What the hell is up with John McCain now? Last year, he took the advice of the Government run media, and ran a campaign that would have given anyone standing next to him, “Type One Mellitus Diabetes.” It was as though McCain wanted Barack Hussein-Obama to “clean his clock,” which this Marxist did go on to do. McCain, vying for top honors in the Boy Scouts of America, told everyone on his staff that Obama’s middle name, “Hussein,” was off limits!

See, little Johnny McCain didn’t want to offend the angry left or the so-called Independence and Moderates in this country. Instead of raking this “Commie Loving” President over the coals, McCain threw puff balls in Hussein’s direction. For being such a nice guy, Hussein-Obama kicked his tired old arse; and his pals in the media, who used to “Love” Johnny, abandoned him in favor of “The Messiah.”

Less than a year since getting his head handed to him by voters, here we have “Mr. Walking Across the Aisle,” throwing a life line to sinking socialist Democrats. Acording to all of the polls in this country, the American people have spoken, and they aren’t interested in the government running their health care.  Yet, this dunce, John McCain, is talking about joining Democrats in a bi-partisan effort in order to get a health care bill passed.

This man is either stupid; or he is purposely running interference for socialist Democrats. You make the call!

Nearly every politician in this country has taken loss of his or her senses–and are “Knighting The Late Socialist Democrat, Ted Kennedy.” To say that you regret the passing of the man is one thing, but to stand up and give glowing speeches of this avowed leftist is a totally different thing. America, contrary to what the left is saying since the passing of Kennedy, this man was not a uniter. He was as hard core of a leftist as one could get.

Now, socialist Democrats want us to join hands and sing, Cumby Ya, in rememberance of Senator Kennedy. There is one other thing that they want us to do: That is to pass Universal Health Care as a tribute to this fat bloated windbag, who did more damage to this country than any politician in recent memory.

Of course is protege, Barack Hussein-Obama, when it is all said and done will probably out do “The Lion Of The Senate.”

By the way, leech would be a more fitting term to describe this “Murderous” elitist!

So, what is John McCain up to you ask? This senile old fool held a town hall meeting in Arizona the other day. He told the audience that he supported bipartisan action on health care. This guy still doesn’t get it. Bipartisan to the socialist Democrats is when you agree with everything that they place on the table. In other words, they give up “Nothing.”

I say to John Sidney McCain, “Let The Democrats Own This Health Care Debacle.” They only want Republicans to sign off on this disaster so that when it blows up in their socialists/communists faces, they can say to the American people, “Members Of The GOP Also Voted For The Bill.”

Doesn’t McCain have enough brain cells left to figure this simple tactic out? I am beginning to wonder because this old war horse said in his mind, he believes that Barack Hussein-Obama “Respects The Constitution.” Of course, McCain was booed. Nonetheless, that didn’t stop him from making a complete fool of himself.

McCain said the following:

” I am absolutely convinced he is sincere in his beliefs. I just disagree(More Boos). He is the president of the United States, and let’s be respectful”

Hey John boy, I think it is time for you to ride off into the sunset. You have been in Washington for far too long. It is clear that you are not a good listener. For if you were a good listener, you would recall this Marxist President saying that the Framers left out a lot in the Constitution. For example, the Framers only talked about what government couldn’t do to “We The People.”

Hussein-Obama said the Framers “Forgot” to include what government could “Do For The People.”

In other words Senator McCain, this lying socialist President is hell-bent on making the American people “Dependent” on his politburo form of government. He wants total power, Senator McCain!

Mr. McCain, Barack Hussein-Obama is sincere in his beliefs; and that is to take away every freedom that we have. And Senator McCain, this man Hussein-Obama has “Zero Respect” for our Constitution.

Here’s a dollar Senator, buy yourself a clue Senator!


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