Before starting this column, I had to remind myself to take in ten, slow, deep breaths. See, I am ticked off for a couple of reasons. This column has to do with a young United States Marine, who lost his life in the hell-hole of Afghanistan, while defending the miscreants in this country, whose only thanks is, sitting down at a table with the likes of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, and “Colonel” Moammar Gaddhafi of Libya!

While thousands of our young men and women have died for what they considered to be a noble cause, and that is,  protecting freedom loving Americans, and the sorry asses of openly socialists and communists in this country, the latter groups only goal is to turn America into something that we have been taught to despise, and fight against; and that is “Murderous Dictators.”

The United States of America has “Always” stood as a shining beacon of hope for millions of people who have been enslaved by bloodthirsty tyrants and dictators. Why do you suppose that so many people will risk lives in order to make it to these shores? It is because of the freedoms that we enjoy. Many of these people now see our freedoms ebbing away, thanks to the election of Marxist, Barack Hussein-Obama. These people know Hussein-Obama, and the techniques that he is using, because they have first hand knowledge of slime balls like this snake oil salesman!

Sadly, millions of Americans don’t appreciate the blood that has been shed so that they can live in the freest society to every exist. These people have been “Rocked To Sleep” by the likes of Barack Husein-Obama and his underlings. While sleeping, they have been given a “Post-Hynotic Suggestion,” and that is, to, “Hate America.”

Lance Corporal Christopher Fowlkes, age twenty, “Volunteered” to join the United States Marine Corps. The Corps is different from any other branch of service. We are called “Marines” for a reason. We are also called, “Devil Dogs, Jarheads and Leathernecks.” Yes, I am “Prejudiced.” The Marine Corps will always be a special groups of guys to me. To become a United States Marine, you have to literally go through hell. You are told from day one, upon your arrival at Parris Island, South Carolina, that “You Are Not A Marine–But Rather A Scuzzy Recruit.”

You want to become a United States Marine like Lance Corporal Chris Fowlkes? Then be prepared to take on the hardest task that you “Will Ever” assume in your lifetime. When you graduate from Parris Island, it is then, “Only Then,” can you call yourself a, “United States Marine.”

Credit goes to Fox News, especially, Meagan Kelly, for providing me with this story. However, to the Meagan Kelly’s of the world, “Do Not Ever Call A United Marine, A Soldier, That Is Disrespectful.” It is tantamount to stepping on the spit-shined shoes of a Marine, or touching the visor of his cover (Hat) , You just don’t do that.  End of story!

Are we clear, people?

Lance Corporal Fowlkes died in an explosion last week, that took place in Afghanistan’s Helmand province. His body was brought back to this country and to his small community of Spartanbugh, South Carolina. This is when liberalism which has gone amok, opened up a can of worms that will cost the South Carolina Bank of America, close to “Two Million Dollars.”

Residents are furious with a bank manager who took it upon herself to personally, “Remove The American Flags That Had Been Planted On Bank Property,” in memory of the fallen Marine. This nitwit reportedly said it was not the policy of the bank to “Fly Any Flag.”

Oh, really? Not even the flag that protects your sorry ass?

It would seem that this “American Hater” took her personal feelings to work with her on the morning that she decided to play “Dictator,” and yank out the small flags that had been neatly planted in memory of Lance Corporal, Christopher Fowlkes.

This arrogant, she has to be a liberal, little nincompoop, said that the flags were removed, because they could, “Offend People.”

America, this is the South. This is the state that fired the first volley which started the Civil War. Now, we have come to this? Please tell me that I am having a nightmare!

From, Adam Fogle writes:

” The Palmetto Scoop received one eyewitness email claiming that the branch manager at Bank of America’s Gaffney branch at 102 West Floyd Baker Blvd., ‘told a citizen who was preparing the route for a U.S. Marine killed in Afghanistan by placing small American flags along the roadway that the flags might upset some of her customers.’ Said the outraged tipster, (The branch manager) took them down and made the citizen go in to get them if she didn’t want them thrown away”

Tell me, is your blood boiling? I know that mine is!

The flags were part of a funeral procession for Lance Corporal Fowlkes.  America, what the hell is wrong with us? How have we come to this? Spitting on the graves of our fallen “Military Heroes.”

Yet, we are told to respect Teddy Kennedy, whose only concern was the line his pockets, and gobble up as much power that he could with his fat little greedy fingers?

We are also told to respect the likes of Michael Jackson and Patrick Swayze. The socialists media led with the deaths of these “Entertainers,” who only broke a sweat in order to make millions for themselves and their families. Their deaths brought the world to a halt, as millions of automatons cried their fool heads off!

Lance Corporal Fowlkes’ family is given the back of the hand by some little cretin!

Boy, that fries me!

It had to happened. In a move to Cover Their Asses,  (CYA) Bank of America said the following:

” We want to ensure the community knows how deeply proud we are of the men and women who have sacrificed so much in service to our country. The bank does fly the American Flag at our locations throughout the country and flags were displayed in front of our banking center in Gafney the evening prior to our dedicated Marine returning home”

To the idiot who wrote this crap, I suppose, he or she thinks that will “Pacify” millions and millions of God-Fearing Americans.  They truly believe that you are stupid, America!

If it is not bank policy to rip out the American flag from the ground and dishonor a fallen hero, what will the bank do with this narcissist, little troll of a bank manager? Oops, the release didn’t answer that, did it? America, it is just a game that they play with us. That news release can be used for only one thing; to line the cages of dogs, cats, and parrots!

Let us not be surprised by the actions of this bank manager. America, this is how these people feel about this country. Remember, our men are dying on the battlefield in Afghanistan: And Barack Hussein-Obama’s hand picked General, chosen to head up operations there is, “Begging” this socialist to send him more troops, because the Taliban is like a bull fighter; and we, the “Bull Is Now Dying From A Thousand Cuts.”

In memory of Lance Corporal Fowlkes, Barack Hussein-Obama is at the United Nations this week hanging out with his BFF (Best Friends Forever) Chavez, Ahmadinejad and Gaddafi!

The SOS from the bloody battlefields of Afghanistan is apparently not one of Hussein-Obama’s top agenda items, like the corrupt people at ACORN aren’t!

A Sunday round of golf tops his list of things to do!




  1. mamaj
    Posted September 27, 2009 at 12:58 am | Permalink

    I cancelled my account with BOA in honor of Lance Corporal Fowlkes as soon as heard about this incident. I then posted info on this on thinking perhaps other Marine parents might want to know about this. I was wrong. The first, and strongest responses to my post supported BOA stating that a corporation should not be held responsible for the action of a sole and misguided employee. I have since found other Marine/military supporters who feel differently. But I was SHOCKED that a forum supposedly supporting Marines, their families, and friends would choose to support a corporation – with America in it’s name and a red, white and blue corporate logo – over several small American flags placed in a public easement lining the route the coffin of a fallen Marine, a child of America who died in America’s service, would take to his final resting place.

  2. limaj
    Posted December 21, 2009 at 3:43 pm | Permalink

    i want to be a marine. want to be recruit by the marines pleas anserw me

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