For months, members of the GOP have sat on the side lines like a chaste woman, legs tightly closed together, and for good measure, adorned themselves with a “Chastity Belt,” figuratively speaking!

They listened to the Government run media, and didn’t use the words that most of us either use in our writings, or speaking to one another. See, these “leaders” didn’t want to get this popular President’s constituents mad at them. Now that Barack Hussein-Obama’s approval numbers are in the mid forties, some “Brave” members of the GOP are starting to find their “Cajones.”

These leeches remind me of an authoritarian boss, who takes the credit for a plan that helps his company; but, the plan was thought of by an employee. The lecherous, boorish boss, forces himself to the head of the line, and demands credit for something that another person had the gumption to “Think Of.”

Now that it is obvious that there is a huge chink in the armour of President Barack Hussein-Obama’s narcissistic skin, these big, bad Republicans are starting to come from underneath their rocks, and acting as though they are the ones responsible for the current status of Hussein-Obama, as well as the Socialist Democrat Party.  I expect that at some point, these worms will wiggle their way into the various tea parties being held around the country. They will attempt to insert themselves into being “Keynote Speakers.”

Memo To The GOP: This “Grassroots Movement” is just as much about your  wasteful spending under the Bush administration as it is about Barack Hussein-Obama and his Socialist/Communist Democrat Party. So, Stay On The Side Lines, Unless You Are A, Conservative Republican, Or Conservative!

In other words, what I am saying to the would be “Johnny Come Latelies,” we aren’t interested in hearing from you!

George W. Bush could have gone down in history as a great President. However, truth be told, Bush was mediocre at best. He was too busy trying to be liked by the socialists left in this country. Sure Bush stood up for the 2nd Amendment, and gave us two Conservative Supreme Court Justices. For that, I applaud him. However, Mr. Bush joined with the late Ted Kennedy and Barack Hussein-Obama, and less we forget, John “Juan” McCain in pushing a bill that would have given illegal aliens, most from Mexico, American citizenships status!

Bush also gave us our first “Stimulus Package.”

George W. Bush was no friend of Conservatives. Be that as it may, I do respect this man much mor than I do this present Marxist President. Many Republicans still don’t get it. The myriad tea parties are just as much about them as it is about socialist Democrats. The only “Republican Conservative” out there that I would honestly vote for is the erstwhile, Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin!

This diminutive woman has shown these girlie men Republicans how it should be done.  You won’t get any weasel language from Mrs. Palin. She will tell you the truth, “In Plain Old American English.”

You may not like where she is coming from, but you damn well know where this frontier woman stands. Alas, as much as I love and respect this woman, Mrs. Palin would insure that we would have to endure another four years of Marxist, Barack Hussein-Obama, should she enter and win the GOP Presidential nomination in 2012. In another three and a half years, this country will be completely down the toilet, given the policies that this socialist has put forth.

However, that won’t matter to the cult like figures who follow Barack Hussein-Obama around as though the man is the “Second Coming.” Hussein-Obama will be able to galvanize these idiots, i.e., college students, Blacks/Hispanics, and the socialists press, who have finally shown us their true colors, which is “RED.”

The Republican Party will need to discontinue with their us of the  Marquess of Queensbury Rules, as they battle socialists Democrats. These are vicious people who are supported by American haters. By the way, who are the Republicans trying to impress? If they are attempting to impress the American people, they should have taken notice of the “Fire In The Belly” of Americans who attended recent town hall meetings. There was no mincing of words from these, “Real Americans.”

They “Said What They Meant, And Meant What They Said.”

Memo To Fraidy Cat Republicans: This is what the American people want for you to do. Stand up and say what is on your mind. For example, why has it taken these cowards so long to start calling Barack Hussein-Obama a, “Marxist?” Why did it take the GOP so long to denounce former green czar, Van “The Self-Admitted Commie” Jones?

Where is the head of the GOP, Michael Steele? If Republicans think that the American people will do what amounts to “Changing The Deck Chairs On The Titanic” in 2010, and give them the keys to Congress, they need to wake up!

We are sick and tired of mealy mouth legislators, who are only in politics to become America’s next millionaire.

How about the next President being someone who truly places “Country First?” How about a new Congress that truly places The United States of America First, and not their political careers?

America, it is time to take out the garbage in Washington, D.C.

Some of this garbage belongs in the GOP!


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  1. SPKorn
    Posted September 10, 2009 at 3:41 pm | Permalink

    Dr Lewis, something I wrote after listing to President Obama that I shared with friends.

    Obama and Transference

    Last evening, President Obama demonstrated his gifted voice, power of his resolve, and determination to remake the US, starting with healthcare

    Reflecting on the train ride into NYC, four thoughts came to mind:

    1. Obamacare came across as complex, many moving parts and people will be legitimately skeptical that our government can be effective carrying out his plan. We ask government to do basic things for us…keep us safe, maintain property rights and a rule of law, care for the most needy, maintain public works such as bridges and airports, etc. Ambitious social programs are not seen as effective, though we have to do them. Do we need we need another expansive program, or reform what currently exists?

    2. President Obama would rather initiate something new rather than the unglamorous work of fixing what is. Making something better is unglamorous and hard work. Reform is needed to improve incidents of catastrophic illnesses that bankrupt families, pre-existing conditions not covered, loss of healthcare due to extended unemployment, too expensive healthcare for marginal workers

    3. Assertions aren’t truths. President Obama makes assertions better than anyone I’ve heard. Wish something doesn’t make it real.

    4. I truly marveled…and learned from him…at how President Obama effectively used “transference” multiple times to sell his vision:
    • Hate spending on the war…then spending on this sounds reasonable
    • Hate mean and heartless insurance companies and greedy pharmaceutical companies, then you’ll love your government alternative (does the government design drugs or actually insure anything? No, government is a taxing authority only)
    • Hate CEO pay and their gold plated benefits plans, we’ll tax them to death and pay for these promises
    • Hate HMO and pharmaceutical profits, we’ll place extra taxes on them to pay for Obama utopia
    • Fear losing your job and benefits that come with it (who doesn’t?), then benevolent Obama will insulate you and your family
    • Love your state universities which compete with private (non-profit) universities, you’ll love the public option
    • Think some employers who withhold healthcare benefits to marginal workers are simply tightfisted, we’ll make them pay (as if that will generate prosperity). That will fix them. Has anyone considered that cost is the problem, not unwillingness or greed?

    Be careful what we wish for


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