Those of us who have followed Hillary Rodham-Clinton’s “Undistinguished Career” over the years, know that this is one foul-mouth woman. She is noted for tossing around the, “F-Bomb” just like you or I would say, “Gee Golly.” Those who have had the unfortunate duty of working for this fat lady will tell you that tolling for her is no, “Day At The Beach.”

Its seems like just yesterday that Rodham-Clinton was at the zenith of her political career. She was the toast of the town where ever she went. Many political prognosticators had crowned her our next President, that is until this skinny Marxist from Chicago began chanting, “Change and Hope” to millions of suckers who reacted viscerally to this inexperienced masterful speech giver. History tells us that Barack Hussein-Obama fooled the masses, and went on to become this country’s 44th President!

For Ms. Clinton, the bright lights went out, and she eventually “Bowed” to her “New Master,” a man she once said lacked the cajones to deal with a “Three A.M. Phone Call.”

The pantsuit wearing, overweight Rodham-Clinton, accepted the position in Hussein-Obama’s cabinet of Secretary of State. Prior to her acceptance of this powerful position, her predecessors never had surrogates who overshadowed them. When Condi Rice held the position, she was everywhere, in Europe, the Middle-East, “Everywhere.” Hillary Rodham-Clinton has been made to look like a complete fool by Barack Hussein-Obama. Not only has he neutered her, he has shoved her into a corner, and as a result, she is Secretary of State, “In Name Only.”

I knew that it was only a matter of time before, “Mt. Hillary Erupted.” She has to know that people are laughing at her, as Obama’s pseudo-Secretary of States grab the headlines. Even her own husband, former President, Bill Clinton, stole his wife’s thunder last week, when he went to NorthKorea. Clinton met with the pot-bellied dictator of North Korea, and the two agreed that the two American journalists that Kim Jong Ill was holding for the next twelve years in a forced labor camp, would be set free.

Bill Clinton flew into California with the freed journalists in tow. It was William Jefferson Clinton who made the headlines. This skilled, silky smooth politician, had done it again. His actions became banner headlines around the world. So, where was our Secretary of State? Beats the hell out of me. Probably somewhere in a corner calling her better half a bunch of names that are unprintable on these pages!

Writing for the website, The Independent, Rupert Cornwell, observed the following:

” Think foreign policy under the Obama administration, and you think of Obama in Moscow talking missile defence and arms control, or Obamain Cairo offering a new partnership with the Muslim world, or Obama the first African-American president making a historic visit to Ghana…Obama, in short, everywhere. Even Clinton’s own turf, it seems, is under steady erosion. The vastly experienced Richard Holbrooke and George Mitchell have been appointed high-profiled envoys for Pakistan and Afghanistan, and the Middle East respectively. And some even see Vice-President Joe Biden, a former chairman of he Senate foreign relations committee, muscling in on what should be Clinton’s patch”

I would say that I feel sorry for “Secretary of State Clinton.” Not!

Hillary Rodham-Clinton said by many at one time to be, “The Smartest Woman In The Worl?.” From where I’m sitting, she looks better in a “Dunce Hat.”

Hillary my dear, “You Got Played By A Chicago Hustler.” You may be smart, but you lack two things:

* Street smarts

* Common sense

You’ve heard the saying, “Crap rolls down hill?” In essence, this saying is simply pointing out that someone beneath you will at some point, “Catch Hell.” That is what happened to a student who asked “The Secretary of State” what appeared to be a harmless question during on African tour. Why she is in Africa is beyond me; but that’s another story. Anyway, this innocent Congolese student asked Rodham-Clinton what Bill thought about some international financial matter. This is when Hillary went off:

” You want me to tell you what my husband thinks? If you want my opinion, I will tell you my opinion. My husband is not secretary of state. I am. I am not going to be channeling my husband”

As the comedian Steve Martin used to say on Saturday Night Live, “Well, Excuse Me.”

When you need to remind people of your government title, this tells me two things, (A) This is one pissed off woman, (B) She realizes that she lacks any meaningful clout!

Some in the socialist press are trying to make excuses for Rodham-Clinton: Saying that she is “Tired From Her Heavy Travel Schedule.”

Yeah, she is tired alright. She is tired of being played for a fool by Barack Hussein-Obama. I look for her to give up this post after Hussein-Obama’s first term, and possibly challenge him for the Democrat top spot, depending on where this Marxist approval numbers are at the time.

By the way, you want to know where Bill “BJ” Clinton is? Ahem, he was last spotted in “Sin City,” Las Vegas to the pure at heart. Old “Bubber” was out hooting and hollering and celebrating his “63 Birthday.” Please don’t get me started on what could have possibly went on in Clinton’s hotel room!

All that I can think of at the moment is Monica and her infamous “Blue Dress.”

In the meantime, Hussein-Obama had better remember the old adage, “Hell hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned.”



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