Millions of spell-bound young people in this country went out and voted for America’s first Marxist President last year. Barack Hussein-Obama had promised these young people that he was all about “Change And Hope.” Washington would no longer be a place where business was conducted as usual, pledged this unqualified young man. The youth of this country felt that they could trust Hussein-Obama. After all, he was young, clean and articulate. Hussein-Obama’s very own Vice-President, “Jumpin Joe Biden,” gets credit for that last line.

I call him “Jumpin Joe,” because this nitwit of a Vice-President is “Always” jumping in to a mess, created by himself!

Apparently, young people truly thought that Barack Hussein-Obama “Walked On Water.” He was dubbed the, “Messiah, and “The One,” by Louis Farrakhan, of the Nation of Islam. Well, reality has set in with the young people in this country. They have discovered that Barack Hussein-Obama is a human being after all. And all of the promises that he made, they were nothing but a pack of lies. In fact, every time that this socialist opens his mouth, he is lying about something. He lies about the economy being brought back from the brink of a full blown depression, by none other than, Barack Hussein-Obama. He lies about creating millions of new jobs. He lies about government run health care insurance.

The man is a walking, talking, “Liar.”

Apparently he is hoping that everyone, and this includes the Nation’s young, have developed severed lesions in their brains; and said maladies have caused all us to enter in to the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease!

The other thing to consider is that this man doesn’t give a damn if you and I know that he is a pathological liar. I don’t know if you have noticed this or not. But politicians, sports figures, actors, etc. feel that they can commit some of the most hideous sins, yet, they believe that our memories are like that of an alcoholic who suffers from blacks-out, and therefore can not remember how he drove home the night before.

Americans, at least Conservative Americans, are starting to wake up by the millions. And what I’m about to report to you today will hopefull cause young people in this country to wake up also.  I’m hoping that their eyes will “Pop” open once they start looking for work. All of those jobs that “The Dear Leader” promised, apparently are a figment of his vast imagination.  The New York Post is reporting that the unemployment rate for young people has gone through the roof. As a matter of fact, the NYP says the unemployment rate for young people is currently at a “Post World-War II High, A Staggering 52%.”

How’s that “Hope And Change” working out for you kiddos?

As if the high unemployment numbers aren’t bad enough, Barack Hussein-Obama’s own Labor Department, headed by Hilda Solis, “A Socialist,” reports that young Americans, “Are staring at the likelihood that their lifetime earning potential will be diminished and, combined with the predicted slow economic recovery, their transition into productive members of society could be put on hold for an extended period of time.”

Here is something else for America’s young people to think about. Not only will they be earning less, providing they can find gainful employment, they will be taxed more in order to pay for Obama’s taking this countrydown the road and  into “Collectivism.”

Collectivism is “Distribution Of Wealth.” Another way to put it, just call it, “Socialism.”

For the millions of young people who thought they were “Sticking It To The Man,” by voting for this Marxist, well the only person that they stuck it to were themselves!

Again I ask rhetorically, “How Is That Hope And Change Working Out For You?”

The young brains full of mush who voted for Obama will have to put on hold their leaving mom and dad. Thanks to Obama, moms and dads around the country will have to put off on dealing with the “Empty Nest syndrome.” In other words, mom and dad, since little Jr. and big sis can’t find a job, they will have to stay at home with you.

And you thought, this was going to be your time? Next time you see Obama, you can thank him for the “Bang Up Job, ” (No Pun Intended) he is doing in putting America back to work. During Barack Hussein-Obama’s watch we have lost “9.5 Million Jobs.”

That hope and change is really something else America!

What this man has done to our economy should be criminalized. Economics 101 says that if you want to create jobs, you turn to the private sector. The only jobs that government can create are “Government Jobs.” At this writing, we now have some 25-thousand people employed by the Federal Government.

The question that begs to be answered is, is Barack Hussein-Obama exacerbating our economic crisis on purpose? I say that he is. And why would he do this? To make millions more dependent on government, that is why!

People have been taught over the past forty plus years that it is the job of government to “Take Care Of Them.” What happens if the lion’s share of young people go to Washington with hat in hand? They will surrender their autonomy to “Big Brother,” and be beholden to this Nation’s “Marxist-In Chief.”

A dependent, groveling people only strengthens the hand of Barack Hussein-Obama!

What a frightening thought America!


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