Before an alcoholic can ever expect to become clean and sober, he or she must admit that, “I Have A Problem.” Not the people around the alcoholic, but that person him/herself, must say openly, “I Am An Alcoholic.” Prior to becoming abstinent, the alcoholic goes through a long period of what is called “Denial.”

During the state of denial, the alcoholic, is arrogant, petulant, childish, and will use anyone that is gullible enough to believe his/her “Mountain Of Lies.” Long before the alcoholic comes to admitting he has a disease, he will not only wreck himself, but everyone who is taken in by his perpetual state of denial. Those who aid the alcoholic are called, “Co-Dependent, or Enablers.” To be Co-Dependent, a person must do a couple of things:

* Try to protect the alcoholic from the consequences of his/her


* Try to control the behavior of the alcoholic

There is evidence that alcoholics are born with what researchers call an, “Alcoholic Gene.” In other words, either the mother or the father of the offspring, passes on this gene to the neonate (Newborn). For some, all that it takes is “One Drink,” and they are hooked. The question is, are socialist Democrats born with this infirmity that they take with them  into adulthood?  The answer to this question is far too complex. However, there is evidence that shows that we are born with either a passive or more of a take charge type of personality!

Alcoholics are pretty passive, when they are not drinking. However, once they become roaring drunk, these people are not only dangerous, they are despicable to be around. Socialist Democrats are passive-aggressive individuals. A passive-aggressive person is someone who promises to follow through on an assignment, but in their heart of hearts know that they are lying. When it is discovered that the task hasn’t been performed, the passive-aggressive person will make up all kinds of excuses!

So, how are socialist Democrats like an alcoholic? For starters, these people are in a state of denial over what the American people want. Last weekend, more than “One Million Americans” marched on Washington, D.C. Not only were these “Patriots” dismissed by the socialists press, they were dismissed by the administration of President Barack Hussein-Obama. As thousands of Americans started to gather in Washington, Hussein-Obama was in an aircraft flying over “These Real Americans,” and headed to a “Staged Healthcare Rally.”

Hussein-Obama’s number one adviser, David Alexrod said of the protesters:

” They do not represent the views of the broader public when it comes to health care reform. I don’t think it’s indicative of the nation’s mood. You know, I don’t think we ought to be distracted by that. My message to them is, they’re wrong”

Barack Hussein-Obama and his administration are ignoring what the polls are saying. The majority of Americans say they aren’t interested in government run health care. But, that doesn’t matter to this bunch, “They Are In Denial.”

They are in denial, because in their elitist minds, “They Know What Is Best For You.”

The protest in Washington, D.C. was not only about the policies of Barack Hussein-Obama, the march was also about the government spending “Our” money like a drunken sailor. It was about spineless Republicans, and lying Democrats. However, in rides the co-dependent news media and other lemmings from the socialists left.

Fox’s Bill O’Reilly who is good at telling us that “We Are Looking Out For You,” must have pulled a number from his rear orifice. O’Reilly said there were “Seventy-Five Thousand” protesters in D.C. He never cited a source for this paltry number. He also discussed with Brit Hume, “The Marchers Who Were Mainly White.”

O’Reilly fretted over whether the protesters would be labeled, “Racists.” Most of you know that I don’t trust this guy, because I think he is working both sides of the political fence. Remember, this is a man who believes in “Global Warming.” This is a man by his own “Admission” is smart. O’Reilly knows damn well why the protesters were predominantly White. Hey Bill, “America Is Still Majority White.”

Furthermore, Blacks and Hispanics are largely in the camp of socialist Democrats! Black and Hispanics are with Democrats, because they are, “Co-Dependent.”

Glenn Beck who uses O’Reilly as a, “Mentor” said on Fox and Friends Tuesday morning that more than “One Million Americans” were in Washington, D.C. Beck who is an all around good guy, is a recovering alcoholic. I would encourage him to find a new mentor, because this guy O’Reilly may plunge a knife in his back at some point!

Maureen Dowd of The New York Times, is another co-dependent. She is also a lunatic. Someone had better call the little men in the white uniforms, because I believe this socialist has lost her mind.  She has accused Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina of being a racist:

” The normally nonchalant Barack(Hussein) Obama looked nonplussed, as Nancy Pelosi glowered behind. Surrounded by middle-aged white guys–a sepia snapshot of the days such pols in Washington like their own men’s club–Joe Wilson yelled ‘You Lie’ at a president who didn’t. But fair or not, what I heard was an unspoken word in the air: You lie, boy!”

Ms. Dowd needs to contact a good Clinical Psychologist. It is obvious that this crazy woman is suffering from auditory hallucinations. If a thought disorder is ruled out, as well as a mood disorder, Ms. Dowd might do well to contact a good ENT (Ear/Nose/Throat) Doctor. She may have a mountain of wax build up in her fat-head!

By the way, Hussein-Obama “Was Lying” when he said the Congressional bill did not provide health care for “Illegal Aliens.” Congressman Wilson was right in calling this pathological liar, just that, “A Liar.”

Mr. Wilson should never have apologized to this Marxist. Now, Nancy Pelosi and the rats in the socialists Democrat Party are talking about sanctioning Wilson. Boy, that would be rich. This hypocrite, Nancy Pelosi, trying to act Holier Than Thou!

Hey Nancy, how about apologizing to the CIA for calling these patriots “Liars?”

I hope these socialists do try to sanction Joe Wilson. Their anti-Americans actions will only create an atmosphere for making Wilson, “A Martyr. Go ahead arrogant Democrats, “Make Joe Wilson’s Day.”

 One Of the main reasons that the alcoholic is pushed into rehab comes when those who are co-dependent with him, allow the individual to “Hit Bottom.” Will Democrat voters turn away from the socialists/communists policies of Barack Hussein-Obama’s? I think that he has lost a large chunk of seniors with his attitude of, “My Way Or The Highway,” when it comes to health care. I also believe that he has lost the youth. What do they care about “Obamacare?”

Hell, they think they are going to live forever, anyway!

Polls show that Independents and Moderates have pulled their support for this “Alinsky Alum.” Now, all we need to do is stay focused until 2010, and beyond!

Again, America, “Never Forget Who Your Enemies Are.”



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