Even with the help of the socialists press and street thugs from ACORN and SEIU, America’s Marxist President appears to have experienced an epiphany. We the people are more powerful than the stooges that surround this self-absorbed egoist!

If it is true that Barack Hussein-Obama is backing away from one of the key elements in his health care plan, not only do we having this lying socialist on the run, his presidency can be placed in the category of “Lame Duck,” with just seven months in office. It now appears that this insatiable socialist bit off more than he could chew, when he jumped on health care. Prior to the showdown over this socialist program, Hussein-Obama was getting just about everything that he “Cried For.”

All of his programs had to be voted on and approved “Yesterday,” according to this liar. He warned that if his stimulus plan wasn’t passed, America would be on life-support. He promised that approval of his stimulus plan would put millions of Americans back to work–thanks to “Shovel Ready Jobs.”

After less than one year in office, Barack Hussein-Obama has gobbled up the auto and banking industries. His overbearing ego lead him to believe that it would be a cake-walk getting Universal Health care passed. After all, he had bragged in a video-tape years ago that all that Democrats needed to do was to control both Houses of Congress, and have a Democrat sitting in the Oval Office. This usurper of our precious freedoms got his wish, but on his way to being crowned “King Of America,” Barack Hussein-Obama forgot one thing!

We do not anoint Kings. The Framers ripped off the shackles placed on them by the last King to Lord over them. These brave men have passed onto “Real Americans” the DNA of freedom that runs through our veins. “The Mob” as the socialists press loves to call the millions of “Patriots” who have stood up to “Obamacare,” have “Roared,” and we will “Never Go Back To Square One, Not Ever Again.”

The socialists and communists within the Democrat Party have been put on official notice. We understand your tactics and pseudo-altruism. We know that at the end of the day that what you seek is unfettered power and control over the American people.

That ain’t about to happen!

Barack Hussein-Obama thinks the world of his intellectual prowess. He thinks that by flying a trial balloon on his health care plan, Americans will “Calm Down And Thus Drop Their Guard.”

A warning to my fellow Americans: Do not be fooled by this Chicago street hustler!

A number of people in the sycophantic socialists press missed the news breaking story that Obama broke over the weekend. These arse kissers were too busy swooning over their hero, and demonizing patriotic Americans. Hussein-Obama said that public option for health insurance was “just a sliver” of his proposal. Just a sliver? This was to be the center-piece of Obamacare. The always arrogant, Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, hit the Sunday talk show circuit. According to the Government run Associated Press, Sebelius said:

” A direct government role in a system intended to provide virtually universal coverage was not the essential element”

The Hussein-Obama administration’s back-pedalling over health care caught members of his socialists base off guard. Howard Dean, the  former Chairman of the DNC stated bluntly, that he did not forsee any meaningful health care reform if the Government isn’t in control of our health care. He called on Obama to not buckle under the face of enormous press from “Average Americans.”

That’s telling him Howie. Why not hand the President a razor blade and tell him to go out and play in the middle of the expressway!

Obama is not a fool. However, taking advice from Howard “I Have A Scream” Dean would all but guarantee him to be a one term President. Have you seen the latest poll numbers, Dr. Dean? Americans by more than 50% say they aren’t interested in Obamacare!

That number does not dissuade Dean who said:

” You can’t really do health reform without it(Government Run Health Ins). The health insurance industry has put enormous pressure on patients and doctors in recent years. A direct government role is the entirety of health care reform. It isn’t the entirety of insurance reform. We shouldn’t spend 60-Billion a year subsidizing the insurance industry”

If the very shifty Obama do indeed change his mind on the government running health care, look for a real donnybrook from the socialists and communists in his party.

For now, I’m going to just sit back and watch the show!



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