My friends, I would like to thank you for all of your support over the past several months. However, at this point, I have to focus on other endeavors in my life. My wife and I are preparing to move back to the South. It takes a lot of energy to pack up over forty years of “Memories.”

I must also confess that I am weary after writing a daily blog for years, and also turning out two books in under three years. I need a break. Nonetheless, I will continue to keep my finger on the pulse of what is taking place in this great nation.

I will return to these pages in early 2010, count on it. I simply need to recharge my “batteries, so to speak.”

Until then, May God Bless America!


Respectfully Submitted,

Dr. Forest Lewis




When I started this project, my only intention was to present you with a single posting. However, as I immersed myself into my work, I discovered that there was a richness to what is presently happening to the African-American community. When I say “Richness,” I do not in any way mean to impugn the various plights that beset America’s Black community. The richness that I am talking about has to do with not only highlighting the problems of African-Americans, but showing this segment of America that there is a way out of the chains that have been placed on them by the socialists and communists in this country!

Again, I must reiterate that the Black community in this country is faced with a plethora of problems because of its “Own Doing.” However, Barack Hussein-Obama wants you to focus on “Eurocentrism.” What is “Eurocentrism, you ask? Well, it is taught in African-American studies at “Major Universities/Colleges” throughout America. This is one of the purposes for having a Black studies department at higher levels of education in America.

To turn out students, both Black and White who will graduate with a chip on their shoulders about the United States of America!

The foci of Black studies is to zero in on Eurocentrism like a laser. The target are the “Descendants of White Europeans.” They are held culpable for all of the ills that beset the communities of people of color. Proponents of adding Black studies to a college’s curriculum, people like Hussein-Obama’s best friend, Professor Louis Gates, Jr. of Harvard University, want to instill “Guilt” into the psyche of European-Americans, in-perpetuity. Gates, who probably didn’t know that he was a Black man until he encountered a Massachusetts policeman this past Summer, played the “Guilt,” I mean “Race Card,” after Cambridge police Sgt., James Crowley answered a call saying ,”Someone, The Person’s Color Was Not Mentioned As First Reported By Socialists Media Members,” was breaking into a home. Gates went ballistic when the officer simply asked him to “Identify Himself.”

This academician was appalled that a “Copper” didn’t know the “World Famous, Henry Louis Gates, Jr.”

Barack Hussein-Obama, who is clearly a racist, but Americans remain in deep denial over this, initially, called Crowley “Stupid.” He later held a “Beer Summit” at the White House, designed to smooth things over. He and his racist pal, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., never “Apologized” to the officer who was only performing his duties when Obama and Gates opened their big yaps, and blew this incident wildly out of proportion.  The under-lying message to other Blacks in this country was, “You can Say And Do Whatever You Want, Whitey Still Owes Us.”

I have a host of questions for those who continue to push this pre-1960’s mind-set. How can you blame “The White Man” for the number of unwanted pregnancies in the Black community? How can you say that it is the fault of Whites that Blacks are shooting and killing each other over drugs? How is it that the White man is somehow to blame because your child is flunking out of school? Why is it the White man’s fault that you find yourself on welfare; and your mother was on welfare as well as her Mom? How is it the White man’s fault that you continue to vote for “Socialist Democrats” locally, and nationally? How is it the White man’s fault that you were “Too Stupid” to realize that “White Socialists and Communists” were brain-washing you?

You were given the keys to a fantasy “Candy Store,” and you lost your minds!

At some point, Black folks must perform an introspection and, “Take The Hit.” In other words, be man or woman enough to step up and take “Full Responsibility” for allowing “White Socialists and Communists” to trick you into the mess that is now facing the Black community!

Prior to the Civil Rights Movement, Black people were a “Soulful People.”

I must stress that being “Soulful” had nothing to do with dancing to the music of James Brown or the Temptations. Black people were soulful, because they had a direct connection to God. Isn’t  it interesting that when you are at your lowest point in life, this is when many of us discover “God.”

You can not go any lower than the Diaspora that Africans faced when slave traders came to their shores. Being placed into chains and iron, and considered at one point, “Three-Fifths Of A Human Being,” and treated worst than any animal, is the lowest point on the scale of human contempt!

Black people had no choice but to turn to The Almighty. In time, he delivered them from their cruel task masters. Instead of being eternally grateful to God for his grand deliverance, Blacks like the Israelis of old, turned to “Baal. Rather than worshipping “Golden Calves,” etc. millions of African-Americans tuned their ears into the messages of socialists and communists in this country!

It is no secret that African-Americans overwhelmingly voted for Barack Hussein-Obama for President during the last election. What did they know about this man? I submit to you that African-Americans like White-Americans who voted for this empty suit, knew nothing about him. Blacks voted for Hussein-Obama because he looks like them. Whites voted for this charlatan for one of two reasons:

* White guilt

* They are either socialists or communists

Blacks and Whites were willing to roll the dice on a man who is good at one thing, “Giving Speeches.” Even his speeches are starting to get under the skin of millions, which includes, yours truly. However, I wax. I have a message for Black people: You Don’t Owe Barack Hussein-Obama a, “Damn Thing.”  

It is obvious that you can’t see it, but the man wants to destroy this country. Do you really believe that “This Brother” will take care of you if he gets his way, and becomes “Dictator-In Chief For Life?”

As long as he can use you as “An All Day Sucker,” the man will. This isn’t about you, it is about the power that this Marxist is seeking to grab for himself and a select group of people. Guess what? You aren’t part of that circle. He will throw your ass under the bus as soon as he is finished using you.

Count on it!

The man is simply using you, like he is using everyone else in his sphere. Take a long, hard look at how he has exacerbated our economic conditions. Sure, Bush in his waning days made a mess of our economy, but this guy, Hussein-Obama, has driven this Nation’s economy off a cliff. Contrary to what he says, Barack Hussein-Obama doesn’t want Black people to feel a sense of pride. Actually, he doesn’t want “Any American” to feel pride in this country. But, the souls of Black people which have been bludgeoned for centuries, are now being rend even more, by one of their own.

Look at what happened in Detroit, Michigan just the other day. Word got out that the Obama administration would be handing out “Three-Thousand Dollars” in stimulus checks, to help Detroiters stave off homelessness. According to, “One in four working-age adults in Detroit is without a job, and the city’s home foreclosure rate continues to be among the nation’s highest.” So, hundreds of Motor City residents rushed to Cobo Center, a downtown convention center. Instead of being handed a check, residents were given “An Application” to fill out.

Reports say that fights broke out, and some residents had to be treated for fainting and exhaustion. This is the United States of America, folks. This kind of thing isn’t suppose to happen to the richest country on the face of the planet!

Thank you Barack Hussein-Obama, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm!

These ignorant, soul-less people, have been taught over the past forty-plus years to look to Washington, D.C. to solve their problems. There used to be a time in the Black community when the church and neighbors helped out the less fortunate. This is indicative of what happens when you “Sell Your Soul To The Devil.”

The term “Self-Reliant” goes out the window. Not to worrry, because Jesse and Al will provide cover for you!

I hate to tell you this: Things aren’t going to get any better. This President is determined to crush capitalism; and make “everyone” dependent on government. America, especially African-Americans, “There Is No Such Thing As A, “Free Lunch.”

