If America’s Marxist President wonders why the American people are losing confidence in him, he need not look any further than the “Man In The Mirror.” That man, Barack Hussein-Obama, has shown the American people that he has contempt for them; that he thinks they are stupid; and that we can’t see through the mountain of lies that he has told us since taking office on January 20, 2009!

This hypocrite, Barack Hussein-Obama, was supposed to be among other things, “The King Of Green.” He was one of a host of many frauds in the vanguard of the hoax once known as global warming, now called conveniently, “Climate Change.” During the Presidential campaign last year, Hussein-Obama, stubbornly stood his ground and denounced drilling offshore in our country for that precious commodity known as “Black Gold.”

He was the “Flower Child Of The Environment.” Or, at least this is what he attempted to con the American people into believing. The fact of the matter is this huckster, like the main purveyor of this junk science, Al Gore, are in this not to save the environment, but to become “Filthy Rich.” The Government run media hasn’t bother to tell you this, but the Barack Hussein-Obama administration has given two billion dollars in seed money to the country of Brazil in order to “Drill For Oil Off Of Their Coastline.”

What a brazen hypocrite!

So, where is the Government run media at? The answer is simple, sitting on their hands because “Herr Von Obama” has told these sycophants to ignore this story. Despite the obvious cover that the socialists press is providing for Hussein-Obama, Americans are still receiving the truth as to what is going on in their country. They are turning to other sources, i.e., talk radio and conservative bloggers. Americans are also getting their news from the few conservative newspapers that are available to them.

Brazil’s state-owned oil company, Petrobras, made the announcement of the Obama largess. Did I say state owned? Yes I did: You see Brazil is a “Socialist Country.” We all know how this President likes to gravitate to socialists and communists dictators. Anyway, Petrobras said that the Obama administration would fund their company so that it can explore for oil off of Brazil’s Tupi oil field in the Santos Basin, which is near Rio de Janeiro.

Now, let’s see, socialist Democrats in this country have put the brakes on drilling for oil in:

* Alaska’s ANWAR section

* Florida

* The East and West Coasts

Those Eco-friendly Democrats have also said no to new oil refineries, clean nuclear energy production and clean coal production. You see, they don’t want to “Harm The Environment.” WINK, WINK, WINK!

But hey, it’s okay for Brazil to harm their part of the environment? I thought that this was a “World Problem.” Lord knows, we understand how the Democrats love that word, “World.”

If we look at this hypocrisy a little deeper, these are the same people who are trying to shove cap and trade down the throats of the American people. These double talking, double dealing weasels maintain that cap and trade would limit the use of fossil fuels. But, any new oil discoveries in Brazil would not only hurt the environment according to the environmentalists nut-cases out there, it could also bring lower energy prices.

Mercy me!

The King may want to renege on this deal. He has shown that he is a master at pulling the run from underneath anyone who dare get in the way of his socialist policies. I don’t think he wants to see the cost of energy go down.

So, this lying President wonders why the American people don’t trust him with their medical care. The man is a pathological lying scoundrel that is why we don’t trust him. End of story!

The thing that angered me the most about the clossal gall of this administration is this. Brazil could become a leading oil exporter if it strikes a mother-lode. In the meantime, we have the wacky left living in court-rooms around the country, crying to liberal judges about the spotted owl or some sea turtle being harmed, if we are allowed to drill.

God knows these creatures are much more important to the human race then are actual human beings!

The effrontery of Barack Hussein-Obama knows no bounds. It is all too clear that the goals and objectives of this man is to completely dominate the American people; and thus make them dependent upon government.

Brazil is a glaring case study into what makes this Marxist tick!


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