Dr. Martin Luther King must be doing flips in his grave at this very moment. I have to admit that this man did something that I would not have had the courage to do: Or should I say, “The Patience?” He endured things that I would have gone into a fit a rage over. As a young boy, I could not understand how a grown man could sit back and open himself up to insult after insult. Like I said, I was just a young boy. Don’t let anyone fool you, I don’t care what era that we are living in, a man or a woman with wisdom and experience, is the person that you want to learn from: Not a, “Child or A Fool.”

Dr. King was a man who was blessed with both attributes, wisdom and experience. He knew that in order to show the world the ugliness of racism, he had to be meek and lowly. In the end, not only did the world recoil at the ugliness of racism in this country, which included terrorism and all out murder, but a large segment of this country’s people also said, “Enough.”

On their way to what America pledged to each of its citizens, and that is, FREEDOM, not enslavement, hundreds of Black people paid the ultimate sacrifice: They gave up their lives, so that future young Blacks did not have to endure what they went through. As I look out at the African-American community today, I have to honestly ask myself, “Was It Worth It?” The Ku Klux Klan is no longer killing Black people, it is “White Liberals,” or should I say, “Socialists and Communists?”

These scourges of American freedom aren’t lynching Blacks with a rope, or gunning them down in the streets, they are doing far worse in my opinion. When you are murdered, your life ceases to exist in “This Dimension.” Socialists and communists are robbing millions of Black Americans of their God given right to “Think For Themselves. To be Free Men, To Be Free Women!”

This dastardly act committed by these White “Plantation Owners,” (Democrats)  causes foolish African-Americans who follow them to die a, “Slow Death.” Instead of committing suicide, these Blacks are committing what an African-American Clinical Psychologist once labeled as, “Mentacide.” According to this scholar’s thinking, “Mentacide” occurs when you allow your brain to be overtaken by someone else, whose ultimate goal is to place your brain into “Mental Chains!” You thus become a neutered individual; and not a threat to evil doers.  And “Yes” my friend, there is evil among us, just like there is good; and there is “Right, And Wrong.”

Make no mistake about any of these things!

Following a long assessment, I have concluded that there is no such thing as a liberal in today’s society. There is no such thing as a “Democrat” in this country. Americans today hate to look at the hard issues. Why? They will be forced to “Take A Stand.” In their quest to “Be Liked, i.e., George W. Bush,” these people unknowingly have given the socialists and communists a complete run of this country. They have been conditioned for the past forty-plus years by the left to keep their mouths shut, and let the socialists and communists run this country: Or should I say, “Ruin This Country?”

If you do have the courage to go against the grain in this country, be prepared for an all out assault on your character and your family, by socialist Democrats and their complicit anti-American haters in the press. These are the very same people who preach to us about decorum and civility. Yet, if you seek to shine the light of day on these cockroaches, they will attack you like a mother bear protecting her cubs!

All of this nonsense about decorum and civility is yet another way to say, “SHUT UP.”

In the meantime, these people hide their true political pedigree by calling themselves, “Democrats and Liberals.” Lately, they have started calling themselves, “Progressives.”But, their lineage can be easily traced back to socialism and communist. All one has to do is look at what they advocate. A recent caller to the Rush Limbaugh Show asked him to give her one reason as to why he is against Obama. If this numskull who is purportedly in her seventies knew anything about “Socialism,” she would never have asked such a dumb question. Barack Hussein-Obama is the quintessence of, “SOCIALISM.”

No one can be as stupid as this woman unless they are either a “Socialist or Communist,” hiding under the guise of being a “Liberal or Democrat!”

Those of us who still retain the ability to think can see that what the Democrat Party stands for today is more in line with Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro of Cuba. At least these two murderous dictators aren’t afraid to say who they are!

If you look at the decadence that is occurring in the Black community, you will find the fingerprints of socialist and communists all over it. Abortion?  According to Dr. Alveda King. a niece of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Planned Parenthood has a “Racist Agenda,” aimed at Black Americans. Dr. King points out that since 1970, there have been “Fifty-Million” abortions performed in this country.  Of that number, “Seventeen-Million” young Black women have had abortions. Dr. Alveda King is calling for a halt of federal funds going to Planned Parenthood:

” It is Black genocide. They (Planned Parenthood) are killing our people and fooling us”

At one time, the family was the, “Soul Of Black People.” Not any longer, thanks to organizations like Planned Parenthood who will say, “Our Intentions Are Honorable.” No they are not. The founder of PP is a woman by the name of Margaret Sanger. Ms. Sanger left this planet more than forty years ago. However, it is well documented that Sanger was a believer in the pseudo-science of “Eugenics.”

