I have always known that the media in this country had a left bent to it. However, it was not until recently that we started to witness the blatant bias that we now see. I started my broadcasting career back in the 1960’s. Fortunately for me, this was a time when America had real journalists, in both broadcast, and the print mediums. I trained under some really hard-nosed “News Hounds.” These people lived and breathed radio and television news!

For example, broadcast journalists did not call a “News Conference,” a press conference. Press denotes that only writers were considered journalists. Today, most of these idiots use the term “News Conference” when announcing a pending event or an event that has already taken place. I recall covering a court case during my early days in broadcast news. When the verdict came down, I scurried to the phone and reported, “So and So was found, ‘Not Guilty.’

My News Director, who died in the 1990’s, explained to me that from that point on, I was to use the term, “Innocent,” whenever someone had been found “Not Guilty” in a court proceeding. As he explained it, “Supposed That Someone Only Caught The Word Guilty?”

Point well take!

Whenever you listen or watch the news from now on, notice how many of these geniuses, including “Lawyers,” who all of a sudden are, “Broadcast Journalists,” use the term, “Found Not Guilty.”

In the good old days of broadcast news, “Mediocrity” was not accepted by these guardians of the “Truth.”

The sloppiness that I see and hear today from the media would not have been accepted by News Directors, nor the general public, during this period of our history. If I wanted to learn how to properly pronounce a word, I knew that I could turn to Walter Cronkite, or Chet Huntley of NBC News. Don’t try that today, because today’s so-called journalists have a difficult time pronouncing their own names. Besides, the news of today is about, “Them.”

I almost fell out of my comfortable living room chair a couple of nights ago. Fox’s Shepard Smith performed one of the most disgusting acts I have seen to date. This arrogant little, self-absorbed man, shamelessly, “Promoted His Tenth anniversary On Fox.”

There I sat, with my mouth agape, muttering words to the effect of, “I Can’t Believe This.”

Now folks, that is the zenith of arrogance!

But, this guy is just a small part of the problem with today’s journalists. When I started in the field of journalism, I was quickly told by my first News Director that, “No One Cares How You Are Feeling Today, Report The News.” What he was talking about was the public, and how they weren’t interested in my health status. Today’s journalists will go on the air with a hoarse voice, or, coughing their fool heads off; all in their vain attempt to elicit sympathy from the public.

What “Big Babies.”

I can recall having copy (Stories) after copy “Thrown Back” into my face initially, and told, “Re-write This.” My bosses were only trying to turn me into a top flight broadcast journalist. Try and do that to today’s head strong “News Readers.” They would probably break-down in tears, and call you a racists or sexists, or “Homophobe.”

Today’s so-called journalists, especially those in the broadcasting industry couldn’t have made it back in the good old days, where honesty and integrity, trumped,  what we are seeing today, and that being, “Slinky Short Skirts And Coiffeured Hair.”

Not to mention “Massive Egos.”

True journalism died, when “Happy News” appeared on the scene. Happy news is basically, “Tabloid Reporting.” A moron can write tabloid news. In fact, most of these people who provide us with what they call news are nothing but a bunch of fat head “Morons.”

The next chance that you get, listen carefully to not only how these people speak, listen to how they enunciate their words. If they are not slurring their speak, they are bastardizing the English language!

Recently, Fox’s Glenn Beck broke the story about ACORN workers giving advice on how to evade taxes, and  how to purchase a home to be used as a brothel. The so-called Main-Stream Press didn’t bother to tell you about this story. They probably figured, “It’s Not Important To Me–Therefore–The American People Need Not Know About The Criminal Activities Of This Group.”

Charles Gibson, the anchor of ABC News Tonight, was interviewed by WLS, an affiliate of  his Network. Gibson is heard chuckling out loud, when asked what he thought of last week’s huge protest in the Nation’s Capitol. Gibson proudly said he not only didn’t know anything about the ACORN story, he also added that he was out “Sailing,” because he tried to avoid hearing about the protest!

And this arrogant imbecile wonders why the ratings for all three networks are in the toilet.

Once Gibson’s bosses at the “White House,” issued a comment on ACORN, Gibson and his complicit pals at ABC News were all over this story. The socialists press is a day late and a dollar short on trying to show the American people that they are not bias. The cat is out of the bag!

The President will appear on, count them, “FIVE” Sunday talk shows this weekend. No President in history, since the appearance of television, has ever done this before. Hussein-Obama will be on television hawking Government run health care. The American people have spoken on this issue, but Hussein-Obama, like the dyed-in-the wool socialist that he is, “Will Ram This Thing Down Our Throats,” if we let him!

I say the news industry is complicit with the White House, because whenever this man wants air time, these people just bend over and grab their ankles.

There really was a time when broadcast journalism was an honorable profession. I am sorry to report that America’s news-media died a slow painful death, brought on by arrogance and a lais-sez- faire attitude toward the American people.

The Charles Gibson’s of the world are too fat and rich, not to mention snooty, to realize that the American people no longer cares what they have to say!

Like the dinosaurs of old, the socialists press will soon be extinct!




I have written repeatedly on these pages that there are two sets of rules according to socialist Democrats operating out of Washington, D.C. Rule number one says, there are, “No Rules” of decorum for socialist Democrats. Let’s get that out of the way immediately. These people can say and do whatever they want to, and there are “No” repercussions from their buds who are now in the business of authoring “Yellow Journalism.”

Something that Marx or Lenin, and yes, even Mao, would praise them for!

The only rules that we have in Washington, D.C. these days are for the GOP,  Conservatives–and Americans who happen to disagree with this Nation’s Marxist President. Case in point, when South Carolina Congressman, Joe Wilson, yelled out, “You Lie,” to Hussein-Obama, these two words not only shook the very foundation of a once great Nation, it angered, “Socialist Democrats.”

One thing is certain with these morons. They will shoot themselves in the foot, even if it means to their own political detriment. See, these people are delusional. They truly believe they are “Special.”

They get the chance to screw up this country royally, and then have the nerve to look around and blame someone else for the mess they create. For more than forty years, we have allowed these pathologically lying, impaired people, to set the rules for how we are to behave in our schools, work-place, in casual company, how we talk, and even in our “Own Homes.” They have slowly chipped away at the moral fibre of America for almost fifty years. Yet, when they are called on, mistake after mistake; these are the same people who will arrogantly state, “At Least Our Hearts Were In The Right Place.”

In 2008, America made history. It was the American people who elected its “First African-American President.” Was Barack Hussein-Obama qualified to be President. Only his chronological age qualified him to be Commander In-Chief. That’s it. His political resume was paper thin. Hell, the man only spent by most accounts, only “150-Days” in the U.S. Senate before announcing that he was bored and wanted to move onto become President of the United States!

So, Americans, a gracious people, by and large, elected Barack Hussein-Obama as this country’s 44th President. Today, those of you who voted for this “Empty Suit,” probably look at what you have done with great chagrin!


No real vetting of this man took place. The socialists press acted like a lazy hound dog, on a hot August Summer day, in the South.  They didn’t have time to investigate Hussein-Obama’s political ideology. That stuff involving Jeremiah Wright, according to the press, it wasn’t Obama’s fault. Heck, “His Virgin Big Ears” never heard a single racist rant from the so-called “right reverend,” Jeremiah Wright!