It is too bad that this message did not resonate with America’s “Soul-Less Black Community” when the socialists and communists first came to them with their schematic outline for a, “Free Ride In America.”

There is a price to be paid for engaging in Nihilism and Hedonism: And Blacks will be paying off that debt until they take a page from the “Good Book”of their long gone, Elders !

What a tragedy, to come so far, and descend into an abyss so quickly!




Dr. Martin Luther King must be doing flips in his grave at this very moment. I have to admit that this man did something that I would not have had the courage to do: Or should I say, “The Patience?” He endured things that I would have gone into a fit a rage over. As a young boy, I could not understand how a grown man could sit back and open himself up to insult after insult. Like I said, I was just a young boy. Don’t let anyone fool you, I don’t care what era that we are living in, a man or a woman with wisdom and experience, is the person that you want to learn from: Not a, “Child or A Fool.”

Dr. King was a man who was blessed with both attributes, wisdom and experience. He knew that in order to show the world the ugliness of racism, he had to be meek and lowly. In the end, not only did the world recoil at the ugliness of racism in this country, which included terrorism and all out murder, but a large segment of this country’s people also said, “Enough.”

On their way to what America pledged to each of its citizens, and that is, FREEDOM, not enslavement, hundreds of Black people paid the ultimate sacrifice: They gave up their lives, so that future young Blacks did not have to endure what they went through. As I look out at the African-American community today, I have to honestly ask myself, “Was It Worth It?” The Ku Klux Klan is no longer killing Black people, it is “White Liberals,” or should I say, “Socialists and Communists?”

These scourges of American freedom aren’t lynching Blacks with a rope, or gunning them down in the streets, they are doing far worse in my opinion. When you are murdered, your life ceases to exist in “This Dimension.” Socialists and communists are robbing millions of Black Americans of their God given right to “Think For Themselves. To be Free Men, To Be Free Women!”

This dastardly act committed by these White “Plantation Owners,” (Democrats)  causes foolish African-Americans who follow them to die a, “Slow Death.” Instead of committing suicide, these Blacks are committing what an African-American Clinical Psychologist once labeled as, “Mentacide.” According to this scholar’s thinking, “Mentacide” occurs when you allow your brain to be overtaken by someone else, whose ultimate goal is to place your brain into “Mental Chains!” You thus become a neutered individual; and not a threat to evil doers.  And “Yes” my friend, there is evil among us, just like there is good; and there is “Right, And Wrong.”

Make no mistake about any of these things!

Following a long assessment, I have concluded that there is no such thing as a liberal in today’s society. There is no such thing as a “Democrat” in this country. Americans today hate to look at the hard issues. Why? They will be forced to “Take A Stand.” In their quest to “Be Liked, i.e., George W. Bush,” these people unknowingly have given the socialists and communists a complete run of this country. They have been conditioned for the past forty-plus years by the left to keep their mouths shut, and let the socialists and communists run this country: Or should I say, “Ruin This Country?”

If you do have the courage to go against the grain in this country, be prepared for an all out assault on your character and your family, by socialist Democrats and their complicit anti-American haters in the press. These are the very same people who preach to us about decorum and civility. Yet, if you seek to shine the light of day on these cockroaches, they will attack you like a mother bear protecting her cubs!

All of this nonsense about decorum and civility is yet another way to say, “SHUT UP.”

In the meantime, these people hide their true political pedigree by calling themselves, “Democrats and Liberals.” Lately, they have started calling themselves, “Progressives.”But, their lineage can be easily traced back to socialism and communist. All one has to do is look at what they advocate. A recent caller to the Rush Limbaugh Show asked him to give her one reason as to why he is against Obama. If this numskull who is purportedly in her seventies knew anything about “Socialism,” she would never have asked such a dumb question. Barack Hussein-Obama is the quintessence of, “SOCIALISM.”

No one can be as stupid as this woman unless they are either a “Socialist or Communist,” hiding under the guise of being a “Liberal or Democrat!”

Those of us who still retain the ability to think can see that what the Democrat Party stands for today is more in line with Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro of Cuba. At least these two murderous dictators aren’t afraid to say who they are!

If you look at the decadence that is occurring in the Black community, you will find the fingerprints of socialist and communists all over it. Abortion?  According to Dr. Alveda King. a niece of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Planned Parenthood has a “Racist Agenda,” aimed at Black Americans. Dr. King points out that since 1970, there have been “Fifty-Million” abortions performed in this country.  Of that number, “Seventeen-Million” young Black women have had abortions. Dr. Alveda King is calling for a halt of federal funds going to Planned Parenthood:

” It is Black genocide. They (Planned Parenthood) are killing our people and fooling us”

At one time, the family was the, “Soul Of Black People.” Not any longer, thanks to organizations like Planned Parenthood who will say, “Our Intentions Are Honorable.” No they are not. The founder of PP is a woman by the name of Margaret Sanger. Ms. Sanger left this planet more than forty years ago. However, it is well documented that Sanger was a believer in the pseudo-science of “Eugenics.”

A proponent of eugenics according to the Penguin Dictionary of Psychology is open to:

” The study of human heredity patterns with the goal of improving the species through selective breeding”

Was it the goal of Sanger to engage in “Legal Genocide” against Black people? I’ll leave that up to you to decide, once you have conducted the proper research. By the way, Hillary Rodham-Clinton recently stated that Margaret Sanger was a “Hero To Her.” As I see it, that speaks volumes for Ms. Clinton!

Have you noticed that the first reaction of a “Liberal Democrat” whenever there is a mass shooting is to issue a call for more strident gun control? Our cities are awashed in the blood of young Black males. The way that most disagreements are settled by young African-Americans in urban areas nowadays is to pull out an “Illegal Gun” and blaze away. How can denying me my Constitutional Right to own a gun stop lawbreakers from accessing a firearm and killing me? This is a question that seventy-six year old Otis McDonald would like the United State Supreme Court to answer. SCOTUS (Supreme Court of The United States) has agreed to hear Mr. McDonald’s case early next year.

Mr. McDonald is suing the City of Chicago because these corrupt people refuse to issue him a license to keep a handgun in his home. Keep in mind that terrorists are armed to the teeth in Chicago, and hundreds die from senseless gunfire every year in the Windy City. Yet, the socialist government of Mayor Richard Daley is bound and determined to keep people like Mr. McDonald defenseless and shaking behind closed doors. Lawyers for the City of Chicago had argued before the High Court that “Easily Concealed Handguns Pose A Special Danger In Cities.”

I kid you not. This was the crux of the City of Chicago’s argument to the Supreme Court hearing Mr. McDonald’s case!

How anyone could argue with a straight face something this ridiculous breaks all rules of logic.  Memo To The Jackasses Running Chicago: The Gang-Bangers Carry Concealed Handguns!”

How’s that ban  against legal citizens owing a firearm working out, Chicago? If you are a criminal, you are living in  paradise, run by socialists. But, if you are a law-abiding citizen, you are scared out of your wits, because the control freaks say they know what is best for you!

By the way, did I mention that Otis McDonald is “Black?” Okay, I just did. When I was a teenager growing up in Brooklyn, New York, we had gangbangers. However, they respected the elderly. It is like I said before, “Those Days Are Long Gone.”

