Up until now, Barack Hussein-Obama has been portrayed by the socialists press as someone who is infallible, and loved by one and all, not only in this country, but around the world. Now that we know that Obama is made of clay, like the rest of us, and “No, He Doesn’t Walk On Water,” this narcissist is about to have his little self-centered world, “ROCKED.”

Obama’sfifteen-minutes of fame are up because of his myriad foibles, and his enormous arrogance, along with his pathological need to lie to the American people time and time again. The latest Rasmussen poll shows Barack Hussein-Obama’s approval rating at an emaciated “46%.” What the socialists press is failing to tell you is that Hussein-Obama is losing support not only from Independents and Moderates, and “Democrats”:He is also losing support from, “African-Americans.”

It is being reported that only “75%” of Black -Americans now support this fraud. Black people are not the docile fools that Hussein-Obama thought they would be. They aren’t about to commit “Hari Kari” over his Government run health care plan. African-Americans have a long tradition of taking care of “Grandma And Grandpa.” In many cases, it is these folks who raise their children’s children. Blacks now know that “Obamacare” would establish “Death Panels” for their “Grands.”

Contrary to popular belief, there is only so far that Blacks will go to support a, “Brother Or A Sister.” To use the old colloquial language of my people, “Don’t Mess With The Kitchen Folk.”

By the way, how’s that “Hope And Change” working out for you now Hussein?

Today, I am going to wear my Clinical Psychologist hat, and use what information that Hussein-Obama has given to us, in order to draw you a picture of who I think this man really is. You don’t have to have a Ph.D. to understand that this man loves the lime-light. He loves to be front and center, and have people by the millions, genuflecting before him.  The question is why are so many people so naive when it comes to unmasking this, “Man-Child?”

I believe that there is a thirst in the soul of every man, woman, boy and girl that seeks to be quenched. Poor people, rich people, Black people, White people, Brown people, Red people, Yellow people and in-between people, search the world over for everlasting eternal peace. I have found over my many years of practicing Psychology that there are countless people who are willing to give up their individuality in order to be liked. In the field of alcoholism, we call them, “People Pleasers.”

These people will go to any length to hear someone like Barack Hussein-Obama say, “You Matter To Me.” When they hear words, or words to this effect, they find temporary solace, and a purpose in life. Eventually, they meet someone else whom they will have to work their tails off in order to receive that person’s approval. It is an endless circle. This is why so many people use drugs and alcohol, because they simply can’t stand rejection. Many of these people end up committing suicide because they fail to convince a mere mortal, “To Like Them.”

Why are these people like this you ask? Well, to answer that we would have to look at the age old argument of “Nature Vs. Nuturance.”

Nature has to do with what we arrive in this world with. In other words, we are given the components from our Mother and Father; and their relatives. This makes up half of our personality.  Are you with me so far? Good!

Now, the word Nurturance has to do with the environment. There is little question that our surroundings help to shape the human organism. Our friends play a big part in shaping our personalities. Even the great John Wayne admits that he studied for weeks, the famous walk that he came to be known for. The “Duke” stole this walk from the actor, Yakima Kanutt, who was also a well known rodeo rider, mediocre cowboy action star and later a Hollywood director. So, the next time you see the Duke saunter down a dusty trail, know that Yakima Kanutt helped to shape some of Mr. Wayne’s personality.

By the way, the environment can make up at least 50% of who we will end up being in life!

Barack Hussein-Obama was more than likely an introvert as a young child. He admits to using cocaine as a young man. The literature on this drug tells us that people who gravitate to cocaine have a difficult time in expressing themselves in a sober state. Cocaine gives them the false notion that they are “Powerful And Have Unlimited Intellectual Prowess.”

I once had a female patient tell me that when she was high off of cocaine, she felt that she could actually counsel the President of The United States!

We have no idea how long Barack Hussein-Obama used cocaine. However, he discovered in adulthood that he possessed the extraordinary gift of oration. It is possible that this “gift” helped Hussein-Obama fall deeper into the world of narcissism. I believe that this gift along with “Nurturance” from those in his environment helped to convince Hussein-Obama that he could “Read The Names From A Telephone Book,” and hypnotize people!