His real connections to Bill Ayers, one of the founders of the 1960’s radical terrorist group known as, The Weather Underground, was never really placed under a journalist microscope. Nor was his ties to the corrupt group, ACORN. We never had a chance to view his college transcripts, nor any of his research papers. We didn’t know that he was a member of the New Chicago Socialist Party in the 1990’s. We were also not told that one of his mentor’s early on, while Barack Hussein-Obama was a young man growing up in Hawaii, was a, “Communist.”

Hussein-Obama was the teflon man. No one could touch him, for fear they would be called, “Racist.” Most of us writing on the man knew who he was, however, it was the so-called Main-Stream Media that jumped into the tank for this man, who is now trying his damnedest to destroy America!

Guess what? When Congressman Joe Wilson yelled out, “You Lie” when Hussein-Obama was addressing a Joint Session of Congress, socialist Democrats, Black and White, saw an opportunity to “Play The Tired Old Race Card.”

Jimmy Carter, the worst President this country has ever known, and also the most disgusting former President’s that I can recall in my life time, called Wilson a racist:

” I think it’s based on racism. There is an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African-American should not be president”

You would never guess that this old fool is a college graduate. Carter must think that he is talking to a bunch of nitwits. He never provided us with a shred of evidence for this outrageous, inflammatory comment. But, this is the entire point of socialists like Jimmy Carter. They know that Barack Hussein-Obama’s health care plan is in deep doo-doo. So what do these shifty-eyed people do? They try to get you to “Defocus” from the real issue!

Come on America, you know the drill by now!

I went back to a column written by Jeff Zeleny and Megan Thee-Brenan of Obama’s favorite newspaper, that being, The infamous, New York Times:

” President Obama is benefitting from remarkable high levels of optimism  and confidence among Americans about his leadership, providing him with substantial political clout as he confronts the nation’s economic challenges and opposition from nearly all Republicans in Congress, according to the latest New York Times/ CBS News Poll”

The aforementioned quote was taken from a column written by Zeleny and Thee-Brenan, “Way Back In February Of This Year.”

I believe that there were “White People” included in this poll. Apparently, they “Weren’t Hating On A Black Man,” to quote that great philosopher, “Janeane Garofalo, when the poll was conducted. No Jimmy Carter. No “Race Hustlers,” this is not about Barack Hussein-Obama skin color. It is about his “abysmal Incompetence,” as the leader of this country.

End of story!

The man is an utter disaster. What lunatics like Carter and members of the “Congressional Black Caucus are doing is simple. They are laying the ground-work that will preclude another Black man from ever becoming President of the United States “Ever Again.”

Americans are fair. However, if you can’t lodge a protest against your President because he is Black, they will probably reason in the future, why bother voting for someone like that?

Obama needs to tell nut-cases like Jimmy Carter and Maureen Dowd of the New York Times to “Zip It.” Their use of the race card is tantamount to signing Obama’s political death certificate. Who knows, maybe this is what the left wants. Anyone who has studied these people know full well that real racism emanates from socialist Democrats. All one has to do is look at America’s major cities along with her educational system. Who is in control of big city governments and inner city schools?

Socialist Democrats!

These people have ruined our cities with their puerile/draconian policies. And inner city schools in America? They are a mess!

By the way, the predominately controlled Democrat Congress had to show Joe Wilson “Who Is Boss.” These hypocrites had the temerity to “Rebuke” Mr. Wilson for his now famous outburst. I had to chuckle when I read the A-P account of this nonsense:

” The rare resolution of disapproval was pushed through by Democrats insisting that Wilson, a South Carolina lawmaker, had violated basic rules of decorum and civility in his outburst”

Tell me something America, where were these weasels when many in their Party “Booed” former President George W. Bush during a State of The Union Address? Where were these “Masters Of Decorum” when Nancy Pelosi, just this year, called the CIA liars?

It is like I said, there are no rules for these shameless, unabashed hypocrites from the left!

America, it is time to take out the garbage!



Before an alcoholic can ever expect to become clean and sober, he or she must admit that, “I Have A Problem.” Not the people around the alcoholic, but that person him/herself, must say openly, “I Am An Alcoholic.” Prior to becoming abstinent, the alcoholic goes through a long period of what is called “Denial.”

During the state of denial, the alcoholic, is arrogant, petulant, childish, and will use anyone that is gullible enough to believe his/her “Mountain Of Lies.” Long before the alcoholic comes to admitting he has a disease, he will not only wreck himself, but everyone who is taken in by his perpetual state of denial. Those who aid the alcoholic are called, “Co-Dependent, or Enablers.” To be Co-Dependent, a person must do a couple of things:

* Try to protect the alcoholic from the consequences of his/her


* Try to control the behavior of the alcoholic

There is evidence that alcoholics are born with what researchers call an, “Alcoholic Gene.” In other words, either the mother or the father of the offspring, passes on this gene to the neonate (Newborn). For some, all that it takes is “One Drink,” and they are hooked. The question is, are socialist Democrats born with this infirmity that they take with them  into adulthood?  The answer to this question is far too complex. However, there is evidence that shows that we are born with either a passive or more of a take charge type of personality!

Alcoholics are pretty passive, when they are not drinking. However, once they become roaring drunk, these people are not only dangerous, they are despicable to be around. Socialist Democrats are passive-aggressive individuals. A passive-aggressive person is someone who promises to follow through on an assignment, but in their heart of hearts know that they are lying. When it is discovered that the task hasn’t been performed, the passive-aggressive person will make up all kinds of excuses!

So, how are socialist Democrats like an alcoholic? For starters, these people are in a state of denial over what the American people want. Last weekend, more than “One Million Americans” marched on Washington, D.C. Not only were these “Patriots” dismissed by the socialists press, they were dismissed by the administration of President Barack Hussein-Obama. As thousands of Americans started to gather in Washington, Hussein-Obama was in an aircraft flying over “These Real Americans,” and headed to a “Staged Healthcare Rally.”

Hussein-Obama’s number one adviser, David Alexrod said of the protesters:

” They do not represent the views of the broader public when it comes to health care reform. I don’t think it’s indicative of the nation’s mood. You know, I don’t think we ought to be distracted by that. My message to them is, they’re wrong”

Barack Hussein-Obama and his administration are ignoring what the polls are saying. The majority of Americans say they aren’t interested in government run health care. But, that doesn’t matter to this bunch, “They Are In Denial.”

They are in denial, because in their elitist minds, “They Know What Is Best For You.”

The protest in Washington, D.C. was not only about the policies of Barack Hussein-Obama, the march was also about the government spending “Our” money like a drunken sailor. It was about spineless Republicans, and lying Democrats. However, in rides the co-dependent news media and other lemmings from the socialists left.

Fox’s Bill O’Reilly who is good at telling us that “We Are Looking Out For You,” must have pulled a number from his rear orifice. O’Reilly said there were “Seventy-Five Thousand” protesters in D.C. He never cited a source for this paltry number. He also discussed with Brit Hume, “The Marchers Who Were Mainly White.”

O’Reilly fretted over whether the protesters would be labeled, “Racists.” Most of you know that I don’t trust this guy, because I think he is working both sides of the political fence. Remember, this is a man who believes in “Global Warming.” This is a man by his own “Admission” is smart. O’Reilly knows damn well why the protesters were predominantly White. Hey Bill, “America Is Still Majority White.”

Furthermore, Blacks and Hispanics are largely in the camp of socialist Democrats! Black and Hispanics are with Democrats, because they are, “Co-Dependent.”