Jails in this country are full of young Black men. Unlike Jesse Jackson or his bud, Al Sharpton, I say these criminals are in jail, because they committed a crime. Of course, there are some anomalies, but I suggests they are few. Jackson and Sharpton, the two biggest race-baiters in this country will blame their incarceration on “Racism.”

To purportedly be “men of the cloth,” it is interesting how the Black community has “Lost Its Soul” escapes these two race hustlers.  America,  this is how creeps like these two stay in business, aiding and abetting their “White Plantation Owners” in stripping Blacks of their souls!

Al and Jesse went “Green” long before the nutty left-wing environmentalists started placing demands on us to save “Mother Earth.” However the green that these two are interested in has the faces of “White Men” on them. A few years ago, I wrote an essay entitled, “Did Dr. King Die For This?”

The upshot of my essay dealt with much of what I have shared with you during my two installments entitled, “The Black Community Has Lost Its Soul.”

When I look at the Black community today, it is rife with teenage pregnancies, young African-Americans shooting and killing one another. Mothers/Grandmother/Grandfathers strung out on crack-cocaine. Black men committing crimes that were unheard of when I was growing up, and young Blacks turning inner city schools into jungles!

Dr. King did not die for any of this Nihilistic nonsense.  He wanted us to be equal to our White counterparts. The socialists and communists have taken what was a Godsend, and turned it into a living hell. The way that I see it, Black people have no one to blame but themselves.

No one can “Make You Do Anything. We All Have Choices And Concomitant Consequences.”

Dr. King helped to free us from the chains and fetters of Jim Crow. However, it is the “Obvious” that Black people can not see today: And that is, “We Are A Soul-Less People.” We have helped the socialists and communists in this country re-enslave, or should I say, teach us how to commit, “Mentacide?”

Believe it or not, but there will be some who will accuse me of being a, “Sell-Out.” My advice to these idiots is to try that crap on the weak, and those searching for a sense of self. I not only learned your game years ago, I never gave up my free-will to be a, “THINKER!”

My soul “Was Bought With A Price,” and it belongs to “Almighty God.”




Please do not be mislead by the title of today’s column. When I say that the Black community has lost its soul, I am not referring to anything connected with “Soul Music.” When I say the Black community has lost its soul, I am referring to our inability to feel for one another, the way that we used to, pre-Civil Rights era!

Before the Civil Rights Movement, Black people were able to survive on virtually “Nothing.” Foods today that were once considered inferior, are now in great demand. Think about this for a moment. Things like “Ribs, Chicken Wings, Ham Hocks and Pinto Beans, Green Tomatoes, Fried Apples, Tripe, Pig Ears and Pig Feet, Chitterlins and the list goes on and on.”

What kept Black people determined to “Reach The Promise Land,” was our insatiable quest/thirst  for The Lord Jesus Christ. In today’s “Modern America,” there is very little use for “God.”  It is interesting that you can’t beat someone from calling on the name of “Jesus,” when their doctor tells them that they have a terminal disease. They will invoke the name of “Jesus,” if someone is pointing a gun at their heads. Other than that, we Americans, especially African-Americans, have turned our backs on God!

In times of strife, incredible “True” racial discrimination, Blacks knew that they had a place to go and tell the Creator about, “All Of Their Troubles.” The old timers called Christ Jesus, “A Wheel In The Middle Of A Wheel.”

He was Their Refuge, Their Protector, Their Well, when Thirst came upon them!

However, starting with the late comedian, Richard Pryor, God became the butt of jokes in the Black community. Madison Avenue even convinced some “Spiritually Blind” Blacks to dress up in church choir clothing, and sing “Spiritual Hymns” to their latest products. We have Black comics who now have the nerve to mimic African-American preachers; by pretending to give a sermon.

All for the sake of “Laughs.”

There was a time in the Black community when idiots like this would have been ridden out-of-town on a rail. Those days are long gone, because millions of Blacks think God “Is A Joke.” Now that we have reached the promised land, many of us only go to church in order to “Play At Praising God.” Our children haven’t a clue as to who God is. They haven’t a clue as to the role that God played in the lives of our fore-fathers in pre and post-antebellum America. 

 In my day, you either went to church on Sunday, or you didn’t show your face outside, because it was a given that “Mother Jones” would say, “Boy, Why Aren’t You In Church?” Come on and go with me!

Today, Mother Jones is likely to be attacked by some animal if she should broach him or her  about going to church. Yes, the Black community in this country has indeed lost its  very soul!

We have listened to the socialists and communists in this country. These are the people who will lie when they say that Jefferson and the other Framers had no use for God. If so, why is God used on our currency? Why does that tower of babble, namely the United States Congress, opens each session with a prayer to “God?” It certainly isn’t because Nancy “Botox Face” Pelosi had a recent epiphany. 

Trust me!

Our history is replete with case after case where the Framers referenced God. The problem is that so many of us are too damn lazy to perform research on how the Founders felt about the Creator. Instead, we would rather listen to a group of “Socialists and Communists,” whose ideology is the anthesis of the word of God.

Once Black people in this country knocked down the larger and obvious walls of racism in America, they started to “Lean To Their Own Understanding.”

Whites have also willed their brains to the socialists and communists in this country. Since we are all looking to self to solve our problems, take a look around you and witness the mess that we are now in. Socially, Morally and financially, we are a decaying Nation!

Not a very pretty sight, now is it? In the eyes of millions of Americans, there is a “New God” on the scene. His name is Barack Hussein-Obama. Black Americans voted for this charlatan, simply because of the hue of his skin. My grandmother on my father’s side would not have hesitated to tell this “Wordsmith” to shut-up; and go and find a corner to stand in!

She wouldn’t have wasted anytime in, “Washing His Lying Mouth Out With Soap.”

Shockingly, we have children today, in American schools “Singing Praises To This Man,” like the automatons do in Red China and North Korea. The last time that I checked, there was no outrage. We just continue to deny that there is a “2000 Pound Elephant In Our Living Room.”

The elephant represents, metaphorically speaking, the evil that has enveloped the African-American, and White communities.

As I see it, the problem with “Black People” today is mani-fold:

* We have forgotten what God has done for us as a people

* We “Play” at worshipping God

* We are being led by our children

* We have bought into the argument of comedic fools that worshipping God “Is A Waste Of Time, Because He Doesn’t Exist”

Referencing point two, take the case of eleven year old Jonathan E. McCoy. This “Child” reportedly “Gave a rousing speech earlier this year to his church in Baltimore, about why our community needs to drop the ‘N’ word. His speech, ‘A new petition,’ called for the discontinuation of that six- letter word, and the slang usage of the word.”

Young McCoy is being praised by guess who? The left in this country. When I was a child growing up in Virginia, children weren’t handed a microphone and told to lecture adults. Rather, they sat at the feet of adults and, “Learned.” Do you see where I’m headed with this thesis? The left is applauding this child, because its takes our minds off of the really important issues facing the Black community. This child needs to understand the machinations of the left, as well as the  irresponsible “Adults” who are now sitting at the feet of “Children.”

Memo To The American Black Community: There is “No Utopian World.”

Forget the world of “Lollipops, Roses And Unicorns,” because that world only exists unless you are using an illicit drug, or a cocktail of mind-altering drugs!