You would have to be an idiot to not recognize that this man is brilliant. However, it is Barack Hussein-Obama’s brilliance that will lead to his un-doing. Because you see America, this man has convinced himself that he has the blood of a deity running through his veins. There have been countless others like this man who came well before him, who possessed the same gifts. Rather than use these gifts for good, they like Barack Hussein-Obama, decided to “Step On People.”

It takes an extraordinary set of circumstances for Conservatives to gather en-masse and do what appears to be inherent within the left wing in this country. On September 12, 2009, millions of Americans will staged a massive protest in Washington, D.C. Contrary to what the socialists press has tried to paint a picture of, this is not about Barack Hussein-Obama. I know that these enemies of true freedom have attempted to say that anyone who protests against Hussein-Obama is a racist.

We get it, socialists. We know that you want to shut us up. But, that ain’t going to happen anymore!

If this man’s skin was that damn thin, he should have gotten involved in crocheting for a living. We all know that Barack Hussein-Obama is not some fragile piece of humanity, who needs to be handled with care. This is an angry and vindictive man, who demands people in his circle, “Snap To And Be Obedient.”

To do otherwise, is considered an affront to this inglorious Marxist!

Take note of how his eyes will “Glaze Over” when he has a crowd of automatons shouting, Barack, Barack, Barack!

He has never been treated in the fashion that he will witness on September 12th. Again, this is not all about this egocentric little man. However, in his mind, he will think that the protesters “Are Out To Get Him.”

Since I can’t control how this man thinks, and I have no desire to Lord over him, I say, “Let Him Wallow In His Own Self-Imposed Misery.” True Americans know that the protesters will be in Washington to shake that city’s very foundations because we are tired of:

* Government’s big nose in our business

* Health care being rammed down our throats

* Arrogant lawmakers, be they Democrat or

Republican, acting like they are God Almighty

* Weak kneed Republicans

* Phony Conservatives, who are really “Liberal


* Being told to sit down and shut up

* Tax and spend Democrats and Republicans

* The socialists and communists who are now in

our central government

Red bloodied Americans are also sick and tired of how socialists Democrats treat our brave troops. When was the last time that you heard this President invited a member of the armed forces to the White House with his family to have dinner? You haven’t. However, Barack Hussein-Obama, according to the Government run, Associated Press, “Praised American Muslims for enriching the nation’s culture at a dinner to celebrate the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.”

Something in my gut said this wasn’t right. This man who claims to be a “Christian,” hasn’t found a church home in D.C., yet he has time to ‘Praise Allah.”

Here is something else that made my blood boil about this “celebration.” Hussein-Obama writes the A-P:

” Joined his Cabinet, members of the diplomatic corps and lawmakers to pay tribute to what he called, ‘A great religion and its commitment to justice and progress”

Something stinks in this White House. I’ll leave it at that!

Americans are just plain “Tired” of the same old bull crap that comes from the mouths of both parties. We are tired as hell, and as the character in the movie, “Network,” opened a window, and screamed out loud in 1976, “We Are Mad As Hell, And We Are Not Going To Take It Any More.” 

On September 12th, you will hear chants of, “I Want My Country Back.” Liberals will try to say, this is a racist chant. But, nothing could be further from the truth. This chant that will go forth will simply say to the left, “You Have Gone As Far As We Will Let You.” For over forty years, these weasels have beaten up on the conscious minds of good people that they have a debt to pay: Yet, that debt can never be marked, “Paid In Full.”

See, if the debt is ever marked paid in full, people would have to get up off of their tired, lazy asses, and “Do For Themselves. Not To Mention, Use That Three Pound Organ That Sits Between Their Ears–And Think.”

Barack Hussein-Obama, along with his socialists and communists friends have now awakened a sleeping giant.

On September 12th, 2009, that giant with “Roar.”

But, don’t expect this narcissist to hunker down. He will act like a wounded animal and will go after those in his mind he deems to be a threat to “His Greatness.”

If he should do something stupid like this, he will be met by a people who have never stooped or cowered in the face of tyranny!


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