I have always known that the media in this country had a left bent to it. However, it was not until recently that we started to witness the blatant bias that we now see. I started my broadcasting career back in the 1960’s. Fortunately for me, this was a time when America had real journalists, in both broadcast, and the print mediums. I trained under some really hard-nosed “News Hounds.” These people lived and breathed radio and television news!

For example, broadcast journalists did not call a “News Conference,” a press conference. Press denotes that only writers were considered journalists. Today, most of these idiots use the term “News Conference” when announcing a pending event or an event that has already taken place. I recall covering a court case during my early days in broadcast news. When the verdict came down, I scurried to the phone and reported, “So and So was found, ‘Not Guilty.’

My News Director, who died in the 1990’s, explained to me that from that point on, I was to use the term, “Innocent,” whenever someone had been found “Not Guilty” in a court proceeding. As he explained it, “Supposed That Someone Only Caught The Word Guilty?”

Point well take!

Whenever you listen or watch the news from now on, notice how many of these geniuses, including “Lawyers,” who all of a sudden are, “Broadcast Journalists,” use the term, “Found Not Guilty.”

In the good old days of broadcast news, “Mediocrity” was not accepted by these guardians of the “Truth.”

The sloppiness that I see and hear today from the media would not have been accepted by News Directors, nor the general public, during this period of our history. If I wanted to learn how to properly pronounce a word, I knew that I could turn to Walter Cronkite, or Chet Huntley of NBC News. Don’t try that today, because today’s so-called journalists have a difficult time pronouncing their own names. Besides, the news of today is about, “Them.”

I almost fell out of my comfortable living room chair a couple of nights ago. Fox’s Shepard Smith performed one of the most disgusting acts I have seen to date. This arrogant little, self-absorbed man, shamelessly, “Promoted His Tenth anniversary On Fox.”

There I sat, with my mouth agape, muttering words to the effect of, “I Can’t Believe This.”

Now folks, that is the zenith of arrogance!

But, this guy is just a small part of the problem with today’s journalists. When I started in the field of journalism, I was quickly told by my first News Director that, “No One Cares How You Are Feeling Today, Report The News.” What he was talking about was the public, and how they weren’t interested in my health status. Today’s journalists will go on the air with a hoarse voice, or, coughing their fool heads off; all in their vain attempt to elicit sympathy from the public.

What “Big Babies.”

I can recall having copy (Stories) after copy “Thrown Back” into my face initially, and told, “Re-write This.” My bosses were only trying to turn me into a top flight broadcast journalist. Try and do that to today’s head strong “News Readers.” They would probably break-down in tears, and call you a racists or sexists, or “Homophobe.”

Today’s so-called journalists, especially those in the broadcasting industry couldn’t have made it back in the good old days, where honesty and integrity, trumped,  what we are seeing today, and that being, “Slinky Short Skirts And Coiffeured Hair.”

Not to mention “Massive Egos.”

True journalism died, when “Happy News” appeared on the scene. Happy news is basically, “Tabloid Reporting.” A moron can write tabloid news. In fact, most of these people who provide us with what they call news are nothing but a bunch of fat head “Morons.”

The next chance that you get, listen carefully to not only how these people speak, listen to how they enunciate their words. If they are not slurring their speak, they are bastardizing the English language!

Recently, Fox’s Glenn Beck broke the story about ACORN workers giving advice on how to evade taxes, and  how to purchase a home to be used as a brothel. The so-called Main-Stream Press didn’t bother to tell you about this story. They probably figured, “It’s Not Important To Me–Therefore–The American People Need Not Know About The Criminal Activities Of This Group.”

Charles Gibson, the anchor of ABC News Tonight, was interviewed by WLS, an affiliate of  his Network. Gibson is heard chuckling out loud, when asked what he thought of last week’s huge protest in the Nation’s Capitol. Gibson proudly said he not only didn’t know anything about the ACORN story, he also added that he was out “Sailing,” because he tried to avoid hearing about the protest!

And this arrogant imbecile wonders why the ratings for all three networks are in the toilet.

Once Gibson’s bosses at the “White House,” issued a comment on ACORN, Gibson and his complicit pals at ABC News were all over this story. The socialists press is a day late and a dollar short on trying to show the American people that they are not bias. The cat is out of the bag!

The President will appear on, count them, “FIVE” Sunday talk shows this weekend. No President in history, since the appearance of television, has ever done this before. Hussein-Obama will be on television hawking Government run health care. The American people have spoken on this issue, but Hussein-Obama, like the dyed-in-the wool socialist that he is, “Will Ram This Thing Down Our Throats,” if we let him!

I say the news industry is complicit with the White House, because whenever this man wants air time, these people just bend over and grab their ankles.

There really was a time when broadcast journalism was an honorable profession. I am sorry to report that America’s news-media died a slow painful death, brought on by arrogance and a lais-sez- faire attitude toward the American people.

The Charles Gibson’s of the world are too fat and rich, not to mention snooty, to realize that the American people no longer cares what they have to say!

Like the dinosaurs of old, the socialists press will soon be extinct!


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