You can not magically remove words from our lexicon. If we are “Ordered” to stop saying the word “NIGGER,” what next? Yeah, I used caps for the word Nigger for a purpose. One, it probably shocked the hell out of some of you; and second, I would rather have someone use it, than just “Think It.”

As I see it, this young man needs to be taught that “White Plantation Democrats” are far more detrimental to him than the use of the word, “Nigger.” If I could speak to this reportedly, “Precocious Child,” I would give him a history lesson on Plantation Democrats, starting with President Lyndon Baines Johnson. It was Johnson with his grandiose ideas that ripped out the soul of the Black community starting in the 1960’s.

By the way, where was the Pastor of this church in Baltimore, when he was being “Lectured By This Child?” Secondly, why isn’t this man preaching “Christ Crucified?”

Leave the minutia alone pal!

Preaching about Christ is not only spiritually uplifting, it opens blinded eyes. It is little wonder that the left in this country is applauding this young child in Baltimore for taking his people way off track and away from the salient issues that beset the Black community.

As a child growing up in Southwest, Virginia, you either got up “Every Morning,” and worked, or, “You Didn’t Eat.” Lyndon Johnson changed all of that with his so-called Great Society. My wife and I are moving back home in the Spring of 2010. The last time we were in Virginia, I am sorry to say that several of my cousins had taken advantage of Johnson’s Great Society.

They were on “Welfare.”

America, welfare is the single parasite that has destroyed the Black family. It is like an addictive drug. Once you have tasted it, you won’t want to ever work again. Besides, the socialists and communists in this country have convinced Black welfare recipients that the checks they receive is “Their Money,” even though they have never hit a lick of work in their miserable lives. They are also told that if White folks are crazy enough to go to work for them, and they can avoid that dreaded malady, “Work,” then let them!

If you examine every major city in this country, you will find that a Democrat is the Mayor of that city. The welfare rolls in these cities are busting at the seams. Crime is through the roofs. The issue of self-hatred is evident in the Black communities of these cities. For example, take the city of Chicago, which also happens to be the adopted city of this Nation’s Marxist President, Barack Hussein-Obama.

Sixteen year old honor student Derrion Albert recently lost his life in a senseless act of savagery. Albert was struck in the back of the head with a, “Rail Road Tie.” After he crashed to the sidewalk, the animals who attacked him, commenced to pummel him with punches and kicks. The moron who videotaped this animalistic onslaught, can be heard repeatedly saying, “Damn.”

If you have the stomach for it, you can view this vicious murder on YouTube. I must warn you that it is sickening!

Why is Derrion Albert dead today? It is because Black Americans have lost their souls. They have been listening to their White plantation owners for far too long. They have come to believe that  they are entitled to do whatever they damn well please, because “Their People Were Once Slaves.”

Chicago is indicative of every major American city in this country. There are millions and millions of young Black males and females whose only desire is to:

* Collect a government check

* Get high

* Commit crimes

* Blame someone else for their plight

America, I am not generalizing.  I grew up in the ghetto in Brooklyn’s Bedford Stuyvesant area. Whether it is Bed-Sty or Chicago’s Benigne Green Apartments, most in the Black community have lost their souls.

The next time that you see a socialist, thank them for their phony/deadly altruism!



The lap-dogs for Barack Hussein-Obama have now taken the health care debate in to another direction. The socialists press is now trying to convince us that government run health insurance will be the same as what Congress has.  This has got to be one of the biggest whopper that these water carriers for Hussein-Obama have written to date!

Folks, these people truly believe that you are dumber than a fire hydrant!

If the health care that Congress is proposing is the same as what they currently have, let’s halt the debate, here and now. All that Congress has to do is lay its cards on the table. Another way of putting it. Congress can show us through visual imagery, i.e., pie-graphs, histograms, ect, just how crazy all of those Tea Party and Town Hall people have been.

You know, the “Mobs Of Red-Neck Racists,” who harangued our docile lawmakers during the August recess?

Come on Congress, step up and show us that the insurance that you and your Senate colleagues are trying to ram down our throats will be the same as what you elitists now have. I’ll wait!

Times up, you can’t, because you are the folks with the true “Cadillac Health Care Plans.”

As a matter of fact, Congress has a, “Multiple Choice” of health care plans. We would only get one choice, “Obamacare.” Nothing more, America.

Currently, Congress can choose from Blue Choice, Aetna HealthFund, Aetna Open Access, Preferred Care, and  the list goes on and on. Congress also has access to military hospitals. Unless you are a Veteran, you are SOL, regarding being treated at a military health facility.  Congresswoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, of Florida,  is no military veteran. However, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Ms. Schultz received treatment at a military hospital.

Now, I don’t begrudge this woman receiving the best care in her fight against cancer. However, why can’t my wife receive treatment at a VA hospital? After all, I fought and bled for this country!

The case involving Congresswoman Schultz shows us clearly that there are two sets of rules in this country. One for the elites, both Democrats and Republicans. The other set of rules are for the lowly peons. We fall into that group, America. Parenthetically, U.S. Congress people can be treated by a Medical Doctor on site, “At The Capitol.”

And some nit-wit writers want us to believe that Congress does not have a “Cadillac Health Plan.”

If Congress isn’t privy to a “Cadillac Health Care Plan, then let these, “Robber Barons”sign onto the crap bill that Obama wants Americans to sign off on. That seems fair enough, right? But these people aren’t about to risk their lives and the lives of their family members with “Socialized Medicine.”

They have made sure that they don’t have to be coerced into joining Obamacare. These Cossacks passed a bill which blocks Congress from being included in this crap shoot. Everything with this Marxist President has to be approved “Yesterday.” My question to this “Man-Child” is why the rush in passing a health care reform bill?

I don’t see this panty-waist of a President “Rushing” to send more troops to Afghanistan, as per the request of his “Hand Picked” General. So, this socialist does have a “Pause Button” on his Marxist Meter!

Barack Hussein-Obama knows full well that if this boondoggle of a bill is passed, it will not take effect until 2013. That will be “One Year” after the 2012 election. He knows that socialized medicine will fail, the same way that it has failed in Canada and England. However, if the American people do the same dumb thing that they did in 2008, and vote for this enemy of freedom in another four years, well, he’ll probably stick out his tongue at all of us and say in essence, ‘There ain’t nothing that you can do about it.”

He will be right, because trying to un-do government run health care once it has been implemented, will be an onerous task; and that is putting it mildly!

The fact that the American people in the latest Rasmussen poll overwhelmingly oppose government run health care, is of little importance to this steam-rolling President.  For the record, the latest Rasmussen poll shows that “56% Of Americans” say they don’t want government run health care in any shape or form.  Senior citizens are the biggest, and loudest voices against this draconian legislation. Fifty-nine percent of Seniors who were polled in telephone interviews told Rasmussen they opposed the government taking over their health care!

Sorry to say, you won’t hear this from the socialists press. They are too busy churning out stories filled with misinformation and concomitant disinformation.

By the way, Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, declared late last week that health care legislation would be passed, even if nary a single Republican signs on to the package, which is persona non-grata with the American people. This little arrogant Nimrod said that he would use what has become known as the “Nuclear Option.”