Glenn Beck who uses O’Reilly as a, “Mentor” said on Fox and Friends Tuesday morning that more than “One Million Americans” were in Washington, D.C. Beck who is an all around good guy, is a recovering alcoholic. I would encourage him to find a new mentor, because this guy O’Reilly may plunge a knife in his back at some point!

Maureen Dowd of The New York Times, is another co-dependent. She is also a lunatic. Someone had better call the little men in the white uniforms, because I believe this socialist has lost her mind.  She has accused Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina of being a racist:

” The normally nonchalant Barack(Hussein) Obama looked nonplussed, as Nancy Pelosi glowered behind. Surrounded by middle-aged white guys–a sepia snapshot of the days such pols in Washington like their own men’s club–Joe Wilson yelled ‘You Lie’ at a president who didn’t. But fair or not, what I heard was an unspoken word in the air: You lie, boy!”

Ms. Dowd needs to contact a good Clinical Psychologist. It is obvious that this crazy woman is suffering from auditory hallucinations. If a thought disorder is ruled out, as well as a mood disorder, Ms. Dowd might do well to contact a good ENT (Ear/Nose/Throat) Doctor. She may have a mountain of wax build up in her fat-head!

By the way, Hussein-Obama “Was Lying” when he said the Congressional bill did not provide health care for “Illegal Aliens.” Congressman Wilson was right in calling this pathological liar, just that, “A Liar.”

Mr. Wilson should never have apologized to this Marxist. Now, Nancy Pelosi and the rats in the socialists Democrat Party are talking about sanctioning Wilson. Boy, that would be rich. This hypocrite, Nancy Pelosi, trying to act Holier Than Thou!

Hey Nancy, how about apologizing to the CIA for calling these patriots “Liars?”

I hope these socialists do try to sanction Joe Wilson. Their anti-Americans actions will only create an atmosphere for making Wilson, “A Martyr. Go ahead arrogant Democrats, “Make Joe Wilson’s Day.”

 One Of the main reasons that the alcoholic is pushed into rehab comes when those who are co-dependent with him, allow the individual to “Hit Bottom.” Will Democrat voters turn away from the socialists/communists policies of Barack Hussein-Obama’s? I think that he has lost a large chunk of seniors with his attitude of, “My Way Or The Highway,” when it comes to health care. I also believe that he has lost the youth. What do they care about “Obamacare?”

Hell, they think they are going to live forever, anyway!

Polls show that Independents and Moderates have pulled their support for this “Alinsky Alum.” Now, all we need to do is stay focused until 2010, and beyond!

Again, America, “Never Forget Who Your Enemies Are.”




The socialist Democrat Party is like a chameleon. These people can change their political stripes overnight. Recall how at one time, Democrats had very little use for God? Well, when they discovered that Evangelicals wielded great power in this country, you couldn’t beat these phonies from going to their nearest bible store, and purchasing a version of the King James Bible to be used as a, “Prop,” in their quest to fool you!

Remember, these are the same identical people who will beat you over the head and shoulders about this false argument of “Separation of Church and State.” But, that is an argument for another day.

The Good Book says, “You’ll Know Them By The Fruits They Bear.”

The only reason that you see a socialist Democrat toting a bible around on Sundays is to pretend to be a, “Christian.” Socialism and Christianity are diametrically opposed to one another!

By the way, recall how just a few years ago, these haters of our 2nd Amendment demonized those of us who are gun owners/hunters, etc.? Even though many of us were Black, Native American, Hispanics, etc., we were all lumped together and called, “Rednecks Racists,” along with their favorite moniker,  Far Right Wing Extremists!

Talk about a major oxymoron!

Guns to a socialist Democrat are an “Evil Instrument.”

The NRA, (National Rifle Association) caused Bill Clinton to say that Al Gore lost the 2000 election to George W. Bush because of the enormous clout of this group and its four-million member gun owners. Enter so-called, “Blue Dog Democrats.” These people are supposed to be “Fiscal Conservatives,” They talk about their love of hunting and gun ownership, and the military. Even that fraud, John Kohn-Kerry, went out and purchased new hunting clothing, a shotgun, during the 2004 election, and tried to con us into believing that he was a, “Life Long Hunter.”

What this phony knows about hunting, you could put on a pin head!

I nearly split my sides laughing at this idiot when he explained how he deer hunted. He said, and I’m not kidding, “I Crawl Around On The Ground And Check The Wind.” Now, I’m a whitetail freak, and many of you are also. When was the last time you got down on your belly and checked the wind, while deer hunting. Had he said “While Stalking A Wary Bedded Whitetail,” he once crawled on the ground, that I would understand. However, this is not what he said; and he said all of this with a, “Straight, Belay That, A Lurch Looking Face.”

Remember how members of the Democrat Party used to castigate our military? It was the likes of a Barack Hussein-Obama, Hillary Rodham-Clinton, Van Jones, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid,, who despised those of us who served, honorably, in this nation’s armed forces!

Eventually, these socialists and communists sympathizers feigned love for our fighting men! Of course they didn’t mean it, but since when have you ever met a socialists Democrat that you could trust?

Barack Hussein-Obama “Walked” on his deceased grandmother in order to become President. To say that these people are without honor, would be a tremendous understatement!

I have heard people talking about “The Good Democrats” in America. Well, I have a question for you “Good Democrats.” Why would you stay in a party that is chocked full of socialists? Why would you want your name attached to a party that recently saw a self-avowed “Communist,” that being ex-green czar, Van Jones, being shown the door. Jones not only was caught on tape giving rambling, incoherent racists speeches, this same Van Jones, affixed his name to a crazy document that stated, President George Walker Bush was responsible for the 09/11/01 attack on the World Trade Center!

If you are a “Good Democrat,” why are you still in this party? No, I am in no way suggesting that you join the Republican Party, these people have their own set of problems. However, show me “One Socialist, Or One Communist” within the ranks of the GOP!

I’ll wait!

America, “Do Not Ever Forget” who these Democrats are. Furthermore, do not ever forget what the socialists press has done to us. I don’t care how much these anti-Americans try to change in the future, do not ever forget who these people are. The Democrats or members of the socialists press will never change. Oh, they will play a shell game with you, but they will always be the “Enemy Of Freedom.”


While researching my book, “Democrat: Thy Name Is Narcissist,” I was stunned at the number of socialists who are in the Democrat Party; and who are presently serving in the U.S. Congress. See if you can recognize any of the names found below:

* Nancy Pelosi (No Shock Here)

* John Lewis (Civil Rights Icon?)

* Barney Frank (Poster Child For Homosexual Rights)

* Eric Massa (Recently Caught On Tape Saying He Didn’t Care What His Constituents Thought, He Would Vote For Obamacare If He Felt It Was “In Their Best Interest”)

* Sheila Jackson-Lee

* Bobby Rush (Former Black Panther Thug/Convicted Criminal)

* Luis Guiterrez (Huge Proponent Of Granting Amnesty To Illegal Aliens)

* John Conyers

* Dennis Kucinich (Believes In “Flying Saucers”)

* Keith Ellison (The Only Openly Serving Muslim In The U.S. Congress)

These people call themselves, “Progressives,” however, there is nothing progressive about them. They are power hungry, and seek to not only topple our Republic, they want total control of the American people!

They have the help of a disgraceful socialists press that has dropped all pretenses of being fair and balanced. These shameful creatures are not disturbed that the world knows they are in the tank for Barack Hussein-Obama. They hide behind the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution while all the time lying and providing cover for “The Messiah.”

