Please do not be mislead by the title of today’s column. When I say that the Black community has lost its soul, I am not referring to anything connected with “Soul Music.” When I say the Black community has lost its soul, I am referring to our inability to feel for one another, the way that we used to, pre-Civil Rights era!

Before the Civil Rights Movement, Black people were able to survive on virtually “Nothing.” Foods today that were once considered inferior, are now in great demand. Think about this for a moment. Things like “Ribs, Chicken Wings, Ham Hocks and Pinto Beans, Green Tomatoes, Fried Apples, Tripe, Pig Ears and Pig Feet, Chitterlins and the list goes on and on.”

What kept Black people determined to “Reach The Promise Land,” was our insatiable quest/thirst  for The Lord Jesus Christ. In today’s “Modern America,” there is very little use for “God.”  It is interesting that you can’t beat someone from calling on the name of “Jesus,” when their doctor tells them that they have a terminal disease. They will invoke the name of “Jesus,” if someone is pointing a gun at their heads. Other than that, we Americans, especially African-Americans, have turned our backs on God!

In times of strife, incredible “True” racial discrimination, Blacks knew that they had a place to go and tell the Creator about, “All Of Their Troubles.” The old timers called Christ Jesus, “A Wheel In The Middle Of A Wheel.”

He was Their Refuge, Their Protector, Their Well, when Thirst came upon them!

However, starting with the late comedian, Richard Pryor, God became the butt of jokes in the Black community. Madison Avenue even convinced some “Spiritually Blind” Blacks to dress up in church choir clothing, and sing “Spiritual Hymns” to their latest products. We have Black comics who now have the nerve to mimic African-American preachers; by pretending to give a sermon.

All for the sake of “Laughs.”

There was a time in the Black community when idiots like this would have been ridden out-of-town on a rail. Those days are long gone, because millions of Blacks think God “Is A Joke.” Now that we have reached the promised land, many of us only go to church in order to “Play At Praising God.” Our children haven’t a clue as to who God is. They haven’t a clue as to the role that God played in the lives of our fore-fathers in pre and post-antebellum America. 

 In my day, you either went to church on Sunday, or you didn’t show your face outside, because it was a given that “Mother Jones” would say, “Boy, Why Aren’t You In Church?” Come on and go with me!

Today, Mother Jones is likely to be attacked by some animal if she should broach him or her  about going to church. Yes, the Black community in this country has indeed lost its  very soul!

We have listened to the socialists and communists in this country. These are the people who will lie when they say that Jefferson and the other Framers had no use for God. If so, why is God used on our currency? Why does that tower of babble, namely the United States Congress, opens each session with a prayer to “God?” It certainly isn’t because Nancy “Botox Face” Pelosi had a recent epiphany. 

Trust me!

Our history is replete with case after case where the Framers referenced God. The problem is that so many of us are too damn lazy to perform research on how the Founders felt about the Creator. Instead, we would rather listen to a group of “Socialists and Communists,” whose ideology is the anthesis of the word of God.

Once Black people in this country knocked down the larger and obvious walls of racism in America, they started to “Lean To Their Own Understanding.”

Whites have also willed their brains to the socialists and communists in this country. Since we are all looking to self to solve our problems, take a look around you and witness the mess that we are now in. Socially, Morally and financially, we are a decaying Nation!

Not a very pretty sight, now is it? In the eyes of millions of Americans, there is a “New God” on the scene. His name is Barack Hussein-Obama. Black Americans voted for this charlatan, simply because of the hue of his skin. My grandmother on my father’s side would not have hesitated to tell this “Wordsmith” to shut-up; and go and find a corner to stand in!

She wouldn’t have wasted anytime in, “Washing His Lying Mouth Out With Soap.”

Shockingly, we have children today, in American schools “Singing Praises To This Man,” like the automatons do in Red China and North Korea. The last time that I checked, there was no outrage. We just continue to deny that there is a “2000 Pound Elephant In Our Living Room.”

The elephant represents, metaphorically speaking, the evil that has enveloped the African-American, and White communities.