The “Nuclear Option” says the Senate does not need the normal sixty votes to pass a bill. They would only need to have fifty “Traitors” sign off on a bill that the American people have clearly said, “We Don’t Want.”

There was a time when our lawmakers knew that they worked for us. But, that was such a long, long time ago!

Democrat: Thy Name Is Narcissist!




Millions of spell-bound young people in this country went out and voted for America’s first Marxist President last year. Barack Hussein-Obama had promised these young people that he was all about “Change And Hope.” Washington would no longer be a place where business was conducted as usual, pledged this unqualified young man. The youth of this country felt that they could trust Hussein-Obama. After all, he was young, clean and articulate. Hussein-Obama’s very own Vice-President, “Jumpin Joe Biden,” gets credit for that last line.

I call him “Jumpin Joe,” because this nitwit of a Vice-President is “Always” jumping in to a mess, created by himself!

Apparently, young people truly thought that Barack Hussein-Obama “Walked On Water.” He was dubbed the, “Messiah, and “The One,” by Louis Farrakhan, of the Nation of Islam. Well, reality has set in with the young people in this country. They have discovered that Barack Hussein-Obama is a human being after all. And all of the promises that he made, they were nothing but a pack of lies. In fact, every time that this socialist opens his mouth, he is lying about something. He lies about the economy being brought back from the brink of a full blown depression, by none other than, Barack Hussein-Obama. He lies about creating millions of new jobs. He lies about government run health care insurance.

The man is a walking, talking, “Liar.”

Apparently he is hoping that everyone, and this includes the Nation’s young, have developed severed lesions in their brains; and said maladies have caused all us to enter in to the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease!

The other thing to consider is that this man doesn’t give a damn if you and I know that he is a pathological liar. I don’t know if you have noticed this or not. But politicians, sports figures, actors, etc. feel that they can commit some of the most hideous sins, yet, they believe that our memories are like that of an alcoholic who suffers from blacks-out, and therefore can not remember how he drove home the night before.

Americans, at least Conservative Americans, are starting to wake up by the millions. And what I’m about to report to you today will hopefull cause young people in this country to wake up also.  I’m hoping that their eyes will “Pop” open once they start looking for work. All of those jobs that “The Dear Leader” promised, apparently are a figment of his vast imagination.  The New York Post is reporting that the unemployment rate for young people has gone through the roof. As a matter of fact, the NYP says the unemployment rate for young people is currently at a “Post World-War II High, A Staggering 52%.”

How’s that “Hope And Change” working out for you kiddos?

As if the high unemployment numbers aren’t bad enough, Barack Hussein-Obama’s own Labor Department, headed by Hilda Solis, “A Socialist,” reports that young Americans, “Are staring at the likelihood that their lifetime earning potential will be diminished and, combined with the predicted slow economic recovery, their transition into productive members of society could be put on hold for an extended period of time.”

Here is something else for America’s young people to think about. Not only will they be earning less, providing they can find gainful employment, they will be taxed more in order to pay for Obama’s taking this countrydown the road and  into “Collectivism.”

Collectivism is “Distribution Of Wealth.” Another way to put it, just call it, “Socialism.”

For the millions of young people who thought they were “Sticking It To The Man,” by voting for this Marxist, well the only person that they stuck it to were themselves!

Again I ask rhetorically, “How Is That Hope And Change Working Out For You?”

The young brains full of mush who voted for Obama will have to put on hold their leaving mom and dad. Thanks to Obama, moms and dads around the country will have to put off on dealing with the “Empty Nest syndrome.” In other words, mom and dad, since little Jr. and big sis can’t find a job, they will have to stay at home with you.

And you thought, this was going to be your time? Next time you see Obama, you can thank him for the “Bang Up Job, ” (No Pun Intended) he is doing in putting America back to work. During Barack Hussein-Obama’s watch we have lost “9.5 Million Jobs.”

That hope and change is really something else America!

What this man has done to our economy should be criminalized. Economics 101 says that if you want to create jobs, you turn to the private sector. The only jobs that government can create are “Government Jobs.” At this writing, we now have some 25-thousand people employed by the Federal Government.

The question that begs to be answered is, is Barack Hussein-Obama exacerbating our economic crisis on purpose? I say that he is. And why would he do this? To make millions more dependent on government, that is why!

People have been taught over the past forty plus years that it is the job of government to “Take Care Of Them.” What happens if the lion’s share of young people go to Washington with hat in hand? They will surrender their autonomy to “Big Brother,” and be beholden to this Nation’s “Marxist-In Chief.”

A dependent, groveling people only strengthens the hand of Barack Hussein-Obama!

What a frightening thought America!



It is shocking and also nauseating. What am I talking about? America, I wish to discuss with you today what is so patently obvious: And that is, the odious plans that Barack Hussein-Obama has in store for our children. Recently, this wolf in sheep’s clothing was caught “Red (Get It?) Handed” when his Education Department sent out a lesson plan for Kindergarteners, through sixth grade. The malleable brains of our young children were to be “Indoctrinated” with a speech from this Marxist. The devious plan was to have children listen to Hussein-Obama’s propaganda. After that, they were to be handed assignments designed to “Assist Them” in learning how to “Serve” this creepy man!

When Americans got wind of the White House plans, “All Hell Broke Lose.” The administration quickly jettison plans for the students to bow to the “Dear Leader.” Hussein-Obama, by all accounts, went on to give students a “Conservative Pep Talk.”

I thought this was the job of parents. But, I wax!

Socialists and Communists in this country, and this included the media, attempted to paint God-fearing Americans as being paranoid, just because they didn’t want this man playing with the minds of their children. Most of us know that our public schools, colleges and universities, are infested with, “Liberals, Marxists, And Communists.”

We know that the aforementioned groups end goal is the total control of the young people in this country. Those of us with knowledge of child-hood and development, understand that the value system of a child is firmly set by the age of six. Just picture cement when it is first poured. Once the cement is given time to dry, it is set. Once a child has been inculcated with information from his/her environment, the child will hold on to this data for the rest of his life.  Noted Swiss Psychoanalyst, Carl Jung once opined, “Give Me The Child: And I Will Give Back To You, The Man.”

Jung stated that he could develop a person in to a doctor, lawyer, etcetera, providing that person’s brain was devoid of any anomalies!

Given the thesis of Carl Jung, I am not surprised that Barack Hussein-Obama and his band of night crawlers are going after the very young. Remember, Hussein-Obama is being advised by Psychologists and Psychiatrists. It is instructive to observe that Barack Hussein-Obama is the same man who called on the socialists press to not bother with the children of candidates during last year’s Presidential campaign. Nonetheless, it is now okay for this Marxist and dictator lover to tinker with the brains of American children?

The Battle Hymn of The Republic was composed in 1862 by Julia Ward-Howe. Mrs. Howe wrote the poem soon after she visited a Union Army Camp. The first verse to this venerable song goes like this:

” Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord: He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stores; He hath loosed the fateful lighting of his terrible swift sword: His truth is marching on”

Dateline, B. Bernice Young Elementary School in Burlington, N.J.: Young students at this school are caught on videotape singing praises to Barack Hussein-Obama. These kids probably didn’t know it, but they had been taught to praise this Marxist by inserting words to the “Sound of The Battle Hymn of The Republic:”

   Barack Hussein-Obama. He said that all must lend a hand; to make this country strong again. Mmm, Mm, Mm.

