I have wrestled with writing this two part series for sometime now. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that an American President would try to bait the citizenry of this country into a war with its own government. However, when you look at what this socialist has done to date, one has to seriously question if this man is looking for an opportunity, when he can take control of the United States of America, forever?

I write in my book, Democrat: Thy Name Is Narcissist, on pages 201-202 the following:

” If the unemployment rate continues to soar. and gas prices continue their upward spiral; and the American people see no hope, but they see this President focused on making illegal aliens citizens in order to buttress his standing within the Latino community, things could become dicey. In fact, things could become “CHAOTIC.” If that happens, I want you to think about what heavy handed tactics this man  who hates our Constitution will attempt to impose. Let your imagination give you some possible scenarios. Frightening huh? Remember, this Machiavellian individual operates best when, “There Is Confusion.” We need to pray that the President comes to his senses and recognize that stoking the fires of anger is not in the best interest of anyone”

Barack Hussein-Obama has shown his disdain for our Constitution on more than one occasion. He has flown around the world apologizing to people that American men, by the thousands, have died for, in order that they might be free. Yet, Hussein-Obama sees something fundamentally wrong with the United States of America. This elitist has accused us of being “Arrogant.”

Imagine, an American President taking his own country to the woodshed in order to appease her enemies. We may have our faults, but I would never bow as this disgraceful man did to the King of Saudi Arabia earlier this year, and apologize to anyone, for one damn thing that America has done!

Let these countries come to us, one by one and thank us for freeing them from despots and giving them their God given rights of freedom. No Sir, never in a million years should The United States of America apologize for “ANYTHING.”

There is no question that Barack Hussein-Obama is a radical. He is also a card carrying socialist. NEWSBUSTERS broke the story last June that Barack Hussein-Obama was a member of the “New Party of Chicago.” The 1996 website has since been scrubbed clean!

 Word has come that the U.S. State Department, with that other Marxist as its head, that being, Hillary Rodham-Clinton, The Secretary of State, will recommended the ouster of erstwhile Honduran President, Manuel Zelaya, be viewed as a “Military Coup.” Who is this Zelaya? He is close friends with the socialist leader of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez; and the communist President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega.

All that Zelaya attempted to do was to “Rewrite His Country’s Constitution,” so that he could seek a second term. The Supreme Court of that country said no. Zelaya kept pushing the envelope, until the people of Nicaragua got sick of him; and the military “Gently” removed him from office, and placed his commie loving arse on a plane to Costa Rica. That America, was the “Coup” that the Barack Hussein-Obama administration wants you to believe that occurred in Nicaragua!

To demonstrate to you that Barack Hussein-Obama hates democracy, his administration has already suspended nearly “18-Million Dollars” in aid to Honduras. He is trying to hide behind a U.S. law that says we must ban aid “To the government of any country whose duly elected head of government is deposed by military coup or decree.”

The bobbleheads in the Hussein-Obama led Government press continue to regurgitate the word “Coup.”  They continue to lie to the American people for this Marxist President. Reuters News is reporting that the Hussein-Obama administration’s next move is to formally  sever ties with Honduras. Never in the annals of American history has a President of this country sided with a socialist or communist leader, when his people were crying out for “FREEDOM!”

Barack Hussein-Obama has said repeatedly, “Judge Me By The People That I Associate With.”

Well, we now know who this man is. He has a long history of associating with Marxists and Communists. Hell, this fellow by the name of Van Jones, who happens to be Obama’s “Green Czar,” is an avowed “Communist.” Since when did a Communist create a single job for anyone, save, someone close to him. Yet, this President wants us to believe that this Commie, Van Jones, will creates millions and millions of green jobs.

America, please do not hold your breath!

By the way, since when did it become fashionable for a, “Communist” to be apart of the United States government? America, this is how low we have slipped since caving into “Political Correctness.”