I don’t know if the socialists/communists knew this or not, but there was a little get together in the Nation’s Capitol over the weekend. A little group of “Tens Of Thousands” of Americans came together to protest not only the policies of Hussein-Obama’s, these “Patriots” were also in town to put Congress on notice. Cease and desist from walking on our Constitution!

I doubt if these arrogant jackals know this or not, but have awaken a sleeping giant!

The so-called big three networks ignored these patriotic Americans. Their focus was on Barack Hussein-Obama, who was out “Campaigning Against The Will Of The American People.” He is hell-bent on shoving Universal Health Care down our throats. In all of my years on this planet, I have never witnessed a U.S. President not only make fun of his fellow Americans. I have never seen an American President face off against the majority!

Where I’m from, we would tell this narcissist, “Boy, You’ve Gotten Too Big For Your Britches.”

 Hussein-Obama’s paid political hacks hit the airwaves and condemned the Washington protest. One African-American Democrat consultant called the protesters, “Little Lemmings, Being Led Off A Cliff.”

Her incongruent smile convinced me that she was pissed off at these upstanding Americans going against the wishes of, “The One.”

America, now that you are fully awake, “Do Not Ever Forget” who these socialist Democrats and their pals in the socialists press are. You now have your paradigm. Work on this paradigm each and every day, until the Almighty calls you home. If you ever find that these “legislators” are voting against your interests, work hard to kick them out of office. Be vigilant and stay focused.

These people are “Not” friends of our Republic!



I was talking to my wife the other day. I said, “Remember The Black Radicals From The 1960’s?” She said that she did. She also agreed with me that Barack Hussein-Obama reminded her of those radicals, who did do some good things. For example, the Black Panthers in Oakland, California made sure that children received food. Other radicals, i.e., Dr. Martin Luther King, demanded that African-Americans be treated in the same fashion that all of God’s children should be treated!

I pointed out that there was a glaring difference between Dr. King and the Panthers. There is a huge difference between Dr. King and this present President of the United States. I don’t ever recall Dr. King being chummy with socialists and communists. Barack Hussein-Obama has been. I don’t recall Dr. King “Dumping” on America, every chance that he got. Barack Hussein-Obama will rail against this great country whenever the opportunity presents itself!

He looks real cozy next to the socialist dictator of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. In fact, he helped this demagogue, Chavez, increase the sales of a relatively unknown, anti-American book earlier this year. Remember that sad and pathetic photo of these two Marxists yucking it up?

When I saw this socialist, Barack Hussein-Obama, laying a wreath at the Pentagon today, in commemoration to those who died on 09/11/01, something in my gut said, “This Guy Is Just Going Through The Motions, He Doesn’t Mean What He Is Doing.”

Next, I saw this Marxist and his angry wife, Michelle, standing with their hands over their hearts, I knew at that point, all this stuff was simply obligatory. In other words, since he was President, he and the “First Lady” had to fake their love for this country. Both had a look on their faces that seemed to say, “I Can’t Wait To Get The Hell Out Of Here.”

Remember, it was Michelle Obama who said:

” For the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback”

This outrageous statement from a woman who benefitted from the blood, sweat, and yes, “Deaths” of those who died during the Civil Rights Movement in this country. What a total ingrate, not to mention, “American Hater.” Then, what do you expect from a woman who sat with her husband for twenty long years in the racist, hate filled church of, the reverend Jeremiah Wright’s?

I was born and raised in the segregated south. Therefore, I was left wondering what the hell was this “privileged Chicago” woman talking about, when she said, “I feel like hope is making a comeback.” Making a comeback? Michelle you should have really seen and experienced what racism was like in the 1950’s.  This “Spoiled Brat,” and her equally spoiled, “Cry Baby” of a husband are reaping the benefits of what brave men and women had to experience, in order to bring “Real Change” to this nation.

Barack Hussein-Obama is as radical as they come. Radicalism stands for change. I am all for tweaking the system when it needs tweaking. However, what this socialist is attempting to do is to change our democracy into a socialist state.  Try and find one mention of our brave troops deployed in harms way, that came from this man’s mouth on this momentous day. This socialist wants to turn 09/11 into a day of “National Service.”

Who are we to serve? If you said “The Marxist-In Chief,” you are correct. Again, this “National Day Of Service” is not about those who died. It is not about our brave men and women who are deployed in theatre in Iraq and Afghanistan. No sir!

This is all about Barack Hussein-Obama!

I don’t trust this man for a number of reasons. I definitely do not trust him with the safety of the American people. I find myself in good company. For example, former Vice-President, Dick Cheney recently reiterated his fears for the safety of the American people with Hussein-Obama as Commander-In Chief. Now, former Lt. Colonel, Ralph Peters, who writes for the New York Post has chimed in:

” Eight years ago our homeland was attacked by fanatical Muslims inspired by Saudi Arabian bigotry. Three thousand American citizens died. We’ve learned nothing. Instead of cracking down on Muslim extremism, we excused it. Instead of killing terrorists, we free them”

Those of us who are Psychologists have a term that we use when one can remember an important event that has been etched into our conscious/subconscious minds. It is called “Flashbulb Memory.”

You remember the time, where you were at, the weather, and what you were doing on 09/11/01, I bet. You recall how this nation came together as one. The American flag was flown from our front lawns, and on our motor vehicles. We were not Democrats or Republicans.

We were “All Americans.”

People like Barack Hussein-Obama have appeared since that infamous day in our nation’s history. Instead of buoying our spirits. Instead of reminding us that we are a nation of “Can Do People,” this man and his entourage of socialists and communists are doing all that they can to un-do what used to be “One Nation Under God.”

As an African-American, one would expect me to be in the vanguard of those cheering this country’s first Black President on. I have said this before: Black people are not a monolith!

I have never been so ashamed of an American President, as I am of this man, Barack Hussein-Obama!



The name of Congressman Joe Wilson was hardly a household name a week ago. However, on this day, South Carolina Congressman, Joe Wilson, is known around the world. Why? Congressman Wilson did something that many of us have been waiting to hear for sometime. Whether the milieu was the proper place to do it, this courageous South Carolina Congressman, had apparently had a belly full of the lies, misinformation and disinformation that has flowed from the socialist mouth of one, Barack Hussein-Obama!

As you know by now, Hussein-Obama gave America “Another Speech” on Wednesday night. This arrogant, self-centered man, felt it was necessary to speak before a Joint Session of Congress. Was he declaring war? No. Was he telling Americans that he had finally spent us into bankruptcy? No!

This whining, “Cry Baby” was back at it again, telling one lie after another concerning Government run health care insurance. Apparently, Congressman Wilson had taken all that he could take when Hussein-Obama said that those of us saying illegal aliens would be covered by the Government’s health care plan, were dissimulators of misinformation.

Congressman Wilson shouted out, “YOU LIE.”

The look on the botox face of Nancy Pelosi, was priceless. Her heavily sculptured plastic surgery jaw nearly hit the floor. I nearly fell out of my chair from guttural laughter. You can see this fake, Nancy Pelosi on Youtube. Just google Youtube/ Nancy Pelosi’s Jaw Drops. I will guarantee you that you will laugh until you, well, you get my point!

You see in the world of the elites like Nancy Pelosi, it is okay to call the Central Intelligence Agency, a bunch of liars. In the botox world of Nancy Pelosi, it is okay to sit down and chat with the terrorist leader of Syria, thus breaking this nation’s Logan Act, which should have landed her elitist ass in jail. However, in this case, it was her “King,” Barack Hussein-Obama, who was being called out. You see America, in the world of Nancy Pelosi, there are two sets of rules: One set is for you “Little People,” and the other set is for the “Important” people like, Nancy Pelosi!