Barack Hussein-Obama. He said we must be clear today; equal work, means equal pay. Mmm, Mm, Mm!

Barack Hussein-Obama. He said that we must take a stand. to make sure everyone gets a chance. Mmm, Mm, Mm!

Barack Hussein-Obama. He said Red, Yellow, Black or White, all are equal in his sight. Mmm, Mm, Mm!


I couldn’t stand writing another stanza!

So, Americans were paranoid when they stood up a few weeks ago, and said “No Way To This Marxist” speaking to our kids, and given concomitant homework assignment? No Mr. and Mrs. America, you weren’t paranoid. So, “Do Not” give these Marxists and Communists the power to tell you who you are!

Force them to look at their own scary views, and what those views portent for America!

It is clear to me that this self-absorbed man wants to take the advice of Moammar Gaddafi, and become “President For Life.”

By the way, if you want to watch this sickening video, with the children singing praises to this anti-American, you can click on YouTube/School Kids Praise Obama. WARNING: This tape will not only make you angry, it will make you sick to your stomach!

Why were the kids praising Barack Hussein-Obama. Well, if you listen to the crazy explanation given by the School Superintendent, Christopher Manno, “The Children Were Only Paying Tribute To Black History Month.”

What a boatload of crap!

First of all, I am totally opposed to “Black History Month.” The history of African-Americans is far to deep to try and condense it in to “One Month.” The other thing that offends me is why would someone attempt to convince intelligent Americans into believing that what the kids were doing was benign?

They were praising a man whose career is all of “Fifteen Minutes.” Contrary to what Superintendent Manno is telling you, this district “Was Attempting To Indoctrinate The Young Minds Of Its Students.” Parents across America should outraged. Because how many other schools are doing this, but their “Brain-Washing” is flying under the radar screen?

Reflecting back on The Battle Hymn of The Republic. As a young child, I can remember singing this song in grade school. My how things have changed since America has caved in virtually to all areas of our culture. Instead of “Evolving, we are now “Devolving” in to a Nation of people who eschews learning, and in to a people who are Nihilistic and Hedonistic. We have allowed the enemies of this country, both foreign and domestic, to literally tear our culture apart. We now have Muslims by the thousands “Praying On Capitol Hill” in Washington, D.C. If Christians attempted this, they would be charged by the left with trying to proselytize the Nation. We have a President who just this year, “Cancelled The National Day Of Prayer For Christians,” but at the same time, invites Muslims to the White House, and praise them for being a part of Islam, “A Religion of Peace.”

Remember, Barack Hussein-Obama attended the reverend Jeremiah Wright’s church for twenty years. According to the tenets of Wright’s church, “Muslims” could join his church, all without “Converting To Christianity.”

This is a dirty little secret that the socialists press has conveniently forgot to tell you.

So, is Barack Hussein-Obama a Muslim, hiding in the closet? You will have to make that call!

By the way, we have a President who is a Marxist; and one who has appointed at least one known “Communist” to his administration. We have a President who believes that it is okay for people of the same sex to trade “Wedding Vows.” This man also in a macabre kind of way, enjoys ripping this country, while our enemies clap with glee!

He wants to prosecute members of the CIA, while at the same time “Coddle Terrorists,” whose only goal is the destruction of America!

America, what has happened your moral compass? Where is your pride that you used to have whenever the Star Spangle Banner was played? Why have you allowed the enemies of our culture to make you slink off and hide in a corner, too embarrassed to say, “God Bless America?”

It is happening right before your eyes America. You are witnessing the raping, the pillaging, and the destruction of what used to be a great Nation.

Like a pedophile in waiting, this obnoxious President is going after our children. We all know that this man couldn’t care less what we think or how we feel. Whatever he wants, he will step over, and  “On Anyone” to achieve his goals.

I have but one question for you America: When will you say enough is enough?





You can say what you want about Hispanics, whether they come to this country from Puerto Rico, Columbia, Venezuela, Honduras, or Mexico: In their heart of hearts, these people are devoted to their land of origin. Oh, some become “American Citizens,” but, for many of these people, becoming an American citizen is only a gate-way to a better way of life. America provides them with a comfortable living and a life-style that their countries “Can Not” match!

However, becoming a citizen of this country does not preclude them from voicing with pride what country they hold their allegiance to. Witness how proudly they “Fly” their countries flags. Perhaps you have seen these tiny flags on the rear view window of the cars that Hispanics drive. I want you to also notice how poorly their English is. But, you can’t blame Hispanics for this. Our schools have built in bi-lingual programs, which by the way have been an abject failure. Nonetheless, because of politics, the American taxpayer continues to get soaked for billions and billions of dollars on a program that dissuade people from assimilating into the larger community, that is “The United States of America.”

It is taken the left nearly fifty years, but we have now come to the point where the American flag is verboten in many places. Calling an illegal “Alien,” an alien, instead of if an illegal immigrant, will raise the hackles on the necks of socialists and communists in this country. Andrea Mitchell, that “Fair-Minded” journalist from NBC News once chided a guest when he used the term “Illegal Alien.” The brazen Ms. Mitchell reminded the guest that an “Alien Is From Out Of Space.”

I guess this little arrogant, brain full of mush, also graduated from the “Dennis Kucinich School Of Flying Saucers.” Kuncinich, a Ohio Congressman, believes in flying saucers, and apparently so does Andrea Mitchell. Just for clarification, Webster describes aliens as follows:

” Belonging, or owing allegiance to another country of government”

Maybe Ms. Mitchell’s boss, Barack Hussein-Obama should send her a “Good” dictionary for Christmas or “Ramadan.”

Would to God that “Real Americans, And This Includes Hispanics,” had the love for this country that Latinos who come here from other lands, and set up little enclave in America, and have no desire to be a part of the large melting pot in this great country, have!

I was watching Despierta (Wake-Up America) America on Univision this morning. One of the hosts of the show, a lovely young lady by the name of Anna Marie Conseco, explained how upset that she was over a man by the name of Raymond Herrera. By the way, the last time that I checked, the surname “Herrera” was Hispanic. Anyway, Ms. Conseco explained to her other two co-hosts that Mr. Herrera had the unmitigated gall to complain about two signs in the California city of Hesperia. The signs advertised banking services in “Espanol.”

Herrera said that he noticed the signs a couple of months ago. So, he has now called on the City Council to take the signs down, and in their place put up signs that advertise in, “English Only.”

Well, that was just too much for the “English Challenged,” Anna Marie Conseco. In her poor English, she advised Mr. Herrera “To Get A Grip.” This is a woman who just became an American citizen a couple of years ago. However, she had been in this country for years, yet her grasp of the English languange is abysmal. I have to give her credit for doing it the right way, in becoming a, “Citizen Of This Country.”  However, her heart is, “South of The Border.” 

By the way, I watch this show each morning. So, I know where her allegiance is. Therefore, I am not surprised at her reaction toward Raymond Herrera. I know that what I’m about to say will come as a surprise to some of you, but Mr. Herrera is fighting a losing battle. The ground work for the onslaught of Hispanics coming into this country was layed long before he was born. You want to know who is responsible for the mess that we now see?

Native born people.

