The socialist Democrat Party is like a chameleon. These people can change their political stripes overnight. Recall how at one time, Democrats had very little use for God? Well, when they discovered that Evangelicals wielded great power in this country, you couldn’t beat these phonies from going to their nearest bible store, and purchasing a version of the King James Bible to be used as a, “Prop,” in their quest to fool you!

Remember, these are the same identical people who will beat you over the head and shoulders about this false argument of “Separation of Church and State.” But, that is an argument for another day.

The Good Book says, “You’ll Know Them By The Fruits They Bear.”

The only reason that you see a socialist Democrat toting a bible around on Sundays is to pretend to be a, “Christian.” Socialism and Christianity are diametrically opposed to one another!

By the way, recall how just a few years ago, these haters of our 2nd Amendment demonized those of us who are gun owners/hunters, etc.? Even though many of us were Black, Native American, Hispanics, etc., we were all lumped together and called, “Rednecks Racists,” along with their favorite moniker,  Far Right Wing Extremists!

Talk about a major oxymoron!

Guns to a socialist Democrat are an “Evil Instrument.”

The NRA, (National Rifle Association) caused Bill Clinton to say that Al Gore lost the 2000 election to George W. Bush because of the enormous clout of this group and its four-million member gun owners. Enter so-called, “Blue Dog Democrats.” These people are supposed to be “Fiscal Conservatives,” They talk about their love of hunting and gun ownership, and the military. Even that fraud, John Kohn-Kerry, went out and purchased new hunting clothing, a shotgun, during the 2004 election, and tried to con us into believing that he was a, “Life Long Hunter.”

What this phony knows about hunting, you could put on a pin head!

I nearly split my sides laughing at this idiot when he explained how he deer hunted. He said, and I’m not kidding, “I Crawl Around On The Ground And Check The Wind.” Now, I’m a whitetail freak, and many of you are also. When was the last time you got down on your belly and checked the wind, while deer hunting. Had he said “While Stalking A Wary Bedded Whitetail,” he once crawled on the ground, that I would understand. However, this is not what he said; and he said all of this with a, “Straight, Belay That, A Lurch Looking Face.”

Remember how members of the Democrat Party used to castigate our military? It was the likes of a Barack Hussein-Obama, Hillary Rodham-Clinton, Van Jones, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid,, who despised those of us who served, honorably, in this nation’s armed forces!

Eventually, these socialists and communists sympathizers feigned love for our fighting men! Of course they didn’t mean it, but since when have you ever met a socialists Democrat that you could trust?

Barack Hussein-Obama “Walked” on his deceased grandmother in order to become President. To say that these people are without honor, would be a tremendous understatement!

I have heard people talking about “The Good Democrats” in America. Well, I have a question for you “Good Democrats.” Why would you stay in a party that is chocked full of socialists? Why would you want your name attached to a party that recently saw a self-avowed “Communist,” that being ex-green czar, Van Jones, being shown the door. Jones not only was caught on tape giving rambling, incoherent racists speeches, this same Van Jones, affixed his name to a crazy document that stated, President George Walker Bush was responsible for the 09/11/01 attack on the World Trade Center!

If you are a “Good Democrat,” why are you still in this party? No, I am in no way suggesting that you join the Republican Party, these people have their own set of problems. However, show me “One Socialist, Or One Communist” within the ranks of the GOP!

I’ll wait!

America, “Do Not Ever Forget” who these Democrats are. Furthermore, do not ever forget what the socialists press has done to us. I don’t care how much these anti-Americans try to change in the future, do not ever forget who these people are. The Democrats or members of the socialists press will never change. Oh, they will play a shell game with you, but they will always be the “Enemy Of Freedom.”


While researching my book, “Democrat: Thy Name Is Narcissist,” I was stunned at the number of socialists who are in the Democrat Party; and who are presently serving in the U.S. Congress. See if you can recognize any of the names found below:

* Nancy Pelosi (No Shock Here)

* John Lewis (Civil Rights Icon?)

* Barney Frank (Poster Child For Homosexual Rights)

* Eric Massa (Recently Caught On Tape Saying He Didn’t Care What His Constituents Thought, He Would Vote For Obamacare If He Felt It Was “In Their Best Interest”)

* Sheila Jackson-Lee

* Bobby Rush (Former Black Panther Thug/Convicted Criminal)

* Luis Guiterrez (Huge Proponent Of Granting Amnesty To Illegal Aliens)

* John Conyers

* Dennis Kucinich (Believes In “Flying Saucers”)

* Keith Ellison (The Only Openly Serving Muslim In The U.S. Congress)

These people call themselves, “Progressives,” however, there is nothing progressive about them. They are power hungry, and seek to not only topple our Republic, they want total control of the American people!

They have the help of a disgraceful socialists press that has dropped all pretenses of being fair and balanced. These shameful creatures are not disturbed that the world knows they are in the tank for Barack Hussein-Obama. They hide behind the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution while all the time lying and providing cover for “The Messiah.”

I don’t know if the socialists/communists knew this or not, but there was a little get together in the Nation’s Capitol over the weekend. A little group of “Tens Of Thousands” of Americans came together to protest not only the policies of Hussein-Obama’s, these “Patriots” were also in town to put Congress on notice. Cease and desist from walking on our Constitution!

I doubt if these arrogant jackals know this or not, but have awaken a sleeping giant!

The so-called big three networks ignored these patriotic Americans. Their focus was on Barack Hussein-Obama, who was out “Campaigning Against The Will Of The American People.” He is hell-bent on shoving Universal Health Care down our throats. In all of my years on this planet, I have never witnessed a U.S. President not only make fun of his fellow Americans. I have never seen an American President face off against the majority!

Where I’m from, we would tell this narcissist, “Boy, You’ve Gotten Too Big For Your Britches.”

 Hussein-Obama’s paid political hacks hit the airwaves and condemned the Washington protest. One African-American Democrat consultant called the protesters, “Little Lemmings, Being Led Off A Cliff.”

Her incongruent smile convinced me that she was pissed off at these upstanding Americans going against the wishes of, “The One.”

America, now that you are fully awake, “Do Not Ever Forget” who these socialist Democrats and their pals in the socialists press are. You now have your paradigm. Work on this paradigm each and every day, until the Almighty calls you home. If you ever find that these “legislators” are voting against your interests, work hard to kick them out of office. Be vigilant and stay focused.

These people are “Not” friends of our Republic!


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