It is shocking and also nauseating. What am I talking about? America, I wish to discuss with you today what is so patently obvious: And that is, the odious plans that Barack Hussein-Obama has in store for our children. Recently, this wolf in sheep’s clothing was caught “Red (Get It?) Handed” when his Education Department sent out a lesson plan for Kindergarteners, through sixth grade. The malleable brains of our young children were to be “Indoctrinated” with a speech from this Marxist. The devious plan was to have children listen to Hussein-Obama’s propaganda. After that, they were to be handed assignments designed to “Assist Them” in learning how to “Serve” this creepy man!

When Americans got wind of the White House plans, “All Hell Broke Lose.” The administration quickly jettison plans for the students to bow to the “Dear Leader.” Hussein-Obama, by all accounts, went on to give students a “Conservative Pep Talk.”

I thought this was the job of parents. But, I wax!

Socialists and Communists in this country, and this included the media, attempted to paint God-fearing Americans as being paranoid, just because they didn’t want this man playing with the minds of their children. Most of us know that our public schools, colleges and universities, are infested with, “Liberals, Marxists, And Communists.”

We know that the aforementioned groups end goal is the total control of the young people in this country. Those of us with knowledge of child-hood and development, understand that the value system of a child is firmly set by the age of six. Just picture cement when it is first poured. Once the cement is given time to dry, it is set. Once a child has been inculcated with information from his/her environment, the child will hold on to this data for the rest of his life.  Noted Swiss Psychoanalyst, Carl Jung once opined, “Give Me The Child: And I Will Give Back To You, The Man.”

Jung stated that he could develop a person in to a doctor, lawyer, etcetera, providing that person’s brain was devoid of any anomalies!

Given the thesis of Carl Jung, I am not surprised that Barack Hussein-Obama and his band of night crawlers are going after the very young. Remember, Hussein-Obama is being advised by Psychologists and Psychiatrists. It is instructive to observe that Barack Hussein-Obama is the same man who called on the socialists press to not bother with the children of candidates during last year’s Presidential campaign. Nonetheless, it is now okay for this Marxist and dictator lover to tinker with the brains of American children?

The Battle Hymn of The Republic was composed in 1862 by Julia Ward-Howe. Mrs. Howe wrote the poem soon after she visited a Union Army Camp. The first verse to this venerable song goes like this:

” Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord: He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stores; He hath loosed the fateful lighting of his terrible swift sword: His truth is marching on”

Dateline, B. Bernice Young Elementary School in Burlington, N.J.: Young students at this school are caught on videotape singing praises to Barack Hussein-Obama. These kids probably didn’t know it, but they had been taught to praise this Marxist by inserting words to the “Sound of The Battle Hymn of The Republic:”

   Barack Hussein-Obama. He said that all must lend a hand; to make this country strong again. Mmm, Mm, Mm.

Barack Hussein-Obama. He said we must be clear today; equal work, means equal pay. Mmm, Mm, Mm!

Barack Hussein-Obama. He said that we must take a stand. to make sure everyone gets a chance. Mmm, Mm, Mm!

Barack Hussein-Obama. He said Red, Yellow, Black or White, all are equal in his sight. Mmm, Mm, Mm!


I couldn’t stand writing another stanza!

So, Americans were paranoid when they stood up a few weeks ago, and said “No Way To This Marxist” speaking to our kids, and given concomitant homework assignment? No Mr. and Mrs. America, you weren’t paranoid. So, “Do Not” give these Marxists and Communists the power to tell you who you are!

Force them to look at their own scary views, and what those views portent for America!

It is clear to me that this self-absorbed man wants to take the advice of Moammar Gaddafi, and become “President For Life.”

By the way, if you want to watch this sickening video, with the children singing praises to this anti-American, you can click on YouTube/School Kids Praise Obama. WARNING: This tape will not only make you angry, it will make you sick to your stomach!

Why were the kids praising Barack Hussein-Obama. Well, if you listen to the crazy explanation given by the School Superintendent, Christopher Manno, “The Children Were Only Paying Tribute To Black History Month.”

What a boatload of crap!

First of all, I am totally opposed to “Black History Month.” The history of African-Americans is far to deep to try and condense it in to “One Month.” The other thing that offends me is why would someone attempt to convince intelligent Americans into believing that what the kids were doing was benign?

They were praising a man whose career is all of “Fifteen Minutes.” Contrary to what Superintendent Manno is telling you, this district “Was Attempting To Indoctrinate The Young Minds Of Its Students.” Parents across America should outraged. Because how many other schools are doing this, but their “Brain-Washing” is flying under the radar screen?

Reflecting back on The Battle Hymn of The Republic. As a young child, I can remember singing this song in grade school. My how things have changed since America has caved in virtually to all areas of our culture. Instead of “Evolving, we are now “Devolving” in to a Nation of people who eschews learning, and in to a people who are Nihilistic and Hedonistic. We have allowed the enemies of this country, both foreign and domestic, to literally tear our culture apart. We now have Muslims by the thousands “Praying On Capitol Hill” in Washington, D.C. If Christians attempted this, they would be charged by the left with trying to proselytize the Nation. We have a President who just this year, “Cancelled The National Day Of Prayer For Christians,” but at the same time, invites Muslims to the White House, and praise them for being a part of Islam, “A Religion of Peace.”

Remember, Barack Hussein-Obama attended the reverend Jeremiah Wright’s church for twenty years. According to the tenets of Wright’s church, “Muslims” could join his church, all without “Converting To Christianity.”

This is a dirty little secret that the socialists press has conveniently forgot to tell you.

So, is Barack Hussein-Obama a Muslim, hiding in the closet? You will have to make that call!

By the way, we have a President who is a Marxist; and one who has appointed at least one known “Communist” to his administration. We have a President who believes that it is okay for people of the same sex to trade “Wedding Vows.” This man also in a macabre kind of way, enjoys ripping this country, while our enemies clap with glee!

He wants to prosecute members of the CIA, while at the same time “Coddle Terrorists,” whose only goal is the destruction of America!

America, what has happened your moral compass? Where is your pride that you used to have whenever the Star Spangle Banner was played? Why have you allowed the enemies of our culture to make you slink off and hide in a corner, too embarrassed to say, “God Bless America?”

It is happening right before your eyes America. You are witnessing the raping, the pillaging, and the destruction of what used to be a great Nation.

Like a pedophile in waiting, this obnoxious President is going after our children. We all know that this man couldn’t care less what we think or how we feel. Whatever he wants, he will step over, and  “On Anyone” to achieve his goals.

I have but one question for you America: When will you say enough is enough?




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