These are the people who used Hispanics to pick their vegetable, babysit their offspring, prune their gardens, etc. Once the “Black Civil Rights Movement” started in the 1960’s, “Community Organizing Groups” quickly followed. Many of these groups led by socialists and communists, saw a way to not only create confusion and consternation in this country, they also saw a way to inflict irreparable harm to America!

Over the past fifty years, America has been flooded with Hispanics, who have not only been taught how to use one loop-hole after another, but how to also get hard working Americans to pay for their sedentary life-styles. Hispanic community organizers have signed a pact with socialists Democrats, “Republicans,” and Neo-Cons. The result has been to not only turn America into a tower of babel, it has also created an antipathy toward this country.

America is on its way to becoming “Tijuana, Mexico.”

Again, you can not blame the Hispanics. If you want to point fingers, look no further than Native born Americans. No I am not talking about the indigenous people, mis-named “American Indians.” .Native born Americans are responsible for the mess that we are currently in.

America, It is all about money. It is about power!

Those who wield the power in this country love to see the Raymond Herrera’s going after “Signs Written In Spanish.” That is not the enemy. The enemy is in the halls of The “United States Congress.”

By the way, Ms. Conseco had another “helpful tip” for Mr. Herrera. “Learn Spanish.” Please do not direct your anger at this ignorant woman, She is only a by-product of what the “Powers That Be” have created over the past fifty years!

America, isn’t it about time that we took back our country?



Before starting this column, I had to remind myself to take in ten, slow, deep breaths. See, I am ticked off for a couple of reasons. This column has to do with a young United States Marine, who lost his life in the hell-hole of Afghanistan, while defending the miscreants in this country, whose only thanks is, sitting down at a table with the likes of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, and “Colonel” Moammar Gaddhafi of Libya!

While thousands of our young men and women have died for what they considered to be a noble cause, and that is,  protecting freedom loving Americans, and the sorry asses of openly socialists and communists in this country, the latter groups only goal is to turn America into something that we have been taught to despise, and fight against; and that is “Murderous Dictators.”

The United States of America has “Always” stood as a shining beacon of hope for millions of people who have been enslaved by bloodthirsty tyrants and dictators. Why do you suppose that so many people will risk lives in order to make it to these shores? It is because of the freedoms that we enjoy. Many of these people now see our freedoms ebbing away, thanks to the election of Marxist, Barack Hussein-Obama. These people know Hussein-Obama, and the techniques that he is using, because they have first hand knowledge of slime balls like this snake oil salesman!

Sadly, millions of Americans don’t appreciate the blood that has been shed so that they can live in the freest society to every exist. These people have been “Rocked To Sleep” by the likes of Barack Husein-Obama and his underlings. While sleeping, they have been given a “Post-Hynotic Suggestion,” and that is, to, “Hate America.”

Lance Corporal Christopher Fowlkes, age twenty, “Volunteered” to join the United States Marine Corps. The Corps is different from any other branch of service. We are called “Marines” for a reason. We are also called, “Devil Dogs, Jarheads and Leathernecks.” Yes, I am “Prejudiced.” The Marine Corps will always be a special groups of guys to me. To become a United States Marine, you have to literally go through hell. You are told from day one, upon your arrival at Parris Island, South Carolina, that “You Are Not A Marine–But Rather A Scuzzy Recruit.”

You want to become a United States Marine like Lance Corporal Chris Fowlkes? Then be prepared to take on the hardest task that you “Will Ever” assume in your lifetime. When you graduate from Parris Island, it is then, “Only Then,” can you call yourself a, “United States Marine.”

Credit goes to Fox News, especially, Meagan Kelly, for providing me with this story. However, to the Meagan Kelly’s of the world, “Do Not Ever Call A United Marine, A Soldier, That Is Disrespectful.” It is tantamount to stepping on the spit-shined shoes of a Marine, or touching the visor of his cover (Hat) , You just don’t do that.  End of story!

Are we clear, people?

Lance Corporal Fowlkes died in an explosion last week, that took place in Afghanistan’s Helmand province. His body was brought back to this country and to his small community of Spartanbugh, South Carolina. This is when liberalism which has gone amok, opened up a can of worms that will cost the South Carolina Bank of America, close to “Two Million Dollars.”

Residents are furious with a bank manager who took it upon herself to personally, “Remove The American Flags That Had Been Planted On Bank Property,” in memory of the fallen Marine. This nitwit reportedly said it was not the policy of the bank to “Fly Any Flag.”

Oh, really? Not even the flag that protects your sorry ass?

It would seem that this “American Hater” took her personal feelings to work with her on the morning that she decided to play “Dictator,” and yank out the small flags that had been neatly planted in memory of Lance Corporal, Christopher Fowlkes.

This arrogant, she has to be a liberal, little nincompoop, said that the flags were removed, because they could, “Offend People.”

America, this is the South. This is the state that fired the first volley which started the Civil War. Now, we have come to this? Please tell me that I am having a nightmare!

From, Adam Fogle writes:

” The Palmetto Scoop received one eyewitness email claiming that the branch manager at Bank of America’s Gaffney branch at 102 West Floyd Baker Blvd., ‘told a citizen who was preparing the route for a U.S. Marine killed in Afghanistan by placing small American flags along the roadway that the flags might upset some of her customers.’ Said the outraged tipster, (The branch manager) took them down and made the citizen go in to get them if she didn’t want them thrown away”

Tell me, is your blood boiling? I know that mine is!

The flags were part of a funeral procession for Lance Corporal Fowlkes.  America, what the hell is wrong with us? How have we come to this? Spitting on the graves of our fallen “Military Heroes.”

Yet, we are told to respect Teddy Kennedy, whose only concern was the line his pockets, and gobble up as much power that he could with his fat little greedy fingers?

We are also told to respect the likes of Michael Jackson and Patrick Swayze. The socialists media led with the deaths of these “Entertainers,” who only broke a sweat in order to make millions for themselves and their families. Their deaths brought the world to a halt, as millions of automatons cried their fool heads off!

Lance Corporal Fowlkes’ family is given the back of the hand by some little cretin!

Boy, that fries me!

It had to happened. In a move to Cover Their Asses,  (CYA) Bank of America said the following:

” We want to ensure the community knows how deeply proud we are of the men and women who have sacrificed so much in service to our country. The bank does fly the American Flag at our locations throughout the country and flags were displayed in front of our banking center in Gafney the evening prior to our dedicated Marine returning home”

To the idiot who wrote this crap, I suppose, he or she thinks that will “Pacify” millions and millions of God-Fearing Americans.  They truly believe that you are stupid, America!

If it is not bank policy to rip out the American flag from the ground and dishonor a fallen hero, what will the bank do with this narcissist, little troll of a bank manager? Oops, the release didn’t answer that, did it? America, it is just a game that they play with us. That news release can be used for only one thing; to line the cages of dogs, cats, and parrots!

Let us not be surprised by the actions of this bank manager. America, this is how these people feel about this country. Remember, our men are dying on the battlefield in Afghanistan: And Barack Hussein-Obama’s hand picked General, chosen to head up operations there is, “Begging” this socialist to send him more troops, because the Taliban is like a bull fighter; and we, the “Bull Is Now Dying From A Thousand Cuts.”