On the night of September 9, 2009, Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina, “Shocked The World.”

Yeah, I know that he has subsequently apologized, and the White House is said to have told him that “All Is Forgiven.” But, we all know that Wilson meant what he said, and the White House is furious with this Southerner gentleman. Southerners are known for their grit and total honesty. As a Son of The South, the one thing that I can promise you is this. When a Southerner gives you his or her word, “You Can Take That To The Bank.”

We dislike liars, cheats, lazy no-accounts, and people who don’t respect God, Country or their Families. We have this egocentric man who sits in the White House who thinks that it is his innate right to fundamentally ram Socialism and Communism down our throats. This phony “Hope And Change” bull crap that so many of you blindly bought into has “Never” been about the good of this country.

It has always been about the images being created for Barack Hussein-Obama “Now,” and for posterity!

The man couldn’t care less about you. And by the way, Hussein-Obama doesn’t care if you live or die tomorrow. This entire debate about health care is about “Control Of You, Mr. And Mrs. America.”

It is also about billions and trillions of dollars that will line the pockets of people like Al Gore, and Jeffrey Immelt, the head of General Electric, which also happens to own NBC, and MSNBC.

So, Joe Wilson called Barack Hussein-Obama “A Liar.”

Big Deal!

The left in case you haven’t noticed, has a very short memory: At least, they are hoping that you can’t recall what they did when George W. Bush was in the White House.  I went back a couple of years and found this interesting article in the New York Times. The headline read: Reid’s Relationship With Bush Enters Deep Freeze!

In this 2007 article, Reid, the Senate Majority Leader calls President Bush:

* A Loser

* A Liar

* King George

Oh yeah, Reid apologized, but only about calling Bush “A Loser.” Now, let me see if I’ve got this straight, it is okay for those on the left to call our President a liar, but heaven forbid if a Republican or Conservative calls “The Messiah, A Liar?”

The writer of the New York Times article points out the number of times that Reid referred to Bush as “This Guy.” Listen to this gem of a quote from this weasel, Harry Reid:

” I am mystified, dumfounded about how difficult it is to work with this guy”

The NYT’s article also said that Reid was guilty of using the word “HATE” when discussing the former President with friends or colleagues. When confronted over the use of the word hate, Reid said, “It’s political, not personal hatred that I feel.”

Yeah right, Harry!

Democrats have a habit of calling Republicans liars. When Condi Rice was seeking confirmation for the post of Secretary of State, some socialist Democrat by the name of Mark Dayton, who is no longer on Capitol Hill said of Ms. Rice:

” I don’t like impugning someone’s integrity, but I really don’t like being lied to repeatedly, flagrantly, intentionally”

At the time that he spoke, Dayton like so many of his “Monday Morning Quarterback” Democrat pals, was saying that Rice and members of the Bush administration had lied to them as to why we went to war in Iraq. No one twisted Dayton’s arm to make him or any other socialists give the President the authority to oust Saddam Hussein. However, when these two-faced scoundrels saw the opportunity where they could make political hay out of no weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq, these so-called “Lovers Of Their Country,” turned on President Bush like the jackals they are!

In the meantime, wacko leftwing bloggers are going crazy over Congressman Joe Wilson’s comment.  Below is a sampling of some of the nuts out there, putting in their two cents:

* He’s (Joe Wilson) an idiot and he is a disgrace to his office. Any president should be allowed to speak to congress without outbursts or interruptions from the audience

* This isn’t parliament. We don’t behave like that. Well, except the mental midget from South Carolina

Very interesting how the left thinks when it comes to the “Chosen One.”They think that like them, we are supposed to genuflect and allow this Marxist to walk all over the U.S. Constitution; not to mention us, as a people. We aren’t supposed to protest. We aren’t supposed to offer up a minutia of dissent to this administration.

Like hell I won’t!

What is interested are Republicans who are blasting Joe Wilson. Lindsay Graham, a U.S. Senator from South Carolina, and a man who makes me sick to my stomach, because of his need to kiss the rear ends of socialist Democrats, made this God awful statement:

” It was an inappropriate remark and I’m glad an apology has been made”

Hey Lindsay, maybe you should give the Congressman a special pair of your “Knee Pads.” Seriously, we finally have a guy who has a set of cajones call this pathological lying President out, and some members of his Party rush to dis-own him? This is one more example why Republicans must wake up and smell the coffee. Again, Congressman Wilson said what many of us have been saying for months. We are sick and tired of this Chicago thug treating us like a bunch of imbeciles. We are also sick and tired of “Apple Polishers” like Lindsay Graham!

Here’s a little history trivia: It was the South that fired the first shot that started the Civil war.

Guess where it took place?

At Fort Sumter, South Carolina, on April 10, 1861.

It took guts for those men to take on the government during this time: It also took a South Carolinian, with the same intestinal fortitude, to take on the Marxist President of this country, Barack Hussein-Obama!

May God bless Congressman Joe Wilson!



For months, members of the GOP have sat on the side lines like a chaste woman, legs tightly closed together, and for good measure, adorned themselves with a “Chastity Belt,” figuratively speaking!

They listened to the Government run media, and didn’t use the words that most of us either use in our writings, or speaking to one another. See, these “leaders” didn’t want to get this popular President’s constituents mad at them. Now that Barack Hussein-Obama’s approval numbers are in the mid forties, some “Brave” members of the GOP are starting to find their “Cajones.”

These leeches remind me of an authoritarian boss, who takes the credit for a plan that helps his company; but, the plan was thought of by an employee. The lecherous, boorish boss, forces himself to the head of the line, and demands credit for something that another person had the gumption to “Think Of.”

Now that it is obvious that there is a huge chink in the armour of President Barack Hussein-Obama’s narcissistic skin, these big, bad Republicans are starting to come from underneath their rocks, and acting as though they are the ones responsible for the current status of Hussein-Obama, as well as the Socialist Democrat Party.  I expect that at some point, these worms will wiggle their way into the various tea parties being held around the country. They will attempt to insert themselves into being “Keynote Speakers.”

Memo To The GOP: This “Grassroots Movement” is just as much about your  wasteful spending under the Bush administration as it is about Barack Hussein-Obama and his Socialist/Communist Democrat Party. So, Stay On The Side Lines, Unless You Are A, Conservative Republican, Or Conservative!

In other words, what I am saying to the would be “Johnny Come Latelies,” we aren’t interested in hearing from you!

George W. Bush could have gone down in history as a great President. However, truth be told, Bush was mediocre at best. He was too busy trying to be liked by the socialists left in this country. Sure Bush stood up for the 2nd Amendment, and gave us two Conservative Supreme Court Justices. For that, I applaud him. However, Mr. Bush joined with the late Ted Kennedy and Barack Hussein-Obama, and less we forget, John “Juan” McCain in pushing a bill that would have given illegal aliens, most from Mexico, American citizenships status!

Bush also gave us our first “Stimulus Package.”

George W. Bush was no friend of Conservatives. Be that as it may, I do respect this man much mor than I do this present Marxist President. Many Republicans still don’t get it. The myriad tea parties are just as much about them as it is about socialist Democrats. The only “Republican Conservative” out there that I would honestly vote for is the erstwhile, Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin!

This diminutive woman has shown these girlie men Republicans how it should be done.  You won’t get any weasel language from Mrs. Palin. She will tell you the truth, “In Plain Old American English.”

