You can say what you want about Hispanics, whether they come to this country from Puerto Rico, Columbia, Venezuela, Honduras, or Mexico: In their heart of hearts, these people are devoted to their land of origin. Oh, some become “American Citizens,” but, for many of these people, becoming an American citizen is only a gate-way to a better way of life. America provides them with a comfortable living and a life-style that their countries “Can Not” match!

However, becoming a citizen of this country does not preclude them from voicing with pride what country they hold their allegiance to. Witness how proudly they “Fly” their countries flags. Perhaps you have seen these tiny flags on the rear view window of the cars that Hispanics drive. I want you to also notice how poorly their English is. But, you can’t blame Hispanics for this. Our schools have built in bi-lingual programs, which by the way have been an abject failure. Nonetheless, because of politics, the American taxpayer continues to get soaked for billions and billions of dollars on a program that dissuade people from assimilating into the larger community, that is “The United States of America.”

It is taken the left nearly fifty years, but we have now come to the point where the American flag is verboten in many places. Calling an illegal “Alien,” an alien, instead of if an illegal immigrant, will raise the hackles on the necks of socialists and communists in this country. Andrea Mitchell, that “Fair-Minded” journalist from NBC News once chided a guest when he used the term “Illegal Alien.” The brazen Ms. Mitchell reminded the guest that an “Alien Is From Out Of Space.”

I guess this little arrogant, brain full of mush, also graduated from the “Dennis Kucinich School Of Flying Saucers.” Kuncinich, a Ohio Congressman, believes in flying saucers, and apparently so does Andrea Mitchell. Just for clarification, Webster describes aliens as follows:

” Belonging, or owing allegiance to another country of government”

Maybe Ms. Mitchell’s boss, Barack Hussein-Obama should send her a “Good” dictionary for Christmas or “Ramadan.”

Would to God that “Real Americans, And This Includes Hispanics,” had the love for this country that Latinos who come here from other lands, and set up little enclave in America, and have no desire to be a part of the large melting pot in this great country, have!

I was watching Despierta (Wake-Up America) America on Univision this morning. One of the hosts of the show, a lovely young lady by the name of Anna Marie Conseco, explained how upset that she was over a man by the name of Raymond Herrera. By the way, the last time that I checked, the surname “Herrera” was Hispanic. Anyway, Ms. Conseco explained to her other two co-hosts that Mr. Herrera had the unmitigated gall to complain about two signs in the California city of Hesperia. The signs advertised banking services in “Espanol.”

Herrera said that he noticed the signs a couple of months ago. So, he has now called on the City Council to take the signs down, and in their place put up signs that advertise in, “English Only.”

Well, that was just too much for the “English Challenged,” Anna Marie Conseco. In her poor English, she advised Mr. Herrera “To Get A Grip.” This is a woman who just became an American citizen a couple of years ago. However, she had been in this country for years, yet her grasp of the English languange is abysmal. I have to give her credit for doing it the right way, in becoming a, “Citizen Of This Country.”  However, her heart is, “South of The Border.” 

By the way, I watch this show each morning. So, I know where her allegiance is. Therefore, I am not surprised at her reaction toward Raymond Herrera. I know that what I’m about to say will come as a surprise to some of you, but Mr. Herrera is fighting a losing battle. The ground work for the onslaught of Hispanics coming into this country was layed long before he was born. You want to know who is responsible for the mess that we now see?

Native born people.

These are the people who used Hispanics to pick their vegetable, babysit their offspring, prune their gardens, etc. Once the “Black Civil Rights Movement” started in the 1960’s, “Community Organizing Groups” quickly followed. Many of these groups led by socialists and communists, saw a way to not only create confusion and consternation in this country, they also saw a way to inflict irreparable harm to America!

Over the past fifty years, America has been flooded with Hispanics, who have not only been taught how to use one loop-hole after another, but how to also get hard working Americans to pay for their sedentary life-styles. Hispanic community organizers have signed a pact with socialists Democrats, “Republicans,” and Neo-Cons. The result has been to not only turn America into a tower of babel, it has also created an antipathy toward this country.

America is on its way to becoming “Tijuana, Mexico.”

Again, you can not blame the Hispanics. If you want to point fingers, look no further than Native born Americans. No I am not talking about the indigenous people, mis-named “American Indians.” .Native born Americans are responsible for the mess that we are currently in.

America, It is all about money. It is about power!

Those who wield the power in this country love to see the Raymond Herrera’s going after “Signs Written In Spanish.” That is not the enemy. The enemy is in the halls of The “United States Congress.”

By the way, Ms. Conseco had another “helpful tip” for Mr. Herrera. “Learn Spanish.” Please do not direct your anger at this ignorant woman, She is only a by-product of what the “Powers That Be” have created over the past fifty years!

America, isn’t it about time that we took back our country?


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