In memory of Lance Corporal Fowlkes, Barack Hussein-Obama is at the United Nations this week hanging out with his BFF (Best Friends Forever) Chavez, Ahmadinejad and Gaddafi!

The SOS from the bloody battlefields of Afghanistan is apparently not one of Hussein-Obama’s top agenda items, like the corrupt people at ACORN aren’t!

A Sunday round of golf tops his list of things to do!




African-Americans, Latinos and Women can thank Barack Hussein-Obama for shutting the door closed to another minority sitting in the Oval Office, perhaps for the next half-century.  Hussein-Obama has tacitly approved of those crying “racism,” because of his poll numbers heading South, and the subsequent number of Tea Party protests held in America. The culmination of the Tea Parties  took place during a recent massive, “Million Person-Plus Rally” in the Nation’s Capitol!

Recently, such notable Americans as former President, Jimmy Carter, syndicated columnists, Juan Williams,and Maureen Dowd of The New York Times,  decried the protests against Barack Hussein-Obama. These dunderheads cited “Racism” as the main reason for the protests, and for Congressman Joe Wilson calling Hussein-Obama, “A Liar.” Neither bothered to look at the salient issues that have brought otherwise, hard working, quiet Americans, to get out of their easy chairs, and take to the streets of this country to protest the insane policies of this Nation’s socialist President!

I guess that would be too difficult to do. So, the hard-core left in this country refers back to their play-book, which tells them to play the race card whenever a Black person is up to his “Fanny” in trouble. This worn out technique has worked over and over again. However, for millions of Americans, both Black and White, Carter, Williams, and Dowd,  saying those who oppose the socialists programs of Barack Hussein-Obama, are racists, well, that is the last straw. Those of us who are well past fifty, and grew up during the Jim Crow era in the South, know what “True Racism” is all about!

What Williams, Dowd and Carter are doing is beyond the pale. It is insulting to both Blacks and Whites who gave their very lives in the quest for African-Americans to become “True Citizens Of This Country.” As Joan Rivers is noted for saying, “Can We Talk,? Today, I would like to discuss this issue in a frank way with you.

There are countless Black people who I have met during my life’s journey that I wouldn’t give the time of day to. They are sneaky, cut-throat, scums of the earth types. Conversely, there are White people, you know, the ones who will say, “Some Of My Best Friends Are Black?” Oh yeah, many still say this racist crap. These scum bags are mostly liberals.  I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could spit!

These are your “Real Racists.”

There are good people, both Black and White. Carter, Williams and Maureen Dowd are not, “Good People.” It takes a low-life to stoop to the level that these three miscreants have stooped to. I believe that Carter decided to play the race card as a way of keeping Blacks on the “Political Plantation.”

For the miniscule number of Blacks who make their living playing the race card, they will no doubt applaud Carter and the aforementioned, Williams and Dowd. The Blacks who have sold their souls to race hustlers and “White Plantation Owners,” like Carter, Pelosi, Clinton, et. al, they can always be found at the “Democrat Kool-Aid Stand.”

Believe it or not, but there are some of us who can actually “Think” for ourselves. And We “Do Not Have Leaders.” When I was busting my tail on the way to my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, I don’t recall having a “Black Leader,” telling me what my dissertation should be about, or where I should serve my internship and practicum!

Only a “Fool” would say that he/she has a “Leader.”

In the meantime, Williams, I believe is just trying to “Help A Brother Out.” I once had a colleague, just like Juan Williams. He was a decent guy for the most part. However, he harbored a secret. The man loathed White people.  He was “Down” for anything Black. Sadly, there are a lot of African-Americans like this. If you are White, you won’t see it. You won’t see it, because you aren’t looking close enough at the actions of these people. In order to see their prejudices, you have to think in an esoteric fashion!

For me, it is clear that Barack Hussein-Obama doesn’t like White people. Juan Williams who is willing to follow this Marxist off of a cliff, probably has some deep seated animus toward Whites that needs to be looked at in a clinical setting. The National columnist, Leonard Pitts, Jr., an African-American, is another man who is turning out the political lights on this country seeing another Black President, during our life time.

Pitts gleans his information on racism playing a role in discrediting Hussein-Obama from that unimpeachable source, the very liberal, Southern Poverty Law Center. Pitts points out that The intelligence wing of SPLC, which keeps tabs on “Extremists Groups” noted recently:

“Terror from the Right is a listing of bombers, killers, would-be assassins and insurrectionists motivated by anger over abortions. gays, taxes, blacks, Muslims and illegal (ALIENS) immigrant. It is one thing to read these stories in isolation and another in the 14 years since Oklahoma City. It gives you a sense that apologies to Buffalo Springfield–there’s something happening here and what it is all to clear”

What is all so clear Mr. Pitts is that you are shamelessly playing “The Race Card.”

Pitts concludes that the “very credible” report from the SPLC provides “troubling context for the outrageous behavior that has attended the election of our first African-American president.”

What this race-baiter attempts to do is connect “Patriotic Americans” who dissent against his “Socialist President,” as being part of an “Extreme Right Wing Group Of Nut Jobs.”  How this man makes such a quantum leap defies logic. But, this is the way that liberals/socialists/communists think. Actually, it is not thinking. What Pitts is attempting to do is “Condition” you into believing that it is wrong to say anything negative about this Black President: Otherwise, the legions of “Bought And Paid For Negroes, like Pitts and Williams, Along With Their ‘White’ Plantation Bosses,” will descend down upon you, and stamp “Racists On Your Forehead.”

America, they want to marginalize you. In other words, “SHUT-UP.”

Where is Juan Williams, Maureen Dowd, Jimmy Carter and Leonard Pitts, Jr. when you really need them? This past weekend, The New York Times reported that Barack Hussein-Obama had called New York Governor, David Paterson, and asked him to, “Just Go Away.” According to The NYT, Hussein-Obama urged Paterson to not run for Governor. In the mind of “Markie Marxist,” Hussein-Obama, Paterson doesn’t stand a snow ball’s chance in hell of winning the Governorship in 2010.

Isn’t that racist? I know that it would be labeled racist, had a White President asked Paterson to step aside for the good of the Party. So, where are the race-baiters, like Maureen Dowd of The New York Times? We all know the answer to that!

Paterson who didn’t even know that he was Black until recently, reportedly has told Hussein-Obama to go,”Fly A Kite.” This fraud Paterson, is another bogus politician, who uses the race card, whenever it can benefit him. This scoundrel had the nerve to say that his approval rating was in the toilet, “Because I’m Black.”

No Governor Dave, it is because you “Suck” as a leader!

What all of this crying wolf is going to do is fire up Whites in this country. Look for White Seniors next year to go to the polls in huge numbers. The people who helped elect Hussein-Obama, that being young Blacks, Latinos and Whites, aren’t interested in off-year elections. Besides, there is no one “Magical” running.

Honest, hard working Whites are tired of being called “Racists.” Remember what happened to the boy who cried wolf too often? Well, America we are about to witness a tremendous backlash to the lies from the race hustlers and the White Plantation owners.

Blacks, Latinos and White women can thank Barack Hussein-Obama for closing the White House door to them in the future!

Later on, they will dust off their deck of cards, and start using the one marked “R” once again. These people are not only indefatigable. They are predictable!