African-Americans, Latinos and Women can thank Barack Hussein-Obama for shutting the door closed to another minority sitting in the Oval Office, perhaps for the next half-century.  Hussein-Obama has tacitly approved of those crying “racism,” because of his poll numbers heading South, and the subsequent number of Tea Party protests held in America. The culmination of the Tea Parties  took place during a recent massive, “Million Person-Plus Rally” in the Nation’s Capitol!

Recently, such notable Americans as former President, Jimmy Carter, syndicated columnists, Juan Williams,and Maureen Dowd of The New York Times,  decried the protests against Barack Hussein-Obama. These dunderheads cited “Racism” as the main reason for the protests, and for Congressman Joe Wilson calling Hussein-Obama, “A Liar.” Neither bothered to look at the salient issues that have brought otherwise, hard working, quiet Americans, to get out of their easy chairs, and take to the streets of this country to protest the insane policies of this Nation’s socialist President!

I guess that would be too difficult to do. So, the hard-core left in this country refers back to their play-book, which tells them to play the race card whenever a Black person is up to his “Fanny” in trouble. This worn out technique has worked over and over again. However, for millions of Americans, both Black and White, Carter, Williams, and Dowd,  saying those who oppose the socialists programs of Barack Hussein-Obama, are racists, well, that is the last straw. Those of us who are well past fifty, and grew up during the Jim Crow era in the South, know what “True Racism” is all about!

What Williams, Dowd and Carter are doing is beyond the pale. It is insulting to both Blacks and Whites who gave their very lives in the quest for African-Americans to become “True Citizens Of This Country.” As Joan Rivers is noted for saying, “Can We Talk,? Today, I would like to discuss this issue in a frank way with you.

There are countless Black people who I have met during my life’s journey that I wouldn’t give the time of day to. They are sneaky, cut-throat, scums of the earth types. Conversely, there are White people, you know, the ones who will say, “Some Of My Best Friends Are Black?” Oh yeah, many still say this racist crap. These scum bags are mostly liberals.  I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could spit!

These are your “Real Racists.”

There are good people, both Black and White. Carter, Williams and Maureen Dowd are not, “Good People.” It takes a low-life to stoop to the level that these three miscreants have stooped to. I believe that Carter decided to play the race card as a way of keeping Blacks on the “Political Plantation.”

For the miniscule number of Blacks who make their living playing the race card, they will no doubt applaud Carter and the aforementioned, Williams and Dowd. The Blacks who have sold their souls to race hustlers and “White Plantation Owners,” like Carter, Pelosi, Clinton, et. al, they can always be found at the “Democrat Kool-Aid Stand.”

Believe it or not, but there are some of us who can actually “Think” for ourselves. And We “Do Not Have Leaders.” When I was busting my tail on the way to my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, I don’t recall having a “Black Leader,” telling me what my dissertation should be about, or where I should serve my internship and practicum!

Only a “Fool” would say that he/she has a “Leader.”

In the meantime, Williams, I believe is just trying to “Help A Brother Out.” I once had a colleague, just like Juan Williams. He was a decent guy for the most part. However, he harbored a secret. The man loathed White people.  He was “Down” for anything Black. Sadly, there are a lot of African-Americans like this. If you are White, you won’t see it. You won’t see it, because you aren’t looking close enough at the actions of these people. In order to see their prejudices, you have to think in an esoteric fashion!

For me, it is clear that Barack Hussein-Obama doesn’t like White people. Juan Williams who is willing to follow this Marxist off of a cliff, probably has some deep seated animus toward Whites that needs to be looked at in a clinical setting. The National columnist, Leonard Pitts, Jr., an African-American, is another man who is turning out the political lights on this country seeing another Black President, during our life time.

Pitts gleans his information on racism playing a role in discrediting Hussein-Obama from that unimpeachable source, the very liberal, Southern Poverty Law Center. Pitts points out that The intelligence wing of SPLC, which keeps tabs on “Extremists Groups” noted recently:

“Terror from the Right is a listing of bombers, killers, would-be assassins and insurrectionists motivated by anger over abortions. gays, taxes, blacks, Muslims and illegal (ALIENS) immigrant. It is one thing to read these stories in isolation and another in the 14 years since Oklahoma City. It gives you a sense that apologies to Buffalo Springfield–there’s something happening here and what it is all to clear”

What is all so clear Mr. Pitts is that you are shamelessly playing “The Race Card.”

Pitts concludes that the “very credible” report from the SPLC provides “troubling context for the outrageous behavior that has attended the election of our first African-American president.”

What this race-baiter attempts to do is connect “Patriotic Americans” who dissent against his “Socialist President,” as being part of an “Extreme Right Wing Group Of Nut Jobs.”  How this man makes such a quantum leap defies logic. But, this is the way that liberals/socialists/communists think. Actually, it is not thinking. What Pitts is attempting to do is “Condition” you into believing that it is wrong to say anything negative about this Black President: Otherwise, the legions of “Bought And Paid For Negroes, like Pitts and Williams, Along With Their ‘White’ Plantation Bosses,” will descend down upon you, and stamp “Racists On Your Forehead.”

America, they want to marginalize you. In other words, “SHUT-UP.”

Where is Juan Williams, Maureen Dowd, Jimmy Carter and Leonard Pitts, Jr. when you really need them? This past weekend, The New York Times reported that Barack Hussein-Obama had called New York Governor, David Paterson, and asked him to, “Just Go Away.” According to The NYT, Hussein-Obama urged Paterson to not run for Governor. In the mind of “Markie Marxist,” Hussein-Obama, Paterson doesn’t stand a snow ball’s chance in hell of winning the Governorship in 2010.

Isn’t that racist? I know that it would be labeled racist, had a White President asked Paterson to step aside for the good of the Party. So, where are the race-baiters, like Maureen Dowd of The New York Times? We all know the answer to that!

Paterson who didn’t even know that he was Black until recently, reportedly has told Hussein-Obama to go,”Fly A Kite.” This fraud Paterson, is another bogus politician, who uses the race card, whenever it can benefit him. This scoundrel had the nerve to say that his approval rating was in the toilet, “Because I’m Black.”

No Governor Dave, it is because you “Suck” as a leader!

What all of this crying wolf is going to do is fire up Whites in this country. Look for White Seniors next year to go to the polls in huge numbers. The people who helped elect Hussein-Obama, that being young Blacks, Latinos and Whites, aren’t interested in off-year elections. Besides, there is no one “Magical” running.

Honest, hard working Whites are tired of being called “Racists.” Remember what happened to the boy who cried wolf too often? Well, America we are about to witness a tremendous backlash to the lies from the race hustlers and the White Plantation owners.

Blacks, Latinos and White women can thank Barack Hussein-Obama for closing the White House door to them in the future!

Later on, they will dust off their deck of cards, and start using the one marked “R” once again. These people are not only indefatigable. They are predictable!


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  1. mamaj
    Posted September 27, 2009 at 12:43 am | Permalink

    Whenever the race card is played with me if I disagree with Obama’s position on anything, I simpy smile and say, “Oh, is he black? I thought during his campaign he said his mother was white; and didn’t he interrupt his campaigning to visit his ailing, WHITE grandmother in Hawaii?”

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