Meantime, since the start of the Tea Parties, the socialists press has been praying that some nut job goes off the deep end, and engage in a mass shooting. Since that hasn’t happened, these crazed morons with a microphone, are saying such sick things as what this idiot, Ed Schultz of MSNBC said.  Schultz, who is green with envy over Rush Limbaugh, et. al., said the following:

” Sometimes I think they want Obama to get shot. I do. I really think that there are conservative broadcasters in this country who would love to see Obama taken out”

This man is obviously suffering from a psychosis. When have you ever heard a Conservative, be they a talk show host or your average Joe say, “I Wished That Barack Hussein-Obama Were Dead?” What Ed Schultz is doing is called “Projecting” in psychology.  Schultz and those of his ilk would have one gigantic orgasm, should some wack job shoot the President. They would then confer “Martyrdom” upon this person, and commence crying out for the elimination of “The Right.”

Memo To The Ed Schultz’s Of The World: In recent memory those who have shot an American President came from your side. Case in point, Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who murdered President Kennedy was a, “Communist.” John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated President Lincoln was a, “Leftist.” Sirhan Sirhan, the loser who shot and killed Bobby Kennedy was a “Radical Palestian.”

What is my point? If someone shoots the President, and I’m praying with every fiber in my body that this never happens, it will more than likely be a lunatic from “The Left.”

Unfortunately, but I believe that people like this Ed Schultz are attempting to set the table to give the government an excuse to go after our 2ndAmendment Rights. Don’t forget that it was Homeland Security who said that our returning Veterans were coming back home, disgruntled, because a Black man was now in the White House; and for some, that was good enough reason to join a militia group. Homeland Security had to do some fast back tracking once this announcement came under intense scrutiny!

Janet Napolitano, the arrogant head of Homeland Security also said that anyone with a bumper sticker which denounced Barack Hussein-Obama should be considered an, “Extremist.”

The covers have now been ripped off the faces of these socialists and communists. They will “NEVER” be able to fool the American people again with their, “We Just Want To Help The Downtrodden.” Bull crap, they want to amass “Total Power.”

America, to date, Barack Hussein-Obama hasn’t done nothing to stem the flow of people losing their jobs in this country. Things have gone from bad to worst under this Marxist. Unemployment stands at 9.4%. The new unemployment numbers are set to be released by the Labor Department on September 04, 2009.  In the meantime, the true unemployment rate is somewhere between 15 or 16%. These people aren’t counted because they, (A) Ran out of benefits, or (B) They have given up all hope of ever finding a job!

All that Obama has done is stir the pot of discontent. He has made jokes of Tea Party participants. And he has supported the left’s contention that those attending town hall meetings are part of some organized, “Mob.” The question is, is this fellow doing all of this on purpose? Like Nero, Rome is burning, and Barack Hussein-Obama is playing a fiddle;  or, can it be that he is playing with the emotions of the American people? The President has surrounded himself with some “Fifty Czars.” Many of these people are communists or socialists. They have unfettered power: And they report to one person, Barack Hussein-Obama!

Hussein-Obama has called for the installation of a Civilian National Security Force, “As Strong As The Present U.S. Army.”

Only thugs like Saddam Hussein, who is currently taking a “Dirty Nap,” thanks to our boys serving in Iraq, think of nefarious groups like this. Saddam had a group known as “The Fedayeen.” They dressed in civilian attire; and were die hard loyalists to this evil dictator. Iran has a similar group that goes by the name of “The Basiji.” These street thugs are agents of the Ministry of Intelligence and Security for Iran. You probably saw them recently, when they rode in on motorcycles and commenced cracking the heads of innocent protesters!

They also shot and killed untold numbers of “Unarmed Civilians.”

It took our President “Days” to issue a response to the brutal attacks that befell the protesters, who were only seeking freedom. When this hypocrite spoke, he said that he didn’t want to “Meddle” in the affairs of Iran. Yet, it is okay to “Meddle In The Affairs Of Honduras?”

What is on the mind of our President?  Is he slowly setting the stage for a grand take over of this country and her people?

In my last installment, I will try to answer these questions and more!

You can purchase my new book, Democrat: Thy Name Is Narcissist, at, or at  Stop listening to the Government run media, and free your mind, by learning the truth about this socialist administration!



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