Whenever America’s socialist President gets into trouble, it doesn’t take long for one of the many groups or individuals that supports him start screaming, “Fire.”

This time it is the Southern Poverty Law Center, as ultra-liberal as any group can get. These people know that Hussein-Obama’s health care plan is in a world of hurt, so they are trying to get an outraged public’s attention away from this pathological liar, who has gotten tied up in the evil web of deceit that he has attempted to spin!

Adding to the mix are nefarious people like Paul Krugman and Maureen Dowd of The New York Times; and Carlos Watson, of MSNBC. More on this infamous trio later!

It is White liberals who have played the race card this time around. They come to the defense of socialist, Barack Hussein-Obama, and will say, “It’s His Skin Color” that causes people to rebel at town hall meetings.  As a Black man with Cherokee blood in his veins, I take offense at this. The eruptions that you see taking place all across this great country has “NOTHING” to do with the hue of Barack Hussein-Obama’s skin color. It has to do with his socialist/communist policies; and the so-called Americans in his cabinet who are socialists and communists.

This over-bearing, self-centered “Big Earred” President finally did what those of us have predicted for months. His gigantic ego caused him to “Over-Reach.”

I don’t give a damn if this guy was “Purple,” he would still be treated to the same type of outrage that Hussein-Obama is on the receiving end of. So please, “Can The Racist Crap.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center is attempting to run interference for this socialist. When the “R” word is not strong enough to shut you down, these desperate people are now trying to scare Americans by saying, “Extreme Groups” are on the rise. Sounds familiar? It should; remember when Janet Napolitano issued that outrageous report at the beginning of the year which said basically anyone who opposed Hussein-Obama was “An Extremist?”

It didn’t fly then and it won’t work this time either. However, that is not stopping the SPLC from crying, “Wolf.” According to the SPLC, militia groups that have issues with the Hussein-Obama administration are now in the process of “Regrouping,” all across America; and could spread like wild-fire. Quick, what is the image that comes into your mind?

Right, “Sheet Wearing KKK Members.”

Of course, there are morons like this who continue to swill beer, and place those ridiculous sheets over their heads. But really folks, isn’t it interesting, the timing of this report? Hussein-Obama and his Democrat pals are catching hell at town hall meetings, and we are hit with this!

Remember, the socialists, communists, liberals, and the Government run media in this country have tried to paint town hall participants as a “Mob.” You need to ask yourselves what was the point? Was this a preemptive strike by the Hussein-Obama administration to go after our 2nd Amendment Rights, in case some crack-pot shot someone at a town hall meeting?

The template is already set. The Hussein-Obama administration wants you to believe that these “Patriotic Americans” are nothing more than a band of hooligans; unlike those “Sweet-Hearts At Acorn, Code Pink, And Moveon.Org.”

Although the polls suggests otherwise, the template is now set in stone!

When you hear a report like the one from the SPLC, liberals get antsy, and start making things up.  One of the groups that I don’t trust is the Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco. Remember, these are the same people who said that more than “90% Of All Weapons Flowing Into Mexico Come From The United States.”

That is just an outright damn lie. Nonetheless, the BATF didn’t budge in its initial assessment, even though this government agency was proved to be “Dead Wrong.”

Now, they want us to believe that because there is a “Black Man In The White House,” all hell could break out. Pardon me if I sound skeptical; but this sounds like “Fear Mongering To Me.” Why? To get Your focus off of Obama’s pet project, “Universal Health Care.”

Here’s my advice to the BATF: If you have evidence that we have people out here threating our Republic, I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you in saying, let’s round up the scum bags; and lock them up. Ladies and Gentlemen, my mind continues to wander back to those decent Americans who have finally had enough of Washington and all of the lies that come from that tower of babble. I wonder if this “report” was timed to “Shut Americans Up?”

Listen to this. Bart Mcentire, is a special agent with the BATF. He reportedly told the SPLC that “This is the most growth (Militia Groups) that I’ve seen in more than a decade. All it’s lacking is a spark.”


Again, are these people waiting for a lunatic to shoot someone at a town hall meeting; and at that time take out their broad brush and paint everyone who attend these meetings as militiamen, or KKK members? Something to think about.  I would urge you to watch our “Magician President.”

Do not be fooled by his right hand, pay close attention to his left!

Carlos Watson of MSNBC nearly had a cow when a man was arrested and police found a gun in his car in New Hampshire the other day. Remember, the President was in this New England state at the time. Watson didn’t consider the cultural mores of this state, where most people own firearms; and it is not unusual for someone with a pistol license to be armed.

This pantywaist went off thinking that the man was out to shoot Obama. This despite the fact that the police said nothing could be further from the truth!

“Chicken Little Carlos” kept on screaming, “He Had A Gun.”

Boy, am I grateful that I didn’t have a “Pantywaist Dad,” like this effeminate, Carlos Watson!

Hey Carlos, Boo!

Maureen Dowd, the snoot faced elitist from the NYT said of those who attended the town hall meetings:

” Instead of a multicultural tableau of beaming young idealists on screen, we see ugly scenes of mostly older and white mal-contents, disrupting forums where others have come to actually learn something. Instead of hope, we get swastikas, death threats and T-shirts proclaiming “Proud Member of the Mob”

Hey Maureen, guess who called these patriots mobs? Your counterparts in the Government run media. The protesters are simply making fun of jerks like you. By the way, since when did we need a liberal to teach us anything? This snob needs to come down from her ivory tower. It is clear that this closed-minded inside the beltway woman hasn’t a clue as to what is taking place in this country.

Her response was typical of a liberal. “Shoot The Messenger.” She must hate the fact that these “Real Patriots” don’t need a leader like her side does. The fact that we are thinkers, and not mind-numb robots like liberals are, must cause this pseudo-intellect a lot of sleepless night.

My response? I couldn’t care less!

Ms. Dowd’s colleague, Paul Krugman,  who is as low as they come, accused protesters of being “Racists.” Let me get this straight, we are supposed to sit like “Good Little Students, With Our Hands Folded, And Let Obama Wreck The Country?”

Because Obama is Black does not give him a pass. Once again for people like Krugman, this is not about the color of Obama’s skin. Hell, his skin could be “Orange.” I would still call him a pathological liar; and someone who looks out for Barack Hussein-Obama, Michelle, and his girls.

Everyone else is expendable in the eyes of this Marxist!

America has had enough of this snake oil salesman; and his socialist Democrat pals. His latest approval numbers are at 47%.

After four years in office, this guy is going to make Jimmy Carter look like FDR. And all of the King’s horses and all of the King’s men won’t be able to put little Barack “Lenin” back together again!


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