This crowd down in Washington, D.C. is starting to come apart at the seams. They were supposed to be the smartest people to ever work out of the White House: But, they have  turned out to be the most radical, the most arrogant, and the most dangerous Presidential administration in the history of the United States!

This brazen President, Barack Hussein-Obama, has so much gall that he has employed known socialists and communists to work openly in his administration. I never thought in my life-time I would ever witness such unfettered, and unbridled nerve, not to mention the disrespect for those who have fought and died for “The United States Of America.”

Now that this phony magician, with his bogus message of “Hope And Change,” has been unmasked, he, and those in the Democrat Party are turning on average Americans, like a pack of rabid dogs. They are being called, “Nazis, Un-American, And Mobsters.”

That is tantamount to the pot calling the kettle “Black.”

Americans are standing up by the millions to this “Chicago Thug,” called the President, because they have had enough of his “Hustling Tactics.” Barack Hussein-Obama is so “In Love With Himself,” that he didn’t have a clue as to what was headed down the pike when millions of “Average Americans” started showing up for town hall meetings. So, when these meetings erupted all across this great land, “This Genius,” didn’t know whether to “Spit Or Wind His Watch.”

It still hasn’t dawned on this narcissist that the more that his mug appears on television, the more antipathy that is build toward him!

Contrary to what socialist Democrats are trying to peddle, the uproar over this tyrant in the making, has nothing to do with the color of his skin. If that was the case, this Marxist would never have been elected President. But, to socialist Democrats, Hussein-Obama is the, “Chosen One, The Messiah.”

Thou shalt not criticize “Thou King.”

To that I say, “Bull-Crap.”

This guy is like an inner city pimp, but smoother. He speaks “The King’s English,” however, at the end of the day, he is no different than a “Pimp Slapping Street Hustler.” It hasn’t dawned on Hussein-Obama that he is now The President of The United States. I watched him recently, sleeves rolled up, and I commented to my wife that someone needs to remind Hussein that the campaign has been over with for months. However, like the typical narcissist, who has this disturbing personality disorder, “No-One” will be able to get through his thick cranium. This man truly believes that he is not only the smartest man on planet earth; he also believes that he is omnipotent!

He and the lemmings who fawn all over him just don’t get it. The people who are showing up at town hall meetings aren’t “red neck racists.” Many are highly educated people, “Who Can Read And Think For Themselves.”

They have read the Congressional health plan; and they are reciting, chapter and verse, to many of their legislators who are left looking stupid, or emoting their “Unjustified” anger. Take the case of Congressman David Scott of Georgia’s 13th Congressional district.  When David Hill stood up and asked “Lord Scott” a question about health care, Scott went off:

” I’m listening to my constituents, OK? These are people who live in the 13 Congressional district, who vote in this district. That’s who I’ve got to respond to. So what you’ve got to understand, those of you who are here, who have taken and came and hijacked this event we are dealing with here, this is not a health care event”

This arrogant buffoon didn’t realize that David Hill is a “Medical Doctor.” His speciality, neurology.  Talk about getting egg all over his face. Scott has become a laughingstock on Youtube. He simply typifies the “Intoxicated” socialist Democrats. Not only are they irrational; these people have been playing the American people for so long that they have now come to believe that it is their “Birthright” to look down on us; and hurl spittle in our faces!

Our fearless leader was out west this weekend speaking to “Hand Picked Participants.” His meetings have been so sanguine that he has had to “beg” for a tough question.  You can’t get a tough question Mr. Obama, when you have nothing but “Bobbleheads” in the audience!

Nonetheless, this disconnected elitist continues to forge on, telling one lie after another. You see America, “You Are Just Confused.” You are being misguided by writers like me, and talk show mavens like Rush Limbaugh. In President Barack Hussein-Obama, you can take his word to the bank. In his myopic world, this is what he wants you to believe. He wants all of us to be like the “Zombies” in his audiences. Sit upright, and “Just Believe In The Messiah.”

Not only does he lie when he says we can keep our private insurance, this mendacious hypocrite is now pointing an accusing finger at the insurance industry. Now, “The Magician” is saying that some insurance companies are acting in concert with the protesters of his health care plan. In fact, ” Mr. Mesmer” says some of these companies are funding the protesters. Unlike this liar and his cohorts, funding such “Pro-American Groups” like, ACORN, Code Pink, and George Soros’ Moveon.Org.

The tables have turned on this Marxist President; and it is not our side that is confused, it is you Mr. Obama and members of your santimonious party.

Face it, the jig is up; Americans by the millions are now aware of your modus- operadi, along with your puerile thinking!

We await the next group or individual that you or some puppet from your administration will attempt to divert our attention from your real intentions. It amuses me when I can predict or see through your latest bogeyman!



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