When I started this project, my only intention was to present you with a single posting. However, as I immersed myself into my work, I discovered that there was a richness to what is presently happening to the African-American community. When I say “Richness,” I do not in any way mean to impugn the various plights that beset America’s Black community. The richness that I am talking about has to do with not only highlighting the problems of African-Americans, but showing this segment of America that there is a way out of the chains that have been placed on them by the socialists and communists in this country!

Again, I must reiterate that the Black community in this country is faced with a plethora of problems because of its “Own Doing.” However, Barack Hussein-Obama wants you to focus on “Eurocentrism.” What is “Eurocentrism, you ask? Well, it is taught in African-American studies at “Major Universities/Colleges” throughout America. This is one of the purposes for having a Black studies department at higher levels of education in America.

To turn out students, both Black and White who will graduate with a chip on their shoulders about the United States of America!

The foci of Black studies is to zero in on Eurocentrism like a laser. The target are the “Descendants of White Europeans.” They are held culpable for all of the ills that beset the communities of people of color. Proponents of adding Black studies to a college’s curriculum, people like Hussein-Obama’s best friend, Professor Louis Gates, Jr. of Harvard University, want to instill “Guilt” into the psyche of European-Americans, in-perpetuity. Gates, who probably didn’t know that he was a Black man until he encountered a Massachusetts policeman this past Summer, played the “Guilt,” I mean “Race Card,” after Cambridge police Sgt., James Crowley answered a call saying ,”Someone, The Person’s Color Was Not Mentioned As First Reported By Socialists Media Members,” was breaking into a home. Gates went ballistic when the officer simply asked him to “Identify Himself.”

This academician was appalled that a “Copper” didn’t know the “World Famous, Henry Louis Gates, Jr.”

Barack Hussein-Obama, who is clearly a racist, but Americans remain in deep denial over this, initially, called Crowley “Stupid.” He later held a “Beer Summit” at the White House, designed to smooth things over. He and his racist pal, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., never “Apologized” to the officer who was only performing his duties when Obama and Gates opened their big yaps, and blew this incident wildly out of proportion.  The under-lying message to other Blacks in this country was, “You can Say And Do Whatever You Want, Whitey Still Owes Us.”

I have a host of questions for those who continue to push this pre-1960’s mind-set. How can you blame “The White Man” for the number of unwanted pregnancies in the Black community? How can you say that it is the fault of Whites that Blacks are shooting and killing each other over drugs? How is it that the White man is somehow to blame because your child is flunking out of school? Why is it the White man’s fault that you find yourself on welfare; and your mother was on welfare as well as her Mom? How is it the White man’s fault that you continue to vote for “Socialist Democrats” locally, and nationally? How is it the White man’s fault that you were “Too Stupid” to realize that “White Socialists and Communists” were brain-washing you?

You were given the keys to a fantasy “Candy Store,” and you lost your minds!

At some point, Black folks must perform an introspection and, “Take The Hit.” In other words, be man or woman enough to step up and take “Full Responsibility” for allowing “White Socialists and Communists” to trick you into the mess that is now facing the Black community!

Prior to the Civil Rights Movement, Black people were a “Soulful People.”

I must stress that being “Soulful” had nothing to do with dancing to the music of James Brown or the Temptations. Black people were soulful, because they had a direct connection to God. Isn’t  it interesting that when you are at your lowest point in life, this is when many of us discover “God.”

You can not go any lower than the Diaspora that Africans faced when slave traders came to their shores. Being placed into chains and iron, and considered at one point, “Three-Fifths Of A Human Being,” and treated worst than any animal, is the lowest point on the scale of human contempt!

Black people had no choice but to turn to The Almighty. In time, he delivered them from their cruel task masters. Instead of being eternally grateful to God for his grand deliverance, Blacks like the Israelis of old, turned to “Baal. Rather than worshipping “Golden Calves,” etc. millions of African-Americans tuned their ears into the messages of socialists and communists in this country!

It is no secret that African-Americans overwhelmingly voted for Barack Hussein-Obama for President during the last election. What did they know about this man? I submit to you that African-Americans like White-Americans who voted for this empty suit, knew nothing about him. Blacks voted for Hussein-Obama because he looks like them. Whites voted for this charlatan for one of two reasons:

* White guilt

* They are either socialists or communists

Blacks and Whites were willing to roll the dice on a man who is good at one thing, “Giving Speeches.” Even his speeches are starting to get under the skin of millions, which includes, yours truly. However, I wax. I have a message for Black people: You Don’t Owe Barack Hussein-Obama a, “Damn Thing.”  

It is obvious that you can’t see it, but the man wants to destroy this country. Do you really believe that “This Brother” will take care of you if he gets his way, and becomes “Dictator-In Chief For Life?”

As long as he can use you as “An All Day Sucker,” the man will. This isn’t about you, it is about the power that this Marxist is seeking to grab for himself and a select group of people. Guess what? You aren’t part of that circle. He will throw your ass under the bus as soon as he is finished using you.

Count on it!

The man is simply using you, like he is using everyone else in his sphere. Take a long, hard look at how he has exacerbated our economic conditions. Sure, Bush in his waning days made a mess of our economy, but this guy, Hussein-Obama, has driven this Nation’s economy off a cliff. Contrary to what he says, Barack Hussein-Obama doesn’t want Black people to feel a sense of pride. Actually, he doesn’t want “Any American” to feel pride in this country. But, the souls of Black people which have been bludgeoned for centuries, are now being rend even more, by one of their own.

Look at what happened in Detroit, Michigan just the other day. Word got out that the Obama administration would be handing out “Three-Thousand Dollars” in stimulus checks, to help Detroiters stave off homelessness. According to, “One in four working-age adults in Detroit is without a job, and the city’s home foreclosure rate continues to be among the nation’s highest.” So, hundreds of Motor City residents rushed to Cobo Center, a downtown convention center. Instead of being handed a check, residents were given “An Application” to fill out.

Reports say that fights broke out, and some residents had to be treated for fainting and exhaustion. This is the United States of America, folks. This kind of thing isn’t suppose to happen to the richest country on the face of the planet!

Thank you Barack Hussein-Obama, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm!

These ignorant, soul-less people, have been taught over the past forty-plus years to look to Washington, D.C. to solve their problems. There used to be a time in the Black community when the church and neighbors helped out the less fortunate. This is indicative of what happens when you “Sell Your Soul To The Devil.”

The term “Self-Reliant” goes out the window. Not to worrry, because Jesse and Al will provide cover for you!

I hate to tell you this: Things aren’t going to get any better. This President is determined to crush capitalism; and make “everyone” dependent on government. America, especially African-Americans, “There Is No Such Thing As A, “Free Lunch.”

It is too bad that this message did not resonate with America’s “Soul-Less Black Community” when the socialists and communists first came to them with their schematic outline for a, “Free Ride In America.”

There is a price to be paid for engaging in Nihilism and Hedonism: And Blacks will be paying off that debt until they take a page from the “Good Book”of their long gone, Elders !

What a tragedy, to come so far, and descend into an abyss so quickly!



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