After slandering millions and millions of patriotic Americans, socialist Democrats and their Marxist run news services are now hell-bent on driving their party off of a political cliff. Far be it from me to try to stop these arrogant, know it all, out of touch elitists!

In fact, I hope they accomplish their goal. At this juncture, and with the help of “The Messiah,” the socialist Democrat Party has floored the accelerator, heading at break-neck speed toward their ultimate demise. The masks of these phonies have been ripped off of their hyp0critical faces, and many couldn’t care less that they have now been discovered to be either socialists or communists sympathizers!

Their hubris is on full display for any and all to see!

Frankly speaking, I have always looked at liberals as being an unstable group of mentally disturbed people. Socialist Democrats have a charaterological flaw that causes many of these people to experience political suicidal ideation. These people have been pining away for decades through lies and deceit to convince the majority of Americans to give them the chance to run all three branches of government. Now that they control the Congress and have a Marxist sitting in the Oval Office, you would think that these people would be reaching an orgasmic high every minute!

Nothing could be further from the truth. Because of their charater flaws, these people are on the verge of imploding. They are being warned that if they ignore the American people and attempt to ram Universal Health Care down out throats, these personality disordered individuals become giddy. They can’t hold back on their impulsivity: Like  a Borderline Personality Disordered person, they have the razor out, and is ready to slash their wrists. America, you are witnessing narcissism in its truest form. You are also looking at a party that is on the verge of becoming extinct. Leading the charge is “The Chosen One” who hasn’t an ounce of humility in his emaciated looking body!

The lunatics on the left are the ones driving the bus. These are the maniacs who think they are “God.”

Ramussen recently released its latest poll numbers on what the public thinks of “Obamacare.” According to Scott Ramussen, the majority of you are saying that you would rather have “No Health Care Reform,” if it means passing H.R. 3200. This is the current health care bill that sits in the Democrat controlled House of Representatives.

The Ramussen poll says 54% of Americans are telling Barack Hussein-Obama to take his grimy hands off of their health care. It is those precious “Moderates” who are telling Hussein-Obama to “Back Off.” The poll was conducted soon after those two worldly scholars, Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader, Steny Hoyer, penned an op-ed piece in USA Today which said passage of Obamacare would translate into Americans having a better health care system.

So much for these two jokers ability to sell the American people on Obamacare, not to mention their scholarship. My wish for chowder-heads like Pelosi, Hoyer and Hussein-Obama is for them to keep their faces front and center on the health care debate. The more that the American people have to look at this trio of solid gold phonies, the more their stomachs will churn in discomfort!

In my area of New York State, we have this Junior Congressman by the name of Eric Massa. This guy must really think that he is our “massa.” Democrat Massa was caught on videotape talking to a group of left wing bloggers in “Pennsylvania.”His arrogance was on full display. Democrat Massa boldly stated that if it comes to it, he will “Vote against the will of his constituents over the Health Care Bill.”

From The Washington Times, here is a sample of what Massa said to a blogger:

PARTICIPANT: If there was eighty twenty in the room?

MASSA: If there was a single payer bill?

PARTICIPANT: And there was a single payer…

MASSA: I will vote for the single payer bill…

PARTICIPANT: Even if it meant you were being voted of office?

MASSA: I will vote adamantly against the interests of my district if I

actually think what I am doing is going to be helpful

In other words, Congressman Massa like most socialist Democrats is saying to his constituents, ” Sit down and shut up, I know better than you.” Now folks, this guy hasn’t been in Congress for one year. Yet, listen to how cocky this man has gotten already. 2010, New York, 2010!

Use those big boots that you hunt in to kick this jerk out of office!

Another loud mouth buffoon is Democrat Barney Frank. This fat, sweaty no it all told a leftist activist that talking to her was like having a conversation with a dining room table.

Frank and some of his leftist colleagues are taking the advice of the Hussein-Obama’s White House. And that is, if they (Town Hallers) hit you, hit back twice as hard.

Next stop for the socialists Democrat Party bus, the bottom of the mountain!



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