To many young people, the late Ted Kennedy is like an old, harmless avucular relative. But, to those of us who grew up in the 1960’s, we know who the real Ted Kennedy is. This man who is being portrayed by many leftists as the, “Lion of The Senate,” was far from the gentle soul that they are now trying to force on the American public. The “Real” Ted Kennedy was a spoiled, alcoholic brat, who literally got away with “Murder.”

This Lion’s socialists policies caused us to become “His Sheep.” He feasted on us with his Marxist legislative bills for decades!

It was Ted Kennedy who got the Health Maintenance Bill (HMO’s) through the Senate. Then, he pretended to be a side line observer, and when it came time to whip up on HMO’s, Ted Kennedy led the charge. It was this same “Lion of The Senate,” who got a major immigration bill passed in the 1980’s. At the time, he promised that that would be the last time he would lead a movement designed to make illegal aliens citizens.

Well, we know that this turned out to be a lie, because “Ted The Lion Heart” was back at it just a few years ago, with help from John McCain and George W. Bush. It was the American people who beat back this dreadful legislation!

But, you will not hear this from those who insisted that American flags be flown at half mast around the country for Ted Kennedy. Where was the flag at when Mary Jo Kopechne died, when a young Ted Kennedy was at the wheel of his car allegedly drunk, and this young beautiful woman, a passenger, drowned after Kennedy drove his vehicle off into Chappaquiddick Bay?

What you will hear from all of the networks, and this includes Fox News, is that Ted Kennedy was a kind hearted, reach across the political aisle kind of politician. You will hear that he was a man who loved his country; and only wanted what was best for her. What you will not hear is that this “Loving Man” entered the Army during the height of the Korean War. He initially signed up for four years; and when his powerful father found out the blunder that his son had committed , he pulled the necessary strings to make sure that his son only served two years in Uncle Sam’s Army: And that he would serve his miniscule stint not in Korea, but in the safe environs of “Cushy Europe.”

Ted Kennedy never advanced beyond the rank of “Private.” That should have signaled to Americans the motivation of this young man’s views of this country, not to mention his mental acumen!

Yet today, sleazy socialist Democrats are trying to use his Death as a rallying cry around their Universal Health Care Plan. The truth be told, had Ted Kennedy had the type of insurace that these Cossacks are trying to shove down our throats, he would have been dead a long time ago. He would not have been able to access the types of treatment that he received, had he been forced to sign up for Obamacare!

The issue would have been a moot one, because Kennedy was a multi-millionaire, thanks to his “Underworld Bootlegging Father.” So, he would have been able to access the best care in the world, thanks to the “Blood Money” that his mobster father made by assorting with the biggest septic tank material of his time!

Ted Kennedy is being feted in the same fashion that Michael Jackson was treated by the press when he died a few weeks ago. The media developed amnesia after Jackson died from a heart attack, which was triggered by his doctor giving him the powerful drug known as propofol, which is used in hospitals as an anesthetic by anesthesiologists, prior to surgery.

The truth of the matter is, Michael Jackson was mentally ill: Suffering from among other things, Pedophilia!

The truth about Ted Kennedy is that when his car ran off the road and landed in Chappaquiddick Bay, he left Mary Jo Kopechne in his vehicle to die. I know that he claims to  have tried to save this young woman. However, according to George Killen, a State Police Detective-Lieutenant in the Cape Cod enclave at the time:

” Senator Kenendy killed that girl the same as if he put a gun to her head and pulled the trigger”

Ted “The Lion Of The Senate,” didn’t report the death of the twenty-eight year old Ms. Kopechne, until “The Following Day.” Reports say because of Kennedy’s legal and political connections, his family was able to contain the inquest and grand jury probe. The Washington Post says Kennedy even went so far to to consider “Concocting an alibi for himself in the interim.”

Kennedy attended law school at the University of Virginia. According to reports, he wasn’t much of a student. It would appear that he did more drinking than studying. He was charged with reckless driving on at least four different occasions. During one of his stops, police say Kennedy was clocked at “90 MPH In A Residential Neighborhod, With His Headlights Off After Dark.”

You or I would have had our license revoked: Not Ted Kennedy. Not surprisingly, Kennedy passed the bar examination on his first try in 1959. Like his brother, President John F. Kennedy, Ted also had an insatiable appetite for women and booze.

The Government run media over the next several days will paint Ted Kennedy out to be “God Incarnate.” They will probably demand that he be canonized by the Vatican.  Democrats will also try to ram through a health care bill, crying to the public to do it for, “Teddy.”

The public needs to remind these socialists and communists that Teddy and his elitist family wouldn’t spit on the Congressional Health Care Plan that these scoundrels are trying to get you to sign off on!

They know that it is a piece of excrement; written for “The Underclass.”

So please America, do not let the death of Ted Kennedy weaken your resolve to shove this health care bill up the rear orifices of socialist Democrats!

Continue to show up at town hall meetings and “Agitate, Agitate, Agitate.”


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