack-booted thugs in that country. They were the only ones with the guns. In Iran, only the police and military can own guns!

Many of those out protesting were severely beaten by civilian clad militiamen. Barack Hussein-Obama didn’t open his mouth for days; resorting to the ridiculous argument of not wanting to “Meddle” in the affairs of the Iranian people. Yet, you couldn’t shut him up when the “Communist Leaning President” Of Honduras was kicked out of office, when he attempted to shred his country’s Constitution, so that he could run for another term. Which by the way in Honduras is against the law. Hussein-Obama stood with Chavez of Venezuela, in demanding that the deposed President be returned to office.What was he doing in Iran? Barack Hussein-Obama was siding with the tyrants and goons, who have now started to put some of the protesters on trial.

His taciturn behavior on Iran told me a lot about this man, Barack Hussein-Obama. So, if you think that he wouldn’t unleash the police/military on the protesters at town hall meetings if he had the power to do so, you need to think again. This man has “Zero Respect,” for our Constitution. He has “Zero Respect” for the rights of the American people. He is used to having people do his biding “Without Question.”

It must gall him to see Americans standing up to him. For the moment, there is nothing that this Marxist can do about it, but “Lie And Make Smarmy Remarks.”

He is in good company with Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer. These two elitists co-authored a piece found in USA on Monday. Pelosi called the protesters, “Un-American.” Imagine that! This from a dunce who flew all the way to Syria to “Lick The Boots” of Syrian President, Assad. Not only was she in violation of the Logan Act, she was the “Ugly–Un-American.”

Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace. She has to be one of the dumbest people on planet earth. She insults those attending town hall meetings, many of whom are military veterans who fought and bled for this country. This botox injected nit-wit has not done one damn thing to keep America safe, yet she attempts to project her unwanted image onto thousands of Americans. Who the hell does this San Francisco elitist thinks she is? Who died and made this imbecile God?

By the way, Nancy Pelosi is the one with close ties to communists and socialists. Writing on WorldNetDaily, Joseph Farah observed the following:

“In fact, she has even served on the executive committee of the socialist-leaning Progressive Caucus, a bloc of about 60 votes or nearly 30 percent of the minority vote in the lower chamber. Until 1999, the website of the Progressive Caucus was hosted by the Democratic Socialists of America”

So, who were you calling “Un-American Ms. Pelosi?

Pelosi had the nerve to say in her op-ed piece that the “Majority” of Americans support health insurance reform. You might find this fascinating, but I agree with little “Ms. Airdome On This.” However, Americans aren’t interested in the type of reforms coming out of Congress or the Senate. We are still waiting to hear from Hussein-Obama and what he wants. But, we know that he wants a, “Single Payer Form Of Insurance.” He has been caught on tape saying this several times. However, his mouthpieces at the White House are saying what writers like me are reporting is “Disinformation.”  

I have to tell you that I got real scared when I read a column written by a colleague at Capitol Hill Coffee House. He reports a source telling him that while Hussein-Obama was in the state of Virginia last week, his friend watched as this socialist’s entourage drove by. In he back of one vehicle was a team of men armed to the teeth, with machine guns, etc. pointed in the direction of the crowd that lined the route!

Imagine an America with no 2nd Amendment, and Barack Hussein-Obama in the White House!

Take the time to pray for our Republic. She is in dire straits at this point of our history!



  1. dawn sims
    Posted August 15, 2009 at 2:52 pm | Permalink

    Right on Mr. Lewis! I love your rant on “If Obama had a total ban on guns”. I’m so outraged on the events of the last 7 months at the hands of Obama! I’ve also read the text of HR3200 and I’m shocked at the acutal wording! What an absolute mess at the hands of OBAMA!

  2. Posted August 15, 2009 at 3:53 pm | Permalink

    I get your point sir. However, I did not “Rant” in my column. To rant is to speak in a violent/irrational manner. I presented the facts. You probably didn’t mean to use the word rant. I believe that we are on the same page. We both love this Republic; and are stunned at what Barack Hussein-Obama and his Communists/Socialists stooges are doing to her. Thanks for dropping by; and feel free to tell others about my website!


    Dr. Forest Lewis

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