You may not like where she is coming from, but you damn well know where this frontier woman stands. Alas, as much as I love and respect this woman, Mrs. Palin would insure that we would have to endure another four years of Marxist, Barack Hussein-Obama, should she enter and win the GOP Presidential nomination in 2012. In another three and a half years, this country will be completely down the toilet, given the policies that this socialist has put forth.

However, that won’t matter to the cult like figures who follow Barack Hussein-Obama around as though the man is the “Second Coming.” Hussein-Obama will be able to galvanize these idiots, i.e., college students, Blacks/Hispanics, and the socialists press, who have finally shown us their true colors, which is “RED.”

The Republican Party will need to discontinue with their us of the  Marquess of Queensbury Rules, as they battle socialists Democrats. These are vicious people who are supported by American haters. By the way, who are the Republicans trying to impress? If they are attempting to impress the American people, they should have taken notice of the “Fire In The Belly” of Americans who attended recent town hall meetings. There was no mincing of words from these, “Real Americans.”

They “Said What They Meant, And Meant What They Said.”

Memo To Fraidy Cat Republicans: This is what the American people want for you to do. Stand up and say what is on your mind. For example, why has it taken these cowards so long to start calling Barack Hussein-Obama a, “Marxist?” Why did it take the GOP so long to denounce former green czar, Van “The Self-Admitted Commie” Jones?

Where is the head of the GOP, Michael Steele? If Republicans think that the American people will do what amounts to “Changing The Deck Chairs On The Titanic” in 2010, and give them the keys to Congress, they need to wake up!

We are sick and tired of mealy mouth legislators, who are only in politics to become America’s next millionaire.

How about the next President being someone who truly places “Country First?” How about a new Congress that truly places The United States of America First, and not their political careers?

America, it is time to take out the garbage in Washington, D.C.

Some of this garbage belongs in the GOP!



America, make no mistake about it, former “Green Czar,” Van Jones, is only the tip of the iceberg in the socialists/communist administration of Barack Hussein-Obama’s. Obama as per his modus operandi, threw the self-admitted Communist, Jones under the bus, “After Mid-Night,”over the Labor Day weekend. Jones who made some of the most outrageous statements against this country and White people, was an Oakland “Community Organizer” before this country’s socialist President decided to reward him for his duties as a disruptor, and shake down artist, and moved this enemy of freedom into the White House!

I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Glenn Beck of The Fox News Network, “Is The Man Responsible” for Jones being unemployed at the moment. I have noticed that many in the media, socialists and Conservatives, have had to bite their lip so to speak, before acknowledging that it was Beck who broke this “Major Story.”

For the most part, those in the socialists press aren’t giving credit for this “Major Shake-Up” in the Hussein-Obama administration. When I was a broadcast journalist up until the early 1980’s, it was “Unethical” to do what these leeches are doing today. Someone like Beck, who is not even a “Journalist,” but a news commentator, would make those of us who were journalists, work even harder. But, we still attributed our sources to a story of this size.

It was the ethical thing to do!

For some of you jealous Conservatives, I thought that we were on the same team? Give Mr. Beck credit for being a stand up guy, and for being a standing target, and taking the political arrows from the White House, George Soros led communist groups, along with the “Sorry”socialists press, some of whom who are “Defending” this Commie, Van Jones.

In his letter of resignation, Commie, Van Jones, blamed everyone else but his freedom hating arse for being told to pack up his “Mao” loving duds and hit the bricks:

” On the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me. They are using lies and distortions to distract and divide”

Typical “Communists/Socialists” rhetoric. Defocus from the “Truth,” and “Shoot The Messenger.” Notice that this slime ball did not disavow any of the statements that he made:

* Republicans are assholes

* White kids are the only group that mounts

Columbine type shootings

* Whites are polluting the water of inner city Blacks

* George Bush is like a “Crack Head”

* Signed his name to a “9/12 Truther Document,” which

says it was the Bush administration that “Blew Up The Twin


The White House is attempting to con us into believing that they didn’t know about this guy’s past.What planet are these people living on? When I was in the United States Marine Corps, I possessed a “Top Secret Clearance.” That is as high as one can get in government. Suffice it to say that I guarded some sensitive material. Before I received my Top Secret Clearance, the FBI, pardon the colloquial language, “Climbed Up My Butt.” They knew the day and hour that I drew my first breath on this planet!

So, please Mr. Obama, don’t even try to convince me that you didn’t know about this Communist, and that you don’t support his ideology. After all, it was your “Mentor, Valerie Jarret And Your Wife, Michelle Obama,” who pushed for Jones to get the green job. Obama’s mentor, Ms. Jarrett, can be found on Youtube, discussing how the “White House” had been impressed with the work of this Commie, during his days in Oakland, California!

America, it is not time to start dancing in the streets, and giving one another high fives just because Van Jones is gone. First of all, Jones isn’t going anywhere. Secondly, if you think that Jones will not be around to give Barack Hussein-Obama “Advice,” you need to think again. He is now “Free” to go back to his community organizing roots.

Van Jones is now unmuzzled!

Here is something else that you need to consider. Barack Hussein-Obama has been “embarrassed” by Glenn Beck. If you think this Marxist and “Commie Lover” isn’t pissed off at Beck and those of us on the right, you need to open your eyes. Because of his narcissistic personality disorder, this man in his mind has been “Offended,” and he will demand “Satisfaction.”

Obama will lie to you and pretend that he has heard you, but don’t trust this man. Like under the cover of darkness, he jettisoned Van Jones, Barack Hussein-Obama will be coming for us. This is why it will be important to stay “Focused” on his entire evil administration!

For example, Mark LLoyd is another piece of vermin that works for Hussein-Obama. This LLoyd is just as dangerous as Van Jones. He is Hussein-Obama’s “Media Diversity Czar.”

It will be LLoyd’s job to implement diversity on the airwaves. In other words, LLoyd has the charge to get rid of people like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. He will order that Conservative Talk Shows give socialists and communists a chance to speak. He will also have the authority to say if a station isn’t hiring enough Blacks, women, and Latinos. If a stations balks at the demands of this Marxist, Mark LLoyd, he can take away their licenses. By the way, LLoyd is a “Big Fan” of Hugo Chavez, the fat-mouth dictator of Venezuela.

This Marxist, Mark LLoyd called Chavez’s grab for power, “An Incredible Revolution.”

The Free Republic according to Seton Motley of the Media Research Center said, LLoyd “Wants to bring Chavez’s version of the Fairness Doctrine to America.” Motley says LLoyd wants to “Shut You Up By Shutting You Down.”

America, this White House is infested with “Lice,” all the way from the bottom to the top.  We need to demand starting today, that this President follow the Constitution, and make his administration an, “Open Book.”

The best infectious fighter against lice is “Sunlight.”

Memo To Barack Hussein-Obama: Enough with the Czars!

We get it!

 These Czars are being hired at record numbers, in order to topple our democracy. Get to know who these socialists and communists are: And don’t ever stop protesting, and demanding that Barack Hussein-Obama “Obey The Law.”

This coming Saturday will witness the largest Conservative protest held in this country. It is hoped that millions will converge on Washington, D.C. But, this is just a prelude to what we have to do, until Barack Hussein-Obama, and the haters of freedom, both Democrats and Republicans “Are History.”

The real work has just started. So a word of caution. Don’t get giddy yet my friends. Keep tightening the screws on this Marxist President. Remember, “Do Not Watch His Right Hand, Stay Focused On His Left.”

