The name of Congressman Joe Wilson was hardly a household name a week ago. However, on this day, South Carolina Congressman, Joe Wilson, is known around the world. Why? Congressman Wilson did something that many of us have been waiting to hear for sometime. Whether the milieu was the proper place to do it, this courageous South Carolina Congressman, had apparently had a belly full of the lies, misinformation and disinformation that has flowed from the socialist mouth of one, Barack Hussein-Obama!

As you know by now, Hussein-Obama gave America “Another Speech” on Wednesday night. This arrogant, self-centered man, felt it was necessary to speak before a Joint Session of Congress. Was he declaring war? No. Was he telling Americans that he had finally spent us into bankruptcy? No!

This whining, “Cry Baby” was back at it again, telling one lie after another concerning Government run health care insurance. Apparently, Congressman Wilson had taken all that he could take when Hussein-Obama said that those of us saying illegal aliens would be covered by the Government’s health care plan, were dissimulators of misinformation.

Congressman Wilson shouted out, “YOU LIE.”

The look on the botox face of Nancy Pelosi, was priceless. Her heavily sculptured plastic surgery jaw nearly hit the floor. I nearly fell out of my chair from guttural laughter. You can see this fake, Nancy Pelosi on Youtube. Just google Youtube/ Nancy Pelosi’s Jaw Drops. I will guarantee you that you will laugh until you, well, you get my point!

You see in the world of the elites like Nancy Pelosi, it is okay to call the Central Intelligence Agency, a bunch of liars. In the botox world of Nancy Pelosi, it is okay to sit down and chat with the terrorist leader of Syria, thus breaking this nation’s Logan Act, which should have landed her elitist ass in jail. However, in this case, it was her “King,” Barack Hussein-Obama, who was being called out. You see America, in the world of Nancy Pelosi, there are two sets of rules: One set is for you “Little People,” and the other set is for the “Important” people like, Nancy Pelosi!

On the night of September 9, 2009, Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina, “Shocked The World.”

Yeah, I know that he has subsequently apologized, and the White House is said to have told him that “All Is Forgiven.” But, we all know that Wilson meant what he said, and the White House is furious with this Southerner gentleman. Southerners are known for their grit and total honesty. As a Son of The South, the one thing that I can promise you is this. When a Southerner gives you his or her word, “You Can Take That To The Bank.”

We dislike liars, cheats, lazy no-accounts, and people who don’t respect God, Country or their Families. We have this egocentric man who sits in the White House who thinks that it is his innate right to fundamentally ram Socialism and Communism down our throats. This phony “Hope And Change” bull crap that so many of you blindly bought into has “Never” been about the good of this country.

It has always been about the images being created for Barack Hussein-Obama “Now,” and for posterity!

The man couldn’t care less about you. And by the way, Hussein-Obama doesn’t care if you live or die tomorrow. This entire debate about health care is about “Control Of You, Mr. And Mrs. America.”

It is also about billions and trillions of dollars that will line the pockets of people like Al Gore, and Jeffrey Immelt, the head of General Electric, which also happens to own NBC, and MSNBC.

So, Joe Wilson called Barack Hussein-Obama “A Liar.”

Big Deal!

The left in case you haven’t noticed, has a very short memory: At least, they are hoping that you can’t recall what they did when George W. Bush was in the White House.  I went back a couple of years and found this interesting article in the New York Times. The headline read: Reid’s Relationship With Bush Enters Deep Freeze!

In this 2007 article, Reid, the Senate Majority Leader calls President Bush:

* A Loser

* A Liar

* King George

Oh yeah, Reid apologized, but only about calling Bush “A Loser.” Now, let me see if I’ve got this straight, it is okay for those on the left to call our President a liar, but heaven forbid if a Republican or Conservative calls “The Messiah, A Liar?”

The writer of the New York Times article points out the number of times that Reid referred to Bush as “This Guy.” Listen to this gem of a quote from this weasel, Harry Reid:

” I am mystified, dumfounded about how difficult it is to work with this guy”

The NYT’s article also said that Reid was guilty of using the word “HATE” when discussing the former President with friends or colleagues. When confronted over the use of the word hate, Reid said, “It’s political, not personal hatred that I feel.”

Yeah right, Harry!

Democrats have a habit of calling Republicans liars. When Condi Rice was seeking confirmation for the post of Secretary of State, some socialist Democrat by the name of Mark Dayton, who is no longer on Capitol Hill said of Ms. Rice:

” I don’t like impugning someone’s integrity, but I really don’t like being lied to repeatedly, flagrantly, intentionally”

At the time that he spoke, Dayton like so many of his “Monday Morning Quarterback” Democrat pals, was saying that Rice and members of the Bush administration had lied to them as to why we went to war in Iraq. No one twisted Dayton’s arm to make him or any other socialists give the President the authority to oust Saddam Hussein. However, when these two-faced scoundrels saw the opportunity where they could make political hay out of no weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq, these so-called “Lovers Of Their Country,” turned on President Bush like the jackals they are!

In the meantime, wacko leftwing bloggers are going crazy over Congressman Joe Wilson’s comment.  Below is a sampling of some of the nuts out there, putting in their two cents:

* He’s (Joe Wilson) an idiot and he is a disgrace to his office. Any president should be allowed to speak to congress without outbursts or interruptions from the audience

* This isn’t parliament. We don’t behave like that. Well, except the mental midget from South Carolina

Very interesting how the left thinks when it comes to the “Chosen One.”They think that like them, we are supposed to genuflect and allow this Marxist to walk all over the U.S. Constitution; not to mention us, as a people. We aren’t supposed to protest. We aren’t supposed to offer up a minutia of dissent to this administration.

Like hell I won’t!

What is interested are Republicans who are blasting Joe Wilson. Lindsay Graham, a U.S. Senator from South Carolina, and a man who makes me sick to my stomach, because of his need to kiss the rear ends of socialist Democrats, made this God awful statement:

” It was an inappropriate remark and I’m glad an apology has been made”

Hey Lindsay, maybe you should give the Congressman a special pair of your “Knee Pads.” Seriously, we finally have a guy who has a set of cajones call this pathological lying President out, and some members of his Party rush to dis-own him? This is one more example why Republicans must wake up and smell the coffee. Again, Congressman Wilson said what many of us have been saying for months. We are sick and tired of this Chicago thug treating us like a bunch of imbeciles. We are also sick and tired of “Apple Polishers” like Lindsay Graham!

Here’s a little history trivia: It was the South that fired the first shot that started the Civil war.

Guess where it took place?

At Fort Sumter, South Carolina, on April 10, 1861.

It took guts for those men to take on the government during this time: It also took a South Carolinian, with the same intestinal fortitude, to take on the Marxist President of this country, Barack Hussein-Obama!

May God bless Congressman Joe Wilson!


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