A proponent of eugenics according to the Penguin Dictionary of Psychology is open to:

” The study of human heredity patterns with the goal of improving the species through selective breeding”

Was it the goal of Sanger to engage in “Legal Genocide” against Black people? I’ll leave that up to you to decide, once you have conducted the proper research. By the way, Hillary Rodham-Clinton recently stated that Margaret Sanger was a “Hero To Her.” As I see it, that speaks volumes for Ms. Clinton!

Have you noticed that the first reaction of a “Liberal Democrat” whenever there is a mass shooting is to issue a call for more strident gun control? Our cities are awashed in the blood of young Black males. The way that most disagreements are settled by young African-Americans in urban areas nowadays is to pull out an “Illegal Gun” and blaze away. How can denying me my Constitutional Right to own a gun stop lawbreakers from accessing a firearm and killing me? This is a question that seventy-six year old Otis McDonald would like the United State Supreme Court to answer. SCOTUS (Supreme Court of The United States) has agreed to hear Mr. McDonald’s case early next year.

Mr. McDonald is suing the City of Chicago because these corrupt people refuse to issue him a license to keep a handgun in his home. Keep in mind that terrorists are armed to the teeth in Chicago, and hundreds die from senseless gunfire every year in the Windy City. Yet, the socialist government of Mayor Richard Daley is bound and determined to keep people like Mr. McDonald defenseless and shaking behind closed doors. Lawyers for the City of Chicago had argued before the High Court that “Easily Concealed Handguns Pose A Special Danger In Cities.”

I kid you not. This was the crux of the City of Chicago’s argument to the Supreme Court hearing Mr. McDonald’s case!

How anyone could argue with a straight face something this ridiculous breaks all rules of logic.  Memo To The Jackasses Running Chicago: The Gang-Bangers Carry Concealed Handguns!”

How’s that ban  against legal citizens owing a firearm working out, Chicago? If you are a criminal, you are living in  paradise, run by socialists. But, if you are a law-abiding citizen, you are scared out of your wits, because the control freaks say they know what is best for you!

By the way, did I mention that Otis McDonald is “Black?” Okay, I just did. When I was a teenager growing up in Brooklyn, New York, we had gangbangers. However, they respected the elderly. It is like I said before, “Those Days Are Long Gone.”

Jails in this country are full of young Black men. Unlike Jesse Jackson or his bud, Al Sharpton, I say these criminals are in jail, because they committed a crime. Of course, there are some anomalies, but I suggests they are few. Jackson and Sharpton, the two biggest race-baiters in this country will blame their incarceration on “Racism.”

To purportedly be “men of the cloth,” it is interesting how the Black community has “Lost Its Soul” escapes these two race hustlers.  America,  this is how creeps like these two stay in business, aiding and abetting their “White Plantation Owners” in stripping Blacks of their souls!

Al and Jesse went “Green” long before the nutty left-wing environmentalists started placing demands on us to save “Mother Earth.” However the green that these two are interested in has the faces of “White Men” on them. A few years ago, I wrote an essay entitled, “Did Dr. King Die For This?”

The upshot of my essay dealt with much of what I have shared with you during my two installments entitled, “The Black Community Has Lost Its Soul.”

When I look at the Black community today, it is rife with teenage pregnancies, young African-Americans shooting and killing one another. Mothers/Grandmother/Grandfathers strung out on crack-cocaine. Black men committing crimes that were unheard of when I was growing up, and young Blacks turning inner city schools into jungles!

Dr. King did not die for any of this Nihilistic nonsense.  He wanted us to be equal to our White counterparts. The socialists and communists have taken what was a Godsend, and turned it into a living hell. The way that I see it, Black people have no one to blame but themselves.

No one can “Make You Do Anything. We All Have Choices And Concomitant Consequences.”

Dr. King helped to free us from the chains and fetters of Jim Crow. However, it is the “Obvious” that Black people can not see today: And that is, “We Are A Soul-Less People.” We have helped the socialists and communists in this country re-enslave, or should I say, teach us how to commit, “Mentacide?”

Believe it or not, but there will be some who will accuse me of being a, “Sell-Out.” My advice to these idiots is to try that crap on the weak, and those searching for a sense of self. I not only learned your game years ago, I never gave up my free-will to be a, “THINKER!”

My soul “Was Bought With A Price,” and it belongs to “Almighty God.”



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