Never believe a word that comes from this socialist mouth. Because if you do, there is “Always” an ulterior motive swirling around in his Marxist brain!

Whatever he is thinking is “Anti-American, And Anti-Freedom.”



                                                         HE ALONE WHO OWNS THE YOUTH, GAINS THE


                                                                          ADOLPH HITLER, SPEECH AT THE

                                                                         REICHSPARTEITAG, 1935


Just when I thought I had seen and heard it all from this Marxist President–this rascal turns around and does a one up on me, and the rest of America!

True Americans by now have figured out this malevolent man, Barack Hussein-Obama.  He is an anti-capitalist, and a supporter of Marxism and Communism. He has purposely allowed the American economy to tank, so that the people of this country will eventually have to come to him with”Cup In Hand,” and beg to be saved. America, we need to stop playing around with words, and call it the way that we see it. This man does not believe in democracy. This is as clear as the nose on your face. As I have written in the past, if by now you can’t see where Barack Hussein-Obama is coming from, you are either an idiot, socialist, or communist!

No fence sitting is allowed in this debate, because the “Heart And Soul Of America” is at stake!

When Adolph Hitler sought to put together his dictatorship in Germany in the 1930’s, he set his sights on the youth. America’s young people are largely responsible for placing a Marxist in the White House. They had a charismatic figure, who speaks “The King’s English,” and he spoke their language of universal love and happiness for everyone!

Like their “Flower Children” parents and grandparents of the 1960’s, these “Kids” didn’t have a clue as to who they were dancing with. They were too caught up in the melodic tones of one, Barack Hussein-Obama. Now that he is President, it is too late to say, “I Made A Mistake.”

The mistake that you made was not “Processing” what this socialist was saying on the campaign stump.

Our surreal nightmares have now been manifested into our conscious minds.  Barack Hussein-Obama will soon do something that “No Other American President” has done to date. He will speak to America’s school children from grades K-6 on September 8th, 2009. More on this outrageous arrogance of Hussein-Obama’s later!

When Adolph Hitler and his Nazi Party took over the reigns of the German government in 1933, these evil men and women, began to shape the young minds of the German youth. Schools would continue to teach students reading and math. However, something else was added to their curriculum.  They were to read stories of “Adloph Hitler.”

Hitler was considered by the puppets of his time to be “The Saviour” of Germany. Who was it? Oh yes, “Mister Louis Farrahkan” who called Barack Hussein-Obama in a Mosque sermon, “The One.”

How eerily similar!

In Hitler’s Germany, teachers were told that their judgment was no longer considered valid. They now had to rely on the judgment and common sense of, “The State.”  Teachers in Germany had no choice, either teach Nazi propaganda, or face certain death. In the meantime, the boys in Germany were told early on in life that they were the superior beings of the planet. Further, they were told that it was their inherent right to rule the earth and place into shackles, “Inferior People.”

German boys at that time eagerly joined Hitler Jugend, known today, as Hitler’s “Brown Shirts.” These boys wore the same attire that the adult males wore. To say that they looked up to these thugs would be a major understatement. The German boys were told that being a soldier in Hitler’s Third Reich, supplanted everything else!

And what of the German girls? They too joined a similar organization, the Bunde Deutscher Madel, or League of German Girls. These girls also wore uniforms, which consisted of a white, or Navy blue shirt and skirt. These young women were taught that their only existence was to procreate the homeland. They were to be subservient to their husbands, and have as many children as humanly possible.

This brings us to our “Snake Oil Salesman–The President of The United States of America.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, the more things change, the more they remain the same. Here we have a play-book set before us showing us exactly what Adolph Hitler did, and we have before us, Barack Hussein-Obama using the works of the late American Marxist, Saul Alinsky, and now “Adolph Hitler.”

To listen to the White House, what the President will do next Tuesday is totally benign. Oh Really? America, you be the judge. First of all, you need to ask yourselves, why is this man talking to our children? Next, you need to ask yourselves, do I want my child being used as a tool of “The State” to further the goals and objectives of America’s Marxist President?

Husein-Obama purportedly will call on students in his “speech” writes The Politico:

” To work hard, set goals for their education and take responsibility for their learning. He will also call for a shared responsibility and commitment on the part of students, parents and educators to ensure that every child in every school receives the best education possible so they can compete in the global economy for good jobs and live rewarding and productive lives as American citizens”

Sounds harmles, right? Then why did Anne Duncan, the head of the Department of Education call on teachers to formulate lesson plans centered around “The Chosen One’s Speech”?

Ms. Duncan would like students in America to involve themselves in such lively debates on the following subjects after listening to King Obama speak:

* Why is it important that we listen to the President and other

elected officials, like the mayor, senators, members of congress, or the governor?

* Why is what they say important?

* What is the President trying to tell me?

* What is the President asking me to do?

*  Is he asking anything or anyone else? Teachers,

Principals? Parents? The American people?

Students will also be encouraged to make “Posters Of Obama’s Quotes.”

Are you kidding me?

America, it is starting to get really scary. This man has either lost his mind, or he plans to “Rule With An Iron Fist,” regardless of what you think. Some Americans have already started to fight back. For example, in Houston, Texas, parents are planning to remove their kids from school next Tuesday.  They say they will not stand for Hussein-Obama indoctrinating their children. Some of Obama’s critics have taken to the Internet as a way to create an avalanche of opposition to what Obama is planning to do.

I had to chuckle when I read a comment from this dunderhead by the name of Kathy Miller, the president of the Texas Freedom Network, which “monitors public education in Texas.”  You have to read what this nitwit had to say to believe that someone who is said to be educated can’t see the similarities between what Adolph Hitler did and what Barack Hussein-Obama is now doing:

” I wish our elected leaders were responsible enough to denounce this kind of wild-eyed paranoia. But the problem is too many of them are actually feeding this kind of nonsense, like when the governor flirts with secessionists and State Board of Education members say the president sympathizes with terrorists”

Miller’s group, like so many liberal groups, sound harmless, but after doing some checking on the Texas Freedom Network, guess what?

They are socialists!

By the way, one of the tactics that socialists use is to denounce their detractors. Next, they attempt to isolate them. This is what Miller is doing when she calls people like this writer, “Wild Eyed And Paranoid.” Sorry  Kathy, but you aren’t qualified to perform a psychological assessment on “Anyone,” save your sorry socialist butt!

See America, they want you to think that you are “Crazy” if you oppose their “Crazy Schemes.” Don’t “EVER” give them the power to assess your mental state. Keep standing up, and bodly questioning Barack Hussein-Obama, or any other lemming in or outside of his administration, whose political doctrine is the antithesis of our Republic!

America, it is now or never. Either we fight these communists and socialists with every “Legal” approach in our arsenal, or we can kiss this country goodbye.

Please take note, these people are no longer hiding!



Up until now, Barack Hussein-Obama has been portrayed by the socialists press as someone who is infallible, and loved by one and all, not only in this country, but around the world. Now that we know that Obama is made of clay, like the rest of us, and “No, He Doesn’t Walk On Water,” this narcissist is about to have his little self-centered world, “ROCKED.”

Obama’sfifteen-minutes of fame are up because of his myriad foibles, and his enormous arrogance, along with his pathological need to lie to the American people time and time again. The latest Rasmussen poll shows Barack Hussein-Obama’s approval rating at an emaciated “46%.” What the socialists press is failing to tell you is that Hussein-Obama is losing support not only from Independents and Moderates, and “Democrats”:He is also losing support from, “African-Americans.”