As I see it, the problem with “Black People” today is mani-fold:

* We have forgotten what God has done for us as a people

* We “Play” at worshipping God

* We are being led by our children

* We have bought into the argument of comedic fools that worshipping God “Is A Waste Of Time, Because He Doesn’t Exist”

Referencing point two, take the case of eleven year old Jonathan E. McCoy. This “Child” reportedly “Gave a rousing speech earlier this year to his church in Baltimore, about why our community needs to drop the ‘N’ word. His speech, ‘A new petition,’ called for the discontinuation of that six- letter word, and the slang usage of the word.”

Young McCoy is being praised by guess who? The left in this country. When I was a child growing up in Virginia, children weren’t handed a microphone and told to lecture adults. Rather, they sat at the feet of adults and, “Learned.” Do you see where I’m headed with this thesis? The left is applauding this child, because its takes our minds off of the really important issues facing the Black community. This child needs to understand the machinations of the left, as well as the  irresponsible “Adults” who are now sitting at the feet of “Children.”

Memo To The American Black Community: There is “No Utopian World.”

Forget the world of “Lollipops, Roses And Unicorns,” because that world only exists unless you are using an illicit drug, or a cocktail of mind-altering drugs!

You can not magically remove words from our lexicon. If we are “Ordered” to stop saying the word “NIGGER,” what next? Yeah, I used caps for the word Nigger for a purpose. One, it probably shocked the hell out of some of you; and second, I would rather have someone use it, than just “Think It.”

As I see it, this young man needs to be taught that “White Plantation Democrats” are far more detrimental to him than the use of the word, “Nigger.” If I could speak to this reportedly, “Precocious Child,” I would give him a history lesson on Plantation Democrats, starting with President Lyndon Baines Johnson. It was Johnson with his grandiose ideas that ripped out the soul of the Black community starting in the 1960’s.

By the way, where was the Pastor of this church in Baltimore, when he was being “Lectured By This Child?” Secondly, why isn’t this man preaching “Christ Crucified?”

Leave the minutia alone pal!

Preaching about Christ is not only spiritually uplifting, it opens blinded eyes. It is little wonder that the left in this country is applauding this young child in Baltimore for taking his people way off track and away from the salient issues that beset the Black community.

As a child growing up in Southwest, Virginia, you either got up “Every Morning,” and worked, or, “You Didn’t Eat.” Lyndon Johnson changed all of that with his so-called Great Society. My wife and I are moving back home in the Spring of 2010. The last time we were in Virginia, I am sorry to say that several of my cousins had taken advantage of Johnson’s Great Society.

They were on “Welfare.”

America, welfare is the single parasite that has destroyed the Black family. It is like an addictive drug. Once you have tasted it, you won’t want to ever work again. Besides, the socialists and communists in this country have convinced Black welfare recipients that the checks they receive is “Their Money,” even though they have never hit a lick of work in their miserable lives. They are also told that if White folks are crazy enough to go to work for them, and they can avoid that dreaded malady, “Work,” then let them!

If you examine every major city in this country, you will find that a Democrat is the Mayor of that city. The welfare rolls in these cities are busting at the seams. Crime is through the roofs. The issue of self-hatred is evident in the Black communities of these cities. For example, take the city of Chicago, which also happens to be the adopted city of this Nation’s Marxist President, Barack Hussein-Obama.

Sixteen year old honor student Derrion Albert recently lost his life in a senseless act of savagery. Albert was struck in the back of the head with a, “Rail Road Tie.” After he crashed to the sidewalk, the animals who attacked him, commenced to pummel him with punches and kicks. The moron who videotaped this animalistic onslaught, can be heard repeatedly saying, “Damn.”

If you have the stomach for it, you can view this vicious murder on YouTube. I must warn you that it is sickening!

Why is Derrion Albert dead today? It is because Black Americans have lost their souls. They have been listening to their White plantation owners for far too long. They have come to believe that  they are entitled to do whatever they damn well please, because “Their People Were Once Slaves.”

Chicago is indicative of every major American city in this country. There are millions and millions of young Black males and females whose only desire is to:

* Collect a government check

* Get high

* Commit crimes

* Blame someone else for their plight

America, I am not generalizing.  I grew up in the ghetto in Brooklyn’s Bedford Stuyvesant area. Whether it is Bed-Sty or Chicago’s Benigne Green Apartments, most in the Black community have lost their souls.

The next time that you see a socialist, thank them for their phony/deadly altruism!


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