I was talking to my wife the other day. I said, “Remember The Black Radicals From The 1960’s?” She said that she did. She also agreed with me that Barack Hussein-Obama reminded her of those radicals, who did do some good things. For example, the Black Panthers in Oakland, California made sure that children received food. Other radicals, i.e., Dr. Martin Luther King, demanded that African-Americans be treated in the same fashion that all of God’s children should be treated!

I pointed out that there was a glaring difference between Dr. King and the Panthers. There is a huge difference between Dr. King and this present President of the United States. I don’t ever recall Dr. King being chummy with socialists and communists. Barack Hussein-Obama has been. I don’t recall Dr. King “Dumping” on America, every chance that he got. Barack Hussein-Obama will rail against this great country whenever the opportunity presents itself!

He looks real cozy next to the socialist dictator of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. In fact, he helped this demagogue, Chavez, increase the sales of a relatively unknown, anti-American book earlier this year. Remember that sad and pathetic photo of these two Marxists yucking it up?

When I saw this socialist, Barack Hussein-Obama, laying a wreath at the Pentagon today, in commemoration to those who died on 09/11/01, something in my gut said, “This Guy Is Just Going Through The Motions, He Doesn’t Mean What He Is Doing.”

Next, I saw this Marxist and his angry wife, Michelle, standing with their hands over their hearts, I knew at that point, all this stuff was simply obligatory. In other words, since he was President, he and the “First Lady” had to fake their love for this country. Both had a look on their faces that seemed to say, “I Can’t Wait To Get The Hell Out Of Here.”

Remember, it was Michelle Obama who said:

” For the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback”

This outrageous statement from a woman who benefitted from the blood, sweat, and yes, “Deaths” of those who died during the Civil Rights Movement in this country. What a total ingrate, not to mention, “American Hater.” Then, what do you expect from a woman who sat with her husband for twenty long years in the racist, hate filled church of, the reverend Jeremiah Wright’s?

I was born and raised in the segregated south. Therefore, I was left wondering what the hell was this “privileged Chicago” woman talking about, when she said, “I feel like hope is making a comeback.” Making a comeback? Michelle you should have really seen and experienced what racism was like in the 1950’s.  This “Spoiled Brat,” and her equally spoiled, “Cry Baby” of a husband are reaping the benefits of what brave men and women had to experience, in order to bring “Real Change” to this nation.

Barack Hussein-Obama is as radical as they come. Radicalism stands for change. I am all for tweaking the system when it needs tweaking. However, what this socialist is attempting to do is to change our democracy into a socialist state.  Try and find one mention of our brave troops deployed in harms way, that came from this man’s mouth on this momentous day. This socialist wants to turn 09/11 into a day of “National Service.”

Who are we to serve? If you said “The Marxist-In Chief,” you are correct. Again, this “National Day Of Service” is not about those who died. It is not about our brave men and women who are deployed in theatre in Iraq and Afghanistan. No sir!

This is all about Barack Hussein-Obama!

I don’t trust this man for a number of reasons. I definitely do not trust him with the safety of the American people. I find myself in good company. For example, former Vice-President, Dick Cheney recently reiterated his fears for the safety of the American people with Hussein-Obama as Commander-In Chief. Now, former Lt. Colonel, Ralph Peters, who writes for the New York Post has chimed in:

” Eight years ago our homeland was attacked by fanatical Muslims inspired by Saudi Arabian bigotry. Three thousand American citizens died. We’ve learned nothing. Instead of cracking down on Muslim extremism, we excused it. Instead of killing terrorists, we free them”

Those of us who are Psychologists have a term that we use when one can remember an important event that has been etched into our conscious/subconscious minds. It is called “Flashbulb Memory.”

You remember the time, where you were at, the weather, and what you were doing on 09/11/01, I bet. You recall how this nation came together as one. The American flag was flown from our front lawns, and on our motor vehicles. We were not Democrats or Republicans.

We were “All Americans.”

People like Barack Hussein-Obama have appeared since that infamous day in our nation’s history. Instead of buoying our spirits. Instead of reminding us that we are a nation of “Can Do People,” this man and his entourage of socialists and communists are doing all that they can to un-do what used to be “One Nation Under God.”

As an African-American, one would expect me to be in the vanguard of those cheering this country’s first Black President on. I have said this before: Black people are not a monolith!

I have never been so ashamed of an American President, as I am of this man, Barack Hussein-Obama!


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