It is being reported that only “75%” of Black -Americans now support this fraud. Black people are not the docile fools that Hussein-Obama thought they would be. They aren’t about to commit “Hari Kari” over his Government run health care plan. African-Americans have a long tradition of taking care of “Grandma And Grandpa.” In many cases, it is these folks who raise their children’s children. Blacks now know that “Obamacare” would establish “Death Panels” for their “Grands.”

Contrary to popular belief, there is only so far that Blacks will go to support a, “Brother Or A Sister.” To use the old colloquial language of my people, “Don’t Mess With The Kitchen Folk.”

By the way, how’s that “Hope And Change” working out for you now Hussein?

Today, I am going to wear my Clinical Psychologist hat, and use what information that Hussein-Obama has given to us, in order to draw you a picture of who I think this man really is. You don’t have to have a Ph.D. to understand that this man loves the lime-light. He loves to be front and center, and have people by the millions, genuflecting before him.  The question is why are so many people so naive when it comes to unmasking this, “Man-Child?”

I believe that there is a thirst in the soul of every man, woman, boy and girl that seeks to be quenched. Poor people, rich people, Black people, White people, Brown people, Red people, Yellow people and in-between people, search the world over for everlasting eternal peace. I have found over my many years of practicing Psychology that there are countless people who are willing to give up their individuality in order to be liked. In the field of alcoholism, we call them, “People Pleasers.”

These people will go to any length to hear someone like Barack Hussein-Obama say, “You Matter To Me.” When they hear words, or words to this effect, they find temporary solace, and a purpose in life. Eventually, they meet someone else whom they will have to work their tails off in order to receive that person’s approval. It is an endless circle. This is why so many people use drugs and alcohol, because they simply can’t stand rejection. Many of these people end up committing suicide because they fail to convince a mere mortal, “To Like Them.”

Why are these people like this you ask? Well, to answer that we would have to look at the age old argument of “Nature Vs. Nuturance.”

Nature has to do with what we arrive in this world with. In other words, we are given the components from our Mother and Father; and their relatives. This makes up half of our personality.  Are you with me so far? Good!

Now, the word Nurturance has to do with the environment. There is little question that our surroundings help to shape the human organism. Our friends play a big part in shaping our personalities. Even the great John Wayne admits that he studied for weeks, the famous walk that he came to be known for. The “Duke” stole this walk from the actor, Yakima Kanutt, who was also a well known rodeo rider, mediocre cowboy action star and later a Hollywood director. So, the next time you see the Duke saunter down a dusty trail, know that Yakima Kanutt helped to shape some of Mr. Wayne’s personality.

By the way, the environment can make up at least 50% of who we will end up being in life!

Barack Hussein-Obama was more than likely an introvert as a young child. He admits to using cocaine as a young man. The literature on this drug tells us that people who gravitate to cocaine have a difficult time in expressing themselves in a sober state. Cocaine gives them the false notion that they are “Powerful And Have Unlimited Intellectual Prowess.”

I once had a female patient tell me that when she was high off of cocaine, she felt that she could actually counsel the President of The United States!

We have no idea how long Barack Hussein-Obama used cocaine. However, he discovered in adulthood that he possessed the extraordinary gift of oration. It is possible that this “gift” helped Hussein-Obama fall deeper into the world of narcissism. I believe that this gift along with “Nurturance” from those in his environment helped to convince Hussein-Obama that he could “Read The Names From A Telephone Book,” and hypnotize people!

You would have to be an idiot to not recognize that this man is brilliant. However, it is Barack Hussein-Obama’s brilliance that will lead to his un-doing. Because you see America, this man has convinced himself that he has the blood of a deity running through his veins. There have been countless others like this man who came well before him, who possessed the same gifts. Rather than use these gifts for good, they like Barack Hussein-Obama, decided to “Step On People.”

It takes an extraordinary set of circumstances for Conservatives to gather en-masse and do what appears to be inherent within the left wing in this country. On September 12, 2009, millions of Americans will staged a massive protest in Washington, D.C. Contrary to what the socialists press has tried to paint a picture of, this is not about Barack Hussein-Obama. I know that these enemies of true freedom have attempted to say that anyone who protests against Hussein-Obama is a racist.

We get it, socialists. We know that you want to shut us up. But, that ain’t going to happen anymore!

If this man’s skin was that damn thin, he should have gotten involved in crocheting for a living. We all know that Barack Hussein-Obama is not some fragile piece of humanity, who needs to be handled with care. This is an angry and vindictive man, who demands people in his circle, “Snap To And Be Obedient.”

To do otherwise, is considered an affront to this inglorious Marxist!

Take note of how his eyes will “Glaze Over” when he has a crowd of automatons shouting, Barack, Barack, Barack!

He has never been treated in the fashion that he will witness on September 12th. Again, this is not all about this egocentric little man. However, in his mind, he will think that the protesters “Are Out To Get Him.”

Since I can’t control how this man thinks, and I have no desire to Lord over him, I say, “Let Him Wallow In His Own Self-Imposed Misery.” True Americans know that the protesters will be in Washington to shake that city’s very foundations because we are tired of:

* Government’s big nose in our business

* Health care being rammed down our throats

* Arrogant lawmakers, be they Democrat or

Republican, acting like they are God Almighty

* Weak kneed Republicans

* Phony Conservatives, who are really “Liberal


* Being told to sit down and shut up

* Tax and spend Democrats and Republicans

* The socialists and communists who are now in

our central government

Red bloodied Americans are also sick and tired of how socialists Democrats treat our brave troops. When was the last time that you heard this President invited a member of the armed forces to the White House with his family to have dinner? You haven’t. However, Barack Hussein-Obama, according to the Government run, Associated Press, “Praised American Muslims for enriching the nation’s culture at a dinner to celebrate the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.”

Something in my gut said this wasn’t right. This man who claims to be a “Christian,” hasn’t found a church home in D.C., yet he has time to ‘Praise Allah.”

Here is something else that made my blood boil about this “celebration.” Hussein-Obama writes the A-P:

” Joined his Cabinet, members of the diplomatic corps and lawmakers to pay tribute to what he called, ‘A great religion and its commitment to justice and progress”

Something stinks in this White House. I’ll leave it at that!

Americans are just plain “Tired” of the same old bull crap that comes from the mouths of both parties. We are tired as hell, and as the character in the movie, “Network,” opened a window, and screamed out loud in 1976, “We Are Mad As Hell, And We Are Not Going To Take It Any More.” 

On September 12th, you will hear chants of, “I Want My Country Back.” Liberals will try to say, this is a racist chant. But, nothing could be further from the truth. This chant that will go forth will simply say to the left, “You Have Gone As Far As We Will Let You.” For over forty years, these weasels have beaten up on the conscious minds of good people that they have a debt to pay: Yet, that debt can never be marked, “Paid In Full.”

See, if the debt is ever marked paid in full, people would have to get up off of their tired, lazy asses, and “Do For Themselves. Not To Mention, Use That Three Pound Organ That Sits Between Their Ears–And Think.”

Barack Hussein-Obama, along with his socialists and communists friends have now awakened a sleeping giant.

On September 12th, 2009, that giant with “Roar.”

But, don’t expect this narcissist to hunker down. He will act like a wounded animal and will go after those in his mind he deems to be a threat to “His Greatness.”

If he should do something stupid like this, he will be met by a people who have never stooped or cowered in the face of tyranny!