The lap-dogs for Barack Hussein-Obama have now taken the health care debate in to another direction. The socialists press is now trying to convince us that government run health insurance will be the same as what Congress has.  This has got to be one of the biggest whopper that these water carriers for Hussein-Obama have written to date!

Folks, these people truly believe that you are dumber than a fire hydrant!

If the health care that Congress is proposing is the same as what they currently have, let’s halt the debate, here and now. All that Congress has to do is lay its cards on the table. Another way of putting it. Congress can show us through visual imagery, i.e., pie-graphs, histograms, ect, just how crazy all of those Tea Party and Town Hall people have been.

You know, the “Mobs Of Red-Neck Racists,” who harangued our docile lawmakers during the August recess?

Come on Congress, step up and show us that the insurance that you and your Senate colleagues are trying to ram down our throats will be the same as what you elitists now have. I’ll wait!

Times up, you can’t, because you are the folks with the true “Cadillac Health Care Plans.”

As a matter of fact, Congress has a, “Multiple Choice” of health care plans. We would only get one choice, “Obamacare.” Nothing more, America.

Currently, Congress can choose from Blue Choice, Aetna HealthFund, Aetna Open Access, Preferred Care, and  the list goes on and on. Congress also has access to military hospitals. Unless you are a Veteran, you are SOL, regarding being treated at a military health facility.  Congresswoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, of Florida,  is no military veteran. However, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Ms. Schultz received treatment at a military hospital.

Now, I don’t begrudge this woman receiving the best care in her fight against cancer. However, why can’t my wife receive treatment at a VA hospital? After all, I fought and bled for this country!

The case involving Congresswoman Schultz shows us clearly that there are two sets of rules in this country. One for the elites, both Democrats and Republicans. The other set of rules are for the lowly peons. We fall into that group, America. Parenthetically, U.S. Congress people can be treated by a Medical Doctor on site, “At The Capitol.”

And some nit-wit writers want us to believe that Congress does not have a “Cadillac Health Plan.”

If Congress isn’t privy to a “Cadillac Health Care Plan, then let these, “Robber Barons”sign onto the crap bill that Obama wants Americans to sign off on. That seems fair enough, right? But these people aren’t about to risk their lives and the lives of their family members with “Socialized Medicine.”

They have made sure that they don’t have to be coerced into joining Obamacare. These Cossacks passed a bill which blocks Congress from being included in this crap shoot. Everything with this Marxist President has to be approved “Yesterday.” My question to this “Man-Child” is why the rush in passing a health care reform bill?

I don’t see this panty-waist of a President “Rushing” to send more troops to Afghanistan, as per the request of his “Hand Picked” General. So, this socialist does have a “Pause Button” on his Marxist Meter!

Barack Hussein-Obama knows full well that if this boondoggle of a bill is passed, it will not take effect until 2013. That will be “One Year” after the 2012 election. He knows that socialized medicine will fail, the same way that it has failed in Canada and England. However, if the American people do the same dumb thing that they did in 2008, and vote for this enemy of freedom in another four years, well, he’ll probably stick out his tongue at all of us and say in essence, ‘There ain’t nothing that you can do about it.”

He will be right, because trying to un-do government run health care once it has been implemented, will be an onerous task; and that is putting it mildly!

The fact that the American people in the latest Rasmussen poll overwhelmingly oppose government run health care, is of little importance to this steam-rolling President.  For the record, the latest Rasmussen poll shows that “56% Of Americans” say they don’t want government run health care in any shape or form.  Senior citizens are the biggest, and loudest voices against this draconian legislation. Fifty-nine percent of Seniors who were polled in telephone interviews told Rasmussen they opposed the government taking over their health care!

Sorry to say, you won’t hear this from the socialists press. They are too busy churning out stories filled with misinformation and concomitant disinformation.

By the way, Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, declared late last week that health care legislation would be passed, even if nary a single Republican signs on to the package, which is persona non-grata with the American people. This little arrogant Nimrod said that he would use what has become known as the “Nuclear Option.”

The “Nuclear Option” says the Senate does not need the normal sixty votes to pass a bill. They would only need to have fifty “Traitors” sign off on a bill that the American people have clearly said, “We Don’t Want.”

There was a time when our lawmakers knew that they worked for us. But, that was such a long, long time ago!

Democrat: Thy Name Is Narcissist!



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