The socialists Democrats in this country deride patriotic Americans who say, “I Want My Country Back.” These jack-booted enemies of our democracy pretend to not have a clue as to what this cry means.  Next, they attempt to turn this patriotic theme into something racist!

These folks on the left have been playing the race card more these days than Jesse Jackson and his counterpart, Al Shapton. Everything connected with Barack Hussein-Obama is considered racist, if you just so happen to disagree with this Cossack. When Obama took over the reins in the White House, this is when our country was stood upside down on its head. He promised during the campaign against John McCain that he would be a “Unifier.” Instead, this Marxist has been anything but someone whose goal was to bridge the racial divide in this country!

If anything, he has deepened the chasm between, Black and White and Brown. To understand Barack Hussein-Obama, you must understand the tenets of a “Pan-Africanist.”

A Pan-Africanist is one who believes in racial superiority of Blacks over Whites. To these people, Africa is the center of everything. Now, don’t get me wrong, because there is nothing wrong in having pride in your ethnicity. However, when your pride in your country of origin trumps the United States of America, this is where I draw the line. This is why I have a problem with millions of Hispanics who come to this country illegally, form their own enclaves, and learn at best rudimentary English. They are only interested in what America can do for them. Their hearts are directed toward their homelands. 

Followers of Pan-Africanism are like Hispanics who aren’t interested in assimilating with the larger society. Barack Hussein-Obama is a different Pan-Africanist. Oh, he is “Pro-Black,” however, he has been well trained on how to gain political power, where he can inflict the maximum damage to this country. The late Malcolm X was a Pan-Africanist. Sure, he mellowed somewhat in his last days, however, he still placed Africa above everything else!

 What do you think that the reverend Jeremiah Wright was preaching in his Church, while Hussein-Obama sat in a front row pew for twenty long years? Wright like the late leader of the Nation of Islam, Elijah Muhammad, preached hatred for America; and animus toward European-Americans. And there was Hussein-Obama and his angry wife, Michelle, just soaking up the rants of this hate filled man.

There is a dirty little secret in this country. There are millions of White Americans who loathe this country as much as Hussein-Obama does. You think that Hillary Rodham-Clinton or Nancy Pelosi have any great love for America? Sure, they will mouth off platitudes regarding this country, but at the end of the day, these two Marxists can’t stand our Republic. How else could you explain how these two have worked tirelessly over the years to move our country closer and closer to what Hugo Chavez has done in Venezuela?

So, in order to edify the mindless minions of Barack Hussein-Obama, this is what “Patriotic Americans” mean when they say, “I Want My Country Back.”

We have sat and listened to liberals for more than forty years. Everything that these people have instituted has turned out to be toxic. Let’s look at the family. When I was a boy growing up in the South, it was a given that you had to respect someone older than you. You definitely had to respect your parents. Liberal Psychologists came along and said that old way of raising children was “Abusive.”

Let’s make our children, our co-equals, this said. And if you don’t, we have in place a thing called the Child Protective Services. We have given your kids the number to call CPS, and if you so much as breathe on them the wrong way, we will turn your life into a living hell. So, parents were given instructions on “The New Way” to raise their kids. Give them time outs; or take away something of importance to them, if they get out of line.

Yeah, that really worked out, didn’t it?

Thanks to their role models in Hollywood and the recording industry, i.e. “rap music,” we have millions of fouled mouth kids, Black, White and Brown, who have tied their families up in knots. I’m no great fan of corporal punishment. However, there are times that a good swat on the butt will get a child’s attention. You don’t start doing this when the child is ten. This procedure, or the pecking order in the family, is started when the child is young. And no, I do not believe the bunk that says a child who finds him/herself on the receiving end of “Appropriate Corporal Punishment,” will turn into some kind of out of control bully later in life.

We already have millions of uncontrolled bullies, thanks to Americans listening to people like Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Phil!

This is part of what Americans mean when they say, “I Want My Country Back.” They want government and “Nosey Neighbors” to get their big noses out of their business and how they raise their offspring.

Meantime, it has gotten so bad in this country that a child can no longer invoke the name of Jesus Christ at her high school graduation. In the state of Florida, a principal and an athletic director, at Pace High School are looking at six months in jail because they, now hold onto your hat, said a prayer before holding a school event.

I kid you not!

Principal Frank Lay and his AD, Robert Freeman, will go on trial in Federal court in the Sunshine State on September 17, 2009. Guess who got the ball rolling over this craziness? If you said the communist inspired, ACLU, you move to the head of the class. Some Smart Alec at the ACLU said that the Santa Rosa County School District, “Had been guilty of flagrant First Amendment violations for years.”

Excuse me, but this country was founded on Judeo-Christian principals.  America, you have fallen asleep at the switch, and now the name of Jesus Christ is an anathema to the socialists and communists in this country. You have given them tremendous power because of your taciturn behavior. Now they think that it is their inherent right to stick their long noses into anything that we do!

To the anti-God crowd out there, it is incredulous examples like this case in Florida that makes us scream, “I Want My Country Back.”

Here we have in this country, three out of every students dropping out of school before they graduate, but the ACLU is stuck on its anti-Christ crusade. Those who do graduate, many can’t even read the name on their diplomas. What has happened to America? We have allowed the left to force us to “SHUT UP.”

This is what they are trying to do with Universal Health Care. I heard Congressman James Clyburn, Democrat, from South Carolina say the other day that the protesters showing up at town hall meetings reminded him of the days of Jim Crow. I was left wondering if this guy had ever suffered a blow to the head. How in God’s dear name could he compare patriotic Americans to the racists people who lowered powerful fire hoses, dogs and the KKK on innocent Black protesters? What Clyburn said had to have been the most disgusting thing to come out of the mouths of socialist Democrats thus far.

Clyburn, up until this stupid comparison, was a well respected Black Congressman. He cheapens what took place in places like Birmingham and Mississippi by his distasteful use of the race card.

Mr. Clyburn, you are a dishonorable and disgraceful human being!

People like Clyburn and those of his ilk are trying to turn the town hall protesters into a bunch of hate filled “White Racists.” I am not White, and I stand shoulder to shoulder with these brave “Patriots.” Like Clyburn, I too was born in the segregated south. I have also been “Around The Block” a few times. I know racism when I see it. I would have to be a total idiot to support people who only wished me harm.

It is because of solid gold phonies like this fat cat, whose only interest in America is to line his pockets, we the people say, “We Want Our Country Back.” So, Mr. Clyburn you can use any tactic that you want, however, sir, it will not work. We are tired of people like you, and all of those whose goal is to create chaos, which in turn opens the door to those like you to gain more and more power.

A sleeping giant has been awoken Mr. Clyburn, and this giant has a following of millions of people from all political persuasions. The left’s subterfuge will never cause this giant to lay down and sleep, not ever again!

 We are coming Mr. Clyburn, and we will, by God, “Take Back Our Country.”


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