America, make no mistake about it, former “Green Czar,” Van Jones, is only the tip of the iceberg in the socialists/communist administration of Barack Hussein-Obama’s. Obama as per his modus operandi, threw the self-admitted Communist, Jones under the bus, “After Mid-Night,”over the Labor Day weekend. Jones who made some of the most outrageous statements against this country and White people, was an Oakland “Community Organizer” before this country’s socialist President decided to reward him for his duties as a disruptor, and shake down artist, and moved this enemy of freedom into the White House!

I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Glenn Beck of The Fox News Network, “Is The Man Responsible” for Jones being unemployed at the moment. I have noticed that many in the media, socialists and Conservatives, have had to bite their lip so to speak, before acknowledging that it was Beck who broke this “Major Story.”

For the most part, those in the socialists press aren’t giving credit for this “Major Shake-Up” in the Hussein-Obama administration. When I was a broadcast journalist up until the early 1980’s, it was “Unethical” to do what these leeches are doing today. Someone like Beck, who is not even a “Journalist,” but a news commentator, would make those of us who were journalists, work even harder. But, we still attributed our sources to a story of this size.

It was the ethical thing to do!

For some of you jealous Conservatives, I thought that we were on the same team? Give Mr. Beck credit for being a stand up guy, and for being a standing target, and taking the political arrows from the White House, George Soros led communist groups, along with the “Sorry”socialists press, some of whom who are “Defending” this Commie, Van Jones.

In his letter of resignation, Commie, Van Jones, blamed everyone else but his freedom hating arse for being told to pack up his “Mao” loving duds and hit the bricks:

” On the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me. They are using lies and distortions to distract and divide”

Typical “Communists/Socialists” rhetoric. Defocus from the “Truth,” and “Shoot The Messenger.” Notice that this slime ball did not disavow any of the statements that he made:

* Republicans are assholes

* White kids are the only group that mounts

Columbine type shootings

* Whites are polluting the water of inner city Blacks

* George Bush is like a “Crack Head”

* Signed his name to a “9/12 Truther Document,” which

says it was the Bush administration that “Blew Up The Twin


The White House is attempting to con us into believing that they didn’t know about this guy’s past.What planet are these people living on? When I was in the United States Marine Corps, I possessed a “Top Secret Clearance.” That is as high as one can get in government. Suffice it to say that I guarded some sensitive material. Before I received my Top Secret Clearance, the FBI, pardon the colloquial language, “Climbed Up My Butt.” They knew the day and hour that I drew my first breath on this planet!

So, please Mr. Obama, don’t even try to convince me that you didn’t know about this Communist, and that you don’t support his ideology. After all, it was your “Mentor, Valerie Jarret And Your Wife, Michelle Obama,” who pushed for Jones to get the green job. Obama’s mentor, Ms. Jarrett, can be found on Youtube, discussing how the “White House” had been impressed with the work of this Commie, during his days in Oakland, California!

America, it is not time to start dancing in the streets, and giving one another high fives just because Van Jones is gone. First of all, Jones isn’t going anywhere. Secondly, if you think that Jones will not be around to give Barack Hussein-Obama “Advice,” you need to think again. He is now “Free” to go back to his community organizing roots.

Van Jones is now unmuzzled!

Here is something else that you need to consider. Barack Hussein-Obama has been “embarrassed” by Glenn Beck. If you think this Marxist and “Commie Lover” isn’t pissed off at Beck and those of us on the right, you need to open your eyes. Because of his narcissistic personality disorder, this man in his mind has been “Offended,” and he will demand “Satisfaction.”

Obama will lie to you and pretend that he has heard you, but don’t trust this man. Like under the cover of darkness, he jettisoned Van Jones, Barack Hussein-Obama will be coming for us. This is why it will be important to stay “Focused” on his entire evil administration!

For example, Mark LLoyd is another piece of vermin that works for Hussein-Obama. This LLoyd is just as dangerous as Van Jones. He is Hussein-Obama’s “Media Diversity Czar.”

It will be LLoyd’s job to implement diversity on the airwaves. In other words, LLoyd has the charge to get rid of people like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. He will order that Conservative Talk Shows give socialists and communists a chance to speak. He will also have the authority to say if a station isn’t hiring enough Blacks, women, and Latinos. If a stations balks at the demands of this Marxist, Mark LLoyd, he can take away their licenses. By the way, LLoyd is a “Big Fan” of Hugo Chavez, the fat-mouth dictator of Venezuela.

This Marxist, Mark LLoyd called Chavez’s grab for power, “An Incredible Revolution.”

The Free Republic according to Seton Motley of the Media Research Center said, LLoyd “Wants to bring Chavez’s version of the Fairness Doctrine to America.” Motley says LLoyd wants to “Shut You Up By Shutting You Down.”

America, this White House is infested with “Lice,” all the way from the bottom to the top.  We need to demand starting today, that this President follow the Constitution, and make his administration an, “Open Book.”

The best infectious fighter against lice is “Sunlight.”

Memo To Barack Hussein-Obama: Enough with the Czars!

We get it!

 These Czars are being hired at record numbers, in order to topple our democracy. Get to know who these socialists and communists are: And don’t ever stop protesting, and demanding that Barack Hussein-Obama “Obey The Law.”

This coming Saturday will witness the largest Conservative protest held in this country. It is hoped that millions will converge on Washington, D.C. But, this is just a prelude to what we have to do, until Barack Hussein-Obama, and the haters of freedom, both Democrats and Republicans “Are History.”

The real work has just started. So a word of caution. Don’t get giddy yet my friends. Keep tightening the screws on this Marxist President. Remember, “Do Not Watch His Right Hand, Stay Focused On His Left.”

Never believe a word that comes from this socialist mouth. Because if you do, there is “Always” an ulterior motive swirling around in his Marxist brain!

Whatever he is thinking is “Anti-American, And Anti-Freedom.”


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