This guy, Barack Hussein-Obama, acts like a four year old at times. Consider the battle over his Universal Health Care Plan!

We have the audio and videotape of this man speaking to his partisan audiences admitting that his end goal is, “Single Payer Insurance.” Yet, this pathological liar has the nerve to say, “I Never Said That.” He still wants you to believe that he is a proponent of not only government insurance, but private insurance as well. I have said before that this man lies with ease. I think that he does this because he thinks that he is “Pimping” a bunch of intellectually challenged harlots!

Americans by the thousands are showing up at town hall meetings and challenging their Congressmen and Senators on “What’s In The Health Care Bill.” Many are reading from portions of the bill itself. These are not stupid, riotous people, the way that the Government run media portrays them to be!

They are grandmothers, grandfathers, moms and individuals who are single. They are Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Independents, Moderates and Libertarians. Yet, the Government run media continues to peddle the lie that these people are all part of an “Angry Republican Mob.”

So, why are they doing this? Simple, they are laying the groundwork, so that  if at any point, some nut job leaves the reservation and shoots someone, you can imagine the headlines. You can imagine how the Government run broadcast media will gin up the story with, “It Had To Happen: Shame On Republicans For Not Condemning This Before It Happened.”

These liars for Barack Hussein-Obama will do anything to get you back into “Your Box.”

You know what? It doesn’t have to be a Conservative or Republican to get these socialists to lie. Consider the idiot who shot up the Jewish Museum in Washington, D.C. a few weeks ago. He hated Conservatives and Republicans. But, the way the story was spun, this bigot was made out to be “An Ultra-Right Conservative. In Other Words, An Extremist.”

I can see it coming, but don’t give these socialists and communists what they are salivating for!

President Obama held a town hall meeting in New Hampshire on Monday. More than two-thousand people poured into his meeting. I thought that he was holding a campaign rally. Everyone there appeared to be in support of Universal Health Care. Contrast his meeting with what is happening around the country; in statistics, his “Stacked” meeting would be called an outlier.  Another way of putting it, an anomaly!

Obama wanted to give Americans the impression that “It’s Those Crazy Republicans Who Are Creating The Chaos At The Town Hall Meetings.”  His evidence? The civility witnessed at his meeting.

What a crock!

In order to believe in “This Magician’s” lies, one would have to revert back to what the late Psychologist, Jean Piaget had to say about cognitive development. Piaget started out as a biologist. In his later years, he developed a cognitive system geared toward development from childhood into adulthood.  I will attempt to make this as simple as I can. Piaget maintained that it was easy to fool a child all the way up to the age of eleven that Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, etc. all existed. Why? The child had not entered what Piaget called the “Formal Operational Stage.”

During this stage, the child can now engage in “Abstract Thinking.” In other words, the child can think in a profound way. You can no longer, “Fool The Child In The Way That You Could A Year Earlier.”

The child is now asking, how can Santa Claus climb into a sled and deliver gifts to every child on the planet over night. The astute child is now saying, that doesn’t make sense!

Remember last week? Obama told those of us who spoke out against his socialist programs to, “Shut Up.” Well, today he is saying he welcomes a vigorous debate on health care. This oily/slimy rascal even threw his socialists pals, Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer under the bus for suggesting that town hallers were showing up at meetings with Swastikas, and were un-American. Obama with all of his hubris believes that he can say the magical words, “Trust Me,” and you will delete the ability to think in a “Formal Operational Way,” out of your head!

In the meantime, arrogant Congressmen and Senators are left talking themselves and wondering “How Dare These Peasants Speak To Me In This Manner.” Hell, Arlen Specter even told those at his town hall meeting on Monday, “I Didn’t Have To Come Here.”

Talk about a major disconnect!

I have to chuckle when I hear Neo-Cons from our side, socialist Democrats and members of the Government run media tell Americans To “Tone It Down.” My advice to all of these jackals, “Go To Hell.”

America, what you are witnessing is a Juggernaut. Americans are fed up, and they are “Going To Take Back Their Country. At some point, the Lilly-Livered cowards from  the Republicans Party will stand up and try to take credit for this unprecedented movement.  When that happens, we should be ready to tell these political opportunists to get back under their rocks that they came from!

Mr. Obama, you can read the polls; and they are not manufactured. Americans have finally awoken and might I suggest that you take your family and relocate to Venezuela or communist Cuba?

You should feel right at home in either of these two countries, because the proverbial covers have been yanked off of “The Socialists Democrat Party Once And For All.”


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