I have written repeatedly on these pages that there are two sets of rules according to socialist Democrats operating out of Washington, D.C. Rule number one says, there are, “No Rules” of decorum for socialist Democrats. Let’s get that out of the way immediately. These people can say and do whatever they want to, and there are “No” repercussions from their buds who are now in the business of authoring “Yellow Journalism.”

Something that Marx or Lenin, and yes, even Mao, would praise them for!

The only rules that we have in Washington, D.C. these days are for the GOP,  Conservatives–and Americans who happen to disagree with this Nation’s Marxist President. Case in point, when South Carolina Congressman, Joe Wilson, yelled out, “You Lie,” to Hussein-Obama, these two words not only shook the very foundation of a once great Nation, it angered, “Socialist Democrats.”

One thing is certain with these morons. They will shoot themselves in the foot, even if it means to their own political detriment. See, these people are delusional. They truly believe they are “Special.”

They get the chance to screw up this country royally, and then have the nerve to look around and blame someone else for the mess they create. For more than forty years, we have allowed these pathologically lying, impaired people, to set the rules for how we are to behave in our schools, work-place, in casual company, how we talk, and even in our “Own Homes.” They have slowly chipped away at the moral fibre of America for almost fifty years. Yet, when they are called on, mistake after mistake; these are the same people who will arrogantly state, “At Least Our Hearts Were In The Right Place.”

In 2008, America made history. It was the American people who elected its “First African-American President.” Was Barack Hussein-Obama qualified to be President. Only his chronological age qualified him to be Commander In-Chief. That’s it. His political resume was paper thin. Hell, the man only spent by most accounts, only “150-Days” in the U.S. Senate before announcing that he was bored and wanted to move onto become President of the United States!

So, Americans, a gracious people, by and large, elected Barack Hussein-Obama as this country’s 44th President. Today, those of you who voted for this “Empty Suit,” probably look at what you have done with great chagrin!


No real vetting of this man took place. The socialists press acted like a lazy hound dog, on a hot August Summer day, in the South.  They didn’t have time to investigate Hussein-Obama’s political ideology. That stuff involving Jeremiah Wright, according to the press, it wasn’t Obama’s fault. Heck, “His Virgin Big Ears” never heard a single racist rant from the so-called “right reverend,” Jeremiah Wright!

His real connections to Bill Ayers, one of the founders of the 1960’s radical terrorist group known as, The Weather Underground, was never really placed under a journalist microscope. Nor was his ties to the corrupt group, ACORN. We never had a chance to view his college transcripts, nor any of his research papers. We didn’t know that he was a member of the New Chicago Socialist Party in the 1990’s. We were also not told that one of his mentor’s early on, while Barack Hussein-Obama was a young man growing up in Hawaii, was a, “Communist.”

Hussein-Obama was the teflon man. No one could touch him, for fear they would be called, “Racist.” Most of us writing on the man knew who he was, however, it was the so-called Main-Stream Media that jumped into the tank for this man, who is now trying his damnedest to destroy America!

Guess what? When Congressman Joe Wilson yelled out, “You Lie” when Hussein-Obama was addressing a Joint Session of Congress, socialist Democrats, Black and White, saw an opportunity to “Play The Tired Old Race Card.”

Jimmy Carter, the worst President this country has ever known, and also the most disgusting former President’s that I can recall in my life time, called Wilson a racist:

” I think it’s based on racism. There is an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African-American should not be president”

You would never guess that this old fool is a college graduate. Carter must think that he is talking to a bunch of nitwits. He never provided us with a shred of evidence for this outrageous, inflammatory comment. But, this is the entire point of socialists like Jimmy Carter. They know that Barack Hussein-Obama’s health care plan is in deep doo-doo. So what do these shifty-eyed people do? They try to get you to “Defocus” from the real issue!

Come on America, you know the drill by now!

I went back to a column written by Jeff Zeleny and Megan Thee-Brenan of Obama’s favorite newspaper, that being, The infamous, New York Times:

” President Obama is benefitting from remarkable high levels of optimism  and confidence among Americans about his leadership, providing him with substantial political clout as he confronts the nation’s economic challenges and opposition from nearly all Republicans in Congress, according to the latest New York Times/ CBS News Poll”

The aforementioned quote was taken from a column written by Zeleny and Thee-Brenan, “Way Back In February Of This Year.”

I believe that there were “White People” included in this poll. Apparently, they “Weren’t Hating On A Black Man,” to quote that great philosopher, “Janeane Garofalo, when the poll was conducted. No Jimmy Carter. No “Race Hustlers,” this is not about Barack Hussein-Obama skin color. It is about his “abysmal Incompetence,” as the leader of this country.

End of story!

The man is an utter disaster. What lunatics like Carter and members of the “Congressional Black Caucus are doing is simple. They are laying the ground-work that will preclude another Black man from ever becoming President of the United States “Ever Again.”

Americans are fair. However, if you can’t lodge a protest against your President because he is Black, they will probably reason in the future, why bother voting for someone like that?

Obama needs to tell nut-cases like Jimmy Carter and Maureen Dowd of the New York Times to “Zip It.” Their use of the race card is tantamount to signing Obama’s political death certificate. Who knows, maybe this is what the left wants. Anyone who has studied these people know full well that real racism emanates from socialist Democrats. All one has to do is look at America’s major cities along with her educational system. Who is in control of big city governments and inner city schools?

Socialist Democrats!

These people have ruined our cities with their puerile/draconian policies. And inner city schools in America? They are a mess!

By the way, the predominately controlled Democrat Congress had to show Joe Wilson “Who Is Boss.” These hypocrites had the temerity to “Rebuke” Mr. Wilson for his now famous outburst. I had to chuckle when I read the A-P account of this nonsense:

” The rare resolution of disapproval was pushed through by Democrats insisting that Wilson, a South Carolina lawmaker, had violated basic rules of decorum and civility in his outburst”

Tell me something America, where were these weasels when many in their Party “Booed” former President George W. Bush during a State of The Union Address? Where were these “Masters Of Decorum” when Nancy Pelosi, just this year, called the CIA liars?

It is like I said, there are no rules for these shameless, unabashed hypocrites from the left!

America, it is time to take